Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Strolling the Multidimensional Path in 3D

It dawned on me when I was pondering what I wanted to blog about, that I rarely talk about the blessings and intelligence of 3D.  Ironic, since this is the dimension that hosts our bodies and where we spend most of our waking life.  3D according to Hand Clow, is the dimension where the physical and the non-physical meet.  That's pretty magical all by itself.

Every morning I wake up to the amazing magnificence of the blue ridged Smoky Mountains. Sometimes the smoke-like fog cloaks the peaks and the mountains become invisible, only to then reappear more glorious than ever a few hours later. Whether walking or driving in my part of the world, my 3D eyes consistently feast upon the most incredible beauty and I can feel this shifting something in my energy field.  It is like I can drink in the beauty of 3D and this beauty connects me to the vibrational frequencies of the higher dimensions.

3D is the realm of our physical senses.  This world is full of sensuality:  beautiful color, shapes, texture, sweet and savory tastes, fragrances, soothing touch, pleasurable touch, sexual touch, sounds from birds and animals, from water and the wind.  A world of light and dark.  All of this has the capacity to propel us into those higher realms, but 3D is typically our access point and deserves a place of honor for that.  The cycles of nature are always with us here:  seeds are planted, stems emerge from the earth, buds form and flower, and then we can watch as it all dies away, only to come back in different form. Isn't that a perfect prototype for the journey of our souls?

The challenges of the 3rd dimension are always upon us, as our egos develop to help us navigate physical survival, and our Spirits push us to release ego and develop spiritually. Another way to look at this is that our egos develop to help us navigate in the duality of 3D, while our Spirits keep pushing us toward Oneness.  The irony is that while this can be hard and bring us much suffering if we attach to the ego polarity, it is also a hugely fun game for those of us who have done our inner work, cleared our emotional field, and have accessed both self-love and Divine love while learning to not take the goings on of this dimension too seriously.  This allows us to enjoy the dance and laugh at our awkwardness, turn the music off or put on another tune.

I'm pretty disciplined in many ways, and the purpose of that discipline is to keep me connected to Spirit and the directives of my soul, but there are days when I just want to chuck it all and indulge in 3D.  I want to give in to the petty desires of my ego and sit by the wood stove, read a good novel and sip brandy.  I want to play Spider Solitaire rather than write.  I want to do crossword puzzles rather than do yoga or meditate.

But isn't that the fun of it after all?  If I were perfectly disciplined and always content in my discipline wouldn't that begin to turn me into a robot?  Or so I say to myself.  For those of you really paying attention, you'll notice this is no doubt the tricky voice of my ego creating excuses... or hmmm is it the tricky voice of my ego creating judgements, subtly chastising me for not doing better?  Has this now become the tricky voice of my 3D ego being a "buzz kill," a term that my oldest daughter will put out in the context of "mom, stop being a buzz kill."

Along that line, there's the guilt-inductions my 3D ego also loves to put on me. They go something like this "wow, I have such incredible blessings in my life, what about all the people who don't?"  (which is my ego's code for:  "hmmmm, you better not feel too good.") Now I'm not suggesting it isn't a good thing to appreciate one's blessings and wish the same for others (which I fully do), but to diminish one's joy does not serve the greater good. Yes, I do believe that in 3D terms, "no one is truly free until we are all free."  Yes, I do deeply honor that we are all One, and if you are suffering, you are a part of me and on some level, I must share in this for you.  BUT, by that same token I know that if I am joyful it helps us all, my joy adds to the joyfulness of the whole, and when my life works perfectly for me, it helps your life work equally perfectly for you. So please consider joining me in putting "Having all the joy possible" into our 2012 resolutions.

From a multidimensional point of view, everything in 3D exists in some form in 6D. Remember, we create those 6D mists which then replicate back into 3D.  So let's all join together this new year, and hold that frequency of gratitude, love and joy, and watch those 6D gratitude, love and joy mists grow bigger and bigger, fuller and fuller, showering us all with that energy.

And so my Sister and Brother Earthlings, as we say good-bye to 2011 and walk through the portal of the much-awaited year of 2012, remember to take time to grab some popcorn, put on your 6D glasses, sit on back and enjoy the Earth show.

Monday, December 19, 2011

Speaking Our 7th Dimensional Truth and other MultiD Ramblings

I have been revisiting and revising my second book Empowering the Spirit, because I'm planning to publish it on Kindle in the next few months.  As I was looking over what I had written on the 5th chakra, I realized how this chakra is connected with the 7th Dimension and began as well to realize that as we heal this chakra, we amplify our ability to hold 7D frequency.

The 5th chakra is our throat chakra.  To keep it functioning in a healthy way, we need to be able to both speak our truth and speak from our hearts.  I wrote about the developmental task of teenagers needing to talk back when something feels unfair or wrong.  As a society, we discourage this and therefore many of us reach adulthood repressing honest communication and therefore powerful self-expression.  There's something even deeper and more insidious that begins to occur when we are trained to not speak from our heart, to not speak our truth, to not challenge convention:  we begin to hold back speaking our inner wisdom which both disconnects us from our Spirit and creates obstacles to our collective evolution.

In 7D, higher dimensional light gets transduced into sound.  Chanting, bird song, conscious music and poetry hold this resonance for us and keep us connected to the energy of this dimension. If one were to imagine that they could tune their vocal chords to vibrate in harmony, if not in exact frequency of 7D (I suspect we do not at this point have the physical capacity for our vocal chords to vibrate at that frequency although chanting the word OM, at just the right resonance, gets us close,) we would hold this level of consciousness in all our communications.  Imagine spreading Divine resonance simply by speaking our truth and communicating our wisdom.

I always talk about the water crystals when I teach about 7D.  Masaru Emoto in The Hidden Messages in Water ran experiments to show how sound (and even the written word) created different crystalline formations in water:  some clearly beautiful and healing, and other's bleak and unappealing.  Consciously sending loving words into the water would create these vibrant, healing water crystals while consciously sending angry, hateful words to the water would create structures that actually looked quite ill.  Music did the same thing creating harmony or disharmony depending on the resonance (there are beautiful crystals from 1950's modern jazz, and some pretty ugly formations from some Heavy Metal music. Sounds from 7D (which are made up of higher vibrational light that has slowed down from 8D) create energetic crystalline structures in 6D pretty much the same way: this is sacred geometry.  And for those of you following this multidimensional theory, you'll remember that everything in 6D replicates in 3D.  You'll also remember that creation on the 9D vertical axis comes both from above and from below. There are gravitational waves in both 1D and 9D that create all that exists in between.  Therefore not only does 6D replicate in 3D, 3D thoughts create mists in 6D that give rise to geometric configurations as well, which then will replicate on Earth.  Given this, I would think that we send energy up to 7D, just as 7D sends energy down to us.  This is the dance of creation.  And sound plays a very important role.

As I wrote this, my mind immediately wandered over to the dark side of communication: Those infamous 4-letter words that personally I have found to hold some important wisdom on their own about the human experience.  Am I taking myself away from that higher frequency every time "oh shit" falls out of my mouth.  "Fuck yes!"  I answer wryly.  BUT, there is a cadence and humor, and even better, an overall passion, a teenage-style life force energy that is often encoded in these expletives.  So lest I start thumping a new paradigm bible, and try to impose old rules of conduct, let me be clear.  It is not the words, but the intent behind them, the energy behind them.  If I start cursing you out, I am taking a negative feeling within me and projecting it onto you, this will keep me stuck in dense energies.  I'll be creating "sick water crystals" so to speak.  On the other hand, if I use expletives to express a passionate feeling, I may be opening that archetypal stream to higher dimensional portals and maybe end up creating a whole new geometric crystal structure that might have its own type of beauty.  Remember we can use very proper words to spew bad energy, and not such proper ones to keep us in a good energy flow.  So I suppose one really important criteria for healthy 5th chakra expression is authenticity and an open heart.  From there all dramatic words have a positive purpose.  My point is, that words and sounds that can hook us up to the spiritual energy of 7D might not always be the most "holy" and therefore the most obvious.  It is not the word itself, but rather the feeling behind that word when it is uttered or written.  (Now that would be an interesting water crystal experiment.)

Because authentic speech has been discouraged, suppressed and repressed in our culture, even the most developed human is likely to have some communication issues.  I'd like to see a water crystal that develops when one uses words that avoid truth, that are indirect and full of innuendo.  It is a good practice to think about how we were taught to communicate.  Were we taught to hold back?  Were we taught to speak aggressively?  Were we taught to speak words we thought others would like us to say?  It is interesting that the word phony, has "phon" (as in phonic) in it.  Crystalline formations from inauthentic speech no matter how pretty the words, aren't going to create healing structures.  And clear, direct and truthful words spoken with love will heal our hearts, our relationships and no doubt, our dimension.

So speak out, brother and sister Earthlings, tell it like it is, tell it like you feel it, and tell it like you vision it.   Speak of love, and speak of pain.  Imagine the words that begin in your heart, that move up into your brain, and let them roll out of your mouth.  Sing your passion and sing us a new world... afterall, it's almost 2012.

Monday, December 5, 2011

My blog is a year old today. Just How Much Multidimensional Potential Am I Living?

I began this blog exactly a year ago.  I have been pretty faithful, and you, my readers, have been pretty faithful as well. Uncharacteristically, I only wrote one blog post in November. Lots of factors played into this, but the outcome was that I began to look more consciously at what this blog is really about, where it's been and where it might meander during its second year on the planet.

My intention in starting this blog was to give voice to the increasing awareness I was having about our multidimensional nature.  I saw this as an opportunity to share this information in a way that could both educate and activate an expanded view of who we really are, and why we are really here.  I imagined that we would all begin to experience ourselves as tuning forks, holding the frequencies of each of the 9 dimensions on the vertical axis, connecting with the full gamut of Divine intelligence implicit in this and creating a New Earth in the process.  I visualized myself vibrating this way in my daily practice through much of this year. I taught numerous workshops and classes where I took others through this experience.  I imagined we would all become super-beings, walking in our 3D bodies on planet Earth together, while operating simultaneously in all the other dimensions and that the ensuing magic would totally transform us and our world.  And that this would have happened by now, or at least that I would have seen visible progress.

I wrote a lot about time: its ending, its meaning, its mundane and esoteric functions -- how it swirls out of 9D in some inexplicable and mystical way to create long Earth cycles and then is no more.  I wrapped my mind around it.  I railed at how quickly it escaped my control and how much of it I found myself using just to put out these weekly words.  I turned 65 and wondered if I was running out of time or was, as I happily announced, only 1/2-way through adulthood and therefore still had plenty of time.  I spoke a lot about time and the Mayan calendar and Callemann's view of its meaning and its ending.  And I began to take a more serious look at the idea that we were all in the process of ascending from being 3rd dimensional beings to becoming 5th dimensional beings, stressing how important it is that we continue to open our hearts and release judgments.    

And then I woke up at 4 this morning, and I asked myself:  Just how much more of my multidimensional potential have I activated in this past year?  Have I made any progress at all?  I realized at that moment that I didn't have a clue, but it didn't seem like it was very much.  I also realized as my brain wandered and wondered about these things, that I was not feeling my ka body, or what I'm more recently beginning to think is my light body. (You know, when you get that wonderful sense of floating, being almost weightless, as if you barely have a physical body, but instead are this wonderful energy body that is in the midst of getting an etheric massage?).  I tried to call it in since I often feel it in the middle of the night, but to no avail.  Realizing I wasn't able to feel that light body made it all the more likely to me that perhaps I hadn't activated anything more at all;  that perhaps I would never be able to write another blog;  that perhaps I had jumped off the spiral path, and got caught on the hamster wheel, spinning aimlessly while under the illusion that something different was happening.  And then while I was in the midst of these rather dark and disturbing thoughts, my light body showed up.  It hadn't come to me when I tried to call it, although sometimes it will.  It popped in (or my awareness expanded to include it, for it must always be there) totally spontaneously, and even though I noticed that my thoughts continued - dense 4D thoughts - this energy body didn't care.  It stayed anyway.  I was having this amazingly pleasurable ongoing sensation while simultaneously watching myself still thinking these cumbersome thoughts. I found this fascinating and soon drifted back off to sleep.

When I got up this morning, I was feeling considerably more optimistic, but did not glean the significance of what occurred until I just wrote about it.  There I was holding several frequencies simultaneously and this happened with no effort on my part. The frequency I am vibrating at to experience that "light body" sensation is higher dimensional...(I'm not sure at this point just what dimension),and my thoughts were vibrating at a lower frequency and I was still in a 3D body lying in my bed, which was vibrating at still another frequency.  So there's my answer.  While I was having light body sensations before starting this blog last year, what has changed is that I can hold these multi-levels of consciousness in my awareness, and that is just happening on its own.

I find this pretty darn interesting.  First, as usual, I am shown that the Universe will always answer my call as long as I pay attention.  And then that I am being given a clear message something definitely has been changing within me, and it is about using more of my multidimensional potential and it has absolutely no intention of looking like what I might have anticipated.

Now that I'm able to take a more objective look at my growth than I was at 4 this morning, I see that of late I have been experiencing a power in my teachings that has not been there before.  I've always been a gifted teacher with great access to intuitive wisdom, as well as the ability to engage and flow with my audience, but this year, I can feel the Divine coming through me in a new way; a stronger and louder way and it has been primarily as I've taught multidimensionality.

Then there's the last, but in no way "least" change, and that has to do with my heart.  Last year at this time, my heart was generally pretty open.  Now, however, when I tune into my heart, I can feel my heart energy expand throughout my entire chest from one side of my body to the other.  This doesn't mean I don't have to deal with judgments that arise for myself and others, but the growth is palpable.

When I was standing in the middle of our Blue Star Medicine wheel the other day on my daily walk up  the mountain to our Spirit Temple, I asked for guidance about where this blog was supposed to go. What I got was assurance that it should continue and that it was going to veer slightly in a new direction.  What that will look like will have to evolve over time, but let me assure you, Brother and Sister Earthlings, I will continue sending these words out to you and will hold you in my ever expanding heart.  Together we can shift both ourselves and this dying world out of the 3rd dimensional crises it is stuck in and into something vibrant and miraculous.  We just need to release expectations and pay attention.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

In the Now, for Now

Greetings Brother and Sister Earthlings,

It feels like years since I've written here -- but of course it has only been two or so weeks. My cognitive mind cannot grasp that fact, and perhaps that is what is meant by the phrase the end of time.  The old sign-posts or "time posts" if you will, no longer seem to anchor anything in my life.  I still have an appointment book and thus I still have appointments, but something profound has seemed to have shifted in my psyche and perhaps it really is an aftermath of both the 10/28/11 and 11/11/11portals.

A bit of a personal recap before I go deeper into a multidimensional perspective on this.  My husband and I spent a few days in Asheville at the beginning of the month both because a dear friend of ours, Thea Summer Deer, was having a book-signing for her wonderful new book:  "THE WISDOM OF THE PLANET DEVAS:  Herbal Medicine for a New Earth" and because we had a free extra night at our favorite hotel.  Getting away from home, even though we were less than an hour geographically, and immersing ourselves in the wonderful culture and cuisine of Asheville, helped me realize that I really needed a break. That while I work for myself and create my own time-tables (there's that interesting conceptual word again), I was working too much... pushing too hard.  I returned feeling refreshed.  And immediately dove into preparing a teaching that I was offering on multidimensionality, the next day.

That next morning I moseyed down the hill to the Venus Rising Sanctuary which is just a stone's throw from my door and in the Isis Cove community where I live.  Linda Star Wolf had asked me to teach a small segment on using our multidimensional nature for our emotional and spiritual healing, to the students at a month-long training  sponsored by Venus Rising Institute for the Shamanic Arts.  As I breathed in the beautiful mountain air on this sunny, crisp Fall day, my heart was soaring.  First of all, I love that I can just walk to where I'm going to teach -- to me that represents a perfect life.  And second, well perhaps not in that order, I was so happy to be able to teach multidimensionality to this evolved group of people, and third, still not in that order, I was excited because I had added a new element to the teaching:  and while it is a complex theory, I found a way to do this that was simple and accessible.

The teaching went perfectly.  It was a large group, but not so large that I couldn't connect with everyone on a personal level.  I introduced the idea that now in our evolution we are not just able to live in the Above and the Below simultaneously (a key point in my earlier talks and workshops,) but we are able to live in the Before and the Beyond as well.  I see this visually.  The Above and Below are about our ability to hold the frequencies of the 9 dimensional vertical axis:  1D, of course, being the Earth's iron crystal core and 9D, Galactic Center.  So one might see a vertical line going from way below one's feet and extending way above one's head.  And then the axis for the Before and Beyond being horizontal... the Before extending in a straight line from the center of our heart chakra out our back, and through the time lines that our souls experience as "past."  In that time line, our inner teenager, our inner children, and the energy of all our past lives stretch out behind us.  And then the Beyond is the part of that line that extends forward from our heart and holds all of our future potentiality or our imaginal cells as Star Wolf writes in her latest book, VISIONARY SHAMANISM.

All 4 segments if you will, meet at a point in the center of our hearts.  And it is here that we access the Now.  It is here that time stops and simultaneously contains all we ever were, all we ever will be, AND all 9 dimensions of our nature.  It is here that we meet our inner child and inner teenager and call on a wise and loving part of ourselves from that timeline to nurture and re-raise these parts of ourselves.  And it is at this point, the perfect balance of the fulcrum of all our parts, that we live in a state of grace and ease.

Nice huh?  I was euphoric.  And then within two days, I became very ill.  Symptom-wise the flu I came down with was almost identical to the flu I had last year at this time, and it was going through that illness in 2010 that ultimately gave rise to this blog.  Just like last year, this year's flu hit me just when I was shifting my energetic frequency -- making another leap up the evolutionary spiral so to speak.

Being sick allowed me another 3 work-free days, and then voila... it was 11/11/11.  I was finally feeling well enough that I could attend a women's spirituality group for a few hours late morning, rest in the afternoon and attend a larger community gathering in the evening, where we were doing a ritual for this very special portal.  I had been asked to call in the Above as part of calling in the directions at the beginning of the ritual.  I have not had much exposure to Native American teachings although I feel great reverence for them.  Still I have never been very comfortable calling in the Earthly directions, but the ABOVE, now there was a place that I could relate to.  Still, I still was not back to full health or energy.  While I had pondered how I wanted to call in the ABOVE, I hadn't written anything down or in any way practiced what I would say.  As we began, I realized this was not true for some of the others:  they were sounding mighty polished in their presentation. I asked my ego to calm down and step back and just let whatever was supposed to occur, occur.  As I stepped forward, a powerful force took me over.  Perhaps the orator of my BEFORE or a voice from my BEYOND... whoever it was swept me away and I had to make it an act of will to stop speaking, as I felt that I had called in the ABOVE as effectively as I could and there was no need to continue.  I could palpably feel the power that had surged through me.

This is new territory for me.  I know that I am a gifted teacher and I know that I have done a reasonably good job of quieting both my mind and my ego in my day to day life; more often than not, my Spirit is in charge. But the sense of Presence that came through me that evening could only have come from my multidimensional energies being fully aligned, right there at the center of my heart chakra, the fulcrum of the Above/the Below/the Before/the Beyond in perfect balance.

And so as I began this blog yesterday, feeling much better physically and letting inspiration flow through me, I realized that I had been living several days in that wonderful state of well-being and contentment that arises from being in the Now.  But that was yesterday....(there's that time thing again.)

Got cranky last night.  I'm grateful it didn't last long.  But my 3D human is still living my life with me and she's not always flowing with the new "rules."  That's why we have been born with a sense of humor.

So I'm back.  Hope this finds all of you in good Spirits.  And if I don't blog again before Thanksgiving, enjoy your turkey or tofurky or whatever quirky variation of tradition you like to bring forth.  It's a whole new day.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The Heart (Chakra) of the Matter

I've been really focused these days on what this process of Ascension really means, as well as how to get through kindergarten and get promoted to 1st grade at Ascension Academy. As I've written before, we are at a time in our evolutionary development when we are going from being 3rd dimensional to 5th dimensional beings. Gaia, our Earth and our true mother, is doing the same. That gets more complicated for me, but one thing it tells me: We will still be Earthlings... just 5D Earthlings instead of 3D ones.

The fastest way to accelerating our frequency in order to align us with our 5D selves is to keep opening our hearts, catching our judgments of self and others, and looking deeply at, and working to transform, all other shadow issues as they arise. Transforming shadow, whether it comes as judgment or in another form, happens by observing and naming the shadow, owning the energy and sending it unconditional love. This will shift us from an egoic state into the energy of our heart. 5D is the dimension of LOVE, CREATIVITY and UNITY CONSCIOUSNESS. We cannot hold that frequency without continuously transforming our shadow and clearing our hearts blockages.

It is no surprise then, that all spiritual teachers these days seem to be upping their focus on love as well as on shadow issues that arise with our heart opening. Over the weekend, I attended a wonderful Yoga workshop offered by the lovely, deep and uplifting Laura Wolf. While I attended the workshop because I love Laura and she was back in our area for just a short time, what I had not paid much attention to until the day before, was that the theme of the workshop was about love: specifically about keeping our hearts open even when we are feeling most triggered. Okay then, who doesn't need work on this!

I've noticed in this latest spiral of our evolutionary activation, as we are being challenged to open our hearts, old emotional issues are coming back up for me and for many others in order to get resolved at a new level. As this happens we tend to get triggered more easily than usual, making Laura's theme deeply relevant to our evolutionary imperative. Remember we have to navigate through the 4th dimension in order to get to the 5th. Any unhealed wounding and any undealt with shadow, stays in our energy field and makes the higher dimensional light less accessible. I do not believe this is totally black and white. Who knows if it is even humanly possible to heal all old wounding. (Maybe I'll have that answer when I get into 2nd grade.) Most of us have returned for this incarnation as very old souls. We have multi-layered wounds which is why even after decades of work, they still arise again in one form or the other. Every time we experience an emotional wound, most of us have learned to put up walls over our hearts. We become a little less loving and/or a little more closed down. Sometimes people who have experienced traumatic abuse have been able to keep their hearts open to give love to others, but without healing they are not able to receive love from others, which is equally important.

My old wounds have resurfaced. I first began to get in touch with this about a year ago when I had just started this blog. I was writing about bringing our KA bodies in more fully, and as I was practicing this myself, I noticed a blockage in my back heart chakra. Back heart chakra blockages are old stuck feelings. And sure enough, as time went by, my mother-wounding resurfaced. At first it arose in the same old way. My mother passed away at 92 close to a decade ago. But the wounding for me was so deep, that even without her around to say something unkind or to remind me of her perception that I was a rotten daughter, I still had to process this relationship. (So far this processing has gone on for over 40 years! And I'm a diligent and effective emotional processor.) Still, my habitual strategy which had served me reasonably well, was to re experience my anger... not in a vengeful or resentful way, but in a way that honored the energy around how I had been treated. It released me from any feelings of victimization, and allowed me to energetically set boundaries so that I could honor my own essence.

What I had not fully processed though was the sadness. As a child, like all children, I deeply loved my mother, but what I realized in a new way lately, was that my inner child who was not always treated fairly, was in deep turmoil and grief because as much as she loved her mother, there were also times when she hated her. Since, there was no permission for this child to own any piece of the negative feelings, she was very confused and heart-broken. She was holding the emotional pain of her family, and as I understand now, the emotional pain of the collective. This was both hers and all of the billions of other children on the planet that feel both the depth of this pain and their powerlessness to heal it. In order to survive, this child had to begin to close her heart down. When I recently reconnected with her, I realized that while she still had some anger work that needed to be done, (and I could do this easily,) the most vital, the most important piece of work was to own and honor that excruciating grief. I was able to do both through visualization, felt the release and and knew I had made progress.

The night after the Yoga workshop, I had a very vivid dream. In writing about the dream the next day, I found, much to my surprise, that not only was I grieving for the pain in my immediate family, but that another part of my back heart chakra issue was grief from a disconnection with my extended family, and with two aunts in particular. When I broke away from my mother's expectations in my 20's in order to follow my own spiritual Path, not only did she project her judgments onto me, but she insisted that the rest of the family felt the same. Even though on some level, I knew that wasn't accurate, emotionally I unconsciously bought into this, and in effect lost my connection with my extended family as well as with my mother. Since I was far away geographically, and one of my aunts passed away shortly after this, I didn't give this disconnect much importance at the time. But in processing the dream, I found that I had deep sadness about it, and it was part of my back heart charka blockage. The tears came up suddenly and totally unexpectedly, a sure sign that my heart had opened more. I don't know that all my work is done here, but certainly I have my assignment laid out before me in a much clearer way: maybe my final kindergarten project.

AND, I also see how this works metaphorically for the greater whole. I had to be true to myself and my path. Within my own essence there was no room that allowed me to not chose growth and compromise my truth in order to be accepted. I paid a big price for this. But this is really what we all need to do: We need to be willing to lose it all to be ourselves. And we need to be willing to feel and honor the excruciating grief that may get unleashed in the process.

I'm thinking that maybe I'm getting closer to that 1st grade classroom. This awareness coupled with the experience I had last night and today, while being in a small group led by Andrew Harvey, an amazing mystic, teacher and transformer, has taught me all sorts of things about myself and about our current evolution. This will be the focus of my next blog and I'm quite sure the focus of my 1st grade curriculum. But, what I now can see more clearly than ever, is that as our 3D world dissolves, we do not have the luxury or the right to disown that 3D self. We are multi-dimensional beings and while we may be ascending into 5D, part of what is being asked of us is to heal and strenghten that 3D self as well. As the 3D we know falls apart, we must tend to its pain and wounds as we are simultaneously attending to shifting into the love frequency that will bring us all great joy.

Enough for now, my brother and sisters. But stay tuned. I have a lot more verses coming for this song.

Friday, October 14, 2011

Being a 3D/5D person on the old/New Earth

It's been an interesting ride the past few days.  Right now my creativity is surging and my multidimensional connection feels more integrated than ever.  After diving into concern and confusion about what my work was truly to be and become, if it was to be and become anything more at all, Spirit tapped me on the shoulder and said "HA!  Ye of little trust... haven't you learned anything!"  Okay.  Okay.  Spirit did tap me on the shoulder and give me some very clear Guidance about the next step of my sacred work, and I simultaneously felt Her loving and gentle humor about the mental/emotional gyrations I've been putting myself through.  But somehow I don't think She would have phrased things quite like that. "Haven't you learned anything!" sounds like my inner 3D judge who, masquerading as Spirit, sneaked right in.

As we are riding this first wave of our ascension process from 3D beings to 5D beings, I'm suspecting I'm not the only one going through some bi-polar dances.  Here's what I wrote a few days ago when I first began this posting:
       Feeling stuck back in 3D again... but that's okay.  I know on some level it's part of my process.  As I expand energetically, there seems to be an almost equal period of contraction.  Interesting huh since that is one of the main laws of Newtonian physics, (for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction) or put differently, a primary physical law of the third dimension.
       I was surprised though as this contracted state almost immediately followed a lovely one-day workshop that I taught with Anyaa McAndrew on Activating Our Multidimensional Potential.  We have been getting plenty of emails from our students saying how good they feel -- but, hmmmmm, at least this teacher is experiencing something quite different.

Now that I am at the manic pole, (or at least I was until my husband walked in and we started bickering about ridiculous stuff, which put me momentarily back in the depressive pole,)  I see the magical interweaving of energy; I feel the perfection of the Universe I live in. And I see, yet again, this ecstatic dance is much more fun than doing the bi-polar jig that likes to spin us around and around.

So what's up here?  I know that it is optimum to maintain that lovely sense of equanimity and presence. I know being reactive to all outer stimulation simply disconnects me from my center and Divine wisdom.  And certainly I have worked long and hard at this, practicing over and over the joy of non- reactivity.  SO, why have I been recently so reactive?

As one of those human creatures that I share the planet with, I realize that we never just learn a lesson and then are done with it at least not in the 3rd dimension.  When we are talking about emotional and spiritual healing and development, we are talking about learning the same lesson over and over in a multitude of variations.  AND, while on an individual level I have Saturn transiting my natal Jupiter which is rather a bi-polar energy to start with, I feel this is part of the larger and more generalizable cycle which we are all passing through on our way to Unity Consciousness.

The Mayan calendar ends in 14 days.  We are in the final day of the final underworld:  an 18 day period which is the very last segment of a 16.4 billion year evolutionary cycle.  On the 28th of this month, all of the 9 major cycles or underworlds of the last 16.4 billion years are scheduled to culminate.  How can we not all be feeling this? Our cellular memories are amped up to the max, while the demands of daily life seems to match the intensity of this vibration.

What I have been consistently bringing my awareness back to is the 2 cardinal rules of our present evolution into 5D beings:  1.  Keep opening both the heart and the high heart   2.  Notice and release judgement.  Are you rolling in the aisles yet??  Piece of cake you say?  Surely the evolution-gods and goddesses are yukking it up watching us Earthlings struggle with things that are to become as normal as breathing. But the reality is that these are the biggest challenges for pretty much all of us.  

Let's start with the first concept... that of an open heart and high heart that is filled with unconditional Divine love.  The state that is guaranteed to bring us ongoing bliss.  How many of you were given unconditional love as children?  How many of you had parents who were themselves loved unconditionally, and therefore had a model, or in those days, even the concept of what unconditional love is?   When we have not experienced unconditional love as children, we don't have the natural ability to give this to ourselves.  It's far easier for us to feel unworthy than to feel totally and completely deserving of that magnificent love which we all do deserve. It's far easier for us to feel not good enough than to embrace the perfection of who we really are.  It's far easier for us to get stuck in our egos and therefore in 4D duality, than in the flow of Divine light.

I had an interesting intuitive reading about 10 years ago when I went to a 1/2day workshop on how to publish your spiritual book.  I was told that I wasn't ready to really get out there because I didn't love myself.  I was shocked.  I thought I loved myself.  I thought I had worked all that stuff through years before.  But as I sat with it and really connected with the information, I realized that liking myself and loving myself were not the same.  I had a positive self-concept, but I had not even begun to allow myself to feel the energy of full self-love.  I've had many more moments of that since then, but certainly it has not been consistent... and I'm a pretty together person.  If I've been struggling with it, I would say there's a pretty darn good chance that you have been struggling with this as well.

Unconditional love is an energy.  It's a frequency.  It probably gets swirled out of 9D in some form, gets revved up in 8D, the dimension where Divine love resides, and seeps into the cellular structure of the beings in 5D.  These 5D beings are filled with unconditional love.  It is their nature.  They have, thus far existed above the 4D canopy of duality.  BUT, times are changing.  We Earthlings are ascending, so this has to be shaking up the 9D vertical axis, in addition to shaking up our world.  We are turning into 5D beings but different from the existing 5D beings because we have not always loved ourselves and therefore do not come to unconditional love easily.

Here's some questions to ponder as you go through this process.  Can you love yourself for having to struggle with loving yourself unconditionally?  Can you love yourself for having to struggle with loving others unconditionally?  WHAT does that feel like when you are in a state of pure unconditional love?  Make a mental note when you are there... that will help this show up in your energy field and therefore in your life, more and more frequently.

And what about judgment?!  See if you can go for a day without judging yourself or someone else.  Let me know if you succeed.  Judgments are like clouds in our dimension. They just keep coming.  But unlike clouds, they create tension and constriction and ego inflation.  We want to notice them, which begins to neutralize their energy, but then we might be inclined to judge the tension and constriction and ego inflation as soon as we notice it, and on and on it goes. Like clouds, however, I believe we can learn to just notice the judgments and watch them pass with out getting stuck in their energy.  But these days there sure seem to be a lot of them and I have to really be on my toes, and go very gently with myself.

So how about you out there my fellow Earthlings?  Have the judgments on yourself and others seem to have shown up more frequently?    Do you judge the judgments?  Do you judge yourself judging the judgments?  Wouldn't it be lovely if we could just let all of this fall away like the autumn leaves as they float down on the wind, no longer needed by the trees.

We are in the seesaw/teeter totter time:  up and down, down and up, and ahhhhhh.... there it is -- that moment we find the perfect balance, effortlessly suspended in grace and harmony.  Breathe deep.  Enjoy.  And hold the awareness that at some point, we are likely to make a move that shifts the balance yet again.  We are just in Ascension kindergarten after all.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Frequency for a New Earth

Lately there have been many writings by spiritual intuitives and teachers asserting that we have reached a positive tipping point on our planet; that the creation of a New Earth filled with conscious, loving, spiritually awake people is truly coming to pass.  They also say the frequency of this New Earth will be vibrating at the speed of the 5th dimension.  When we match our vibrations to 5D, we spontaneously find ourselves in the realm of unconditional love and Unity consciousness.  This process of moving from the density of 3D to the lighter form of 5D is called ascension.

For many decades I have perceived that there would be a split occurring on Earth as we entered this new age.  On one hand there would be people who were committed to growth, love and healing, operating cooperatively with each other and understanding and honoring the interconnection of all; on the other hand there would be people stuck in fear and the old patriarchal models of force and exploitation, still operating out of a competitive, dog-eat-dog paradigm.  I understood this was connected to a difference in our vibrational frequency, that one group's cells would literally be vibrating faster than the other, but I didn't understand then, how that was related to the different dimensions.

Probably about 10 years ago it began to dawn on me that this split was beginning to take place, and a few years ago things became really clear.  I saw that open-hearted, healed people were able to live open-hearted and therefore satisfying lives, while fear-based people were stuck in very painful dramas.  That doesn't mean there were no challenges for the first group or no moments of pleasure for the second... but rather that on a vibrational level, we already were literally living on two very different planets that share the same physical space. Since everything is electro-magnetic, our fields were drawing to us people of the same frequency, i.e. people who's cells were vibrating at a similar rate to ours. It became more rare for the two groups to converge.

As the Mayan calendar, the 16.4 billion year cycle of evolution on planet Earth, is coming to a end, the split has become more and more distinct.  This by no means suggests that those living in a fear paradigm won't have options to shift... certainly I believe that choice will always exist.  But perhaps it will become more difficult because the difference in frequency between the groups is continually becoming greater.  So essentially there is one group of people on the planet who are in the process of actively ascending into 5th dimensional consciousness and another group that is still resisting or in some cases fighting against this process.

Suzan Caroll just wrote a wonderful account of her own most recent process of ascension, describing what she experiences when she holds this 5D multidimensional frequency.  Her image of the groups I spoke about above was slightly different and no doubt more accurate. She sees the world now with 3 groups.  She divides the "fear" group I spoke of, into two parts:  those who are really desiring change, wanting to lift themselves out of the old way, but still very scared and therefore attracting many 3D challenges as a way to promote growth, and a darker group of souls who believe they have benefited from the low frequency in the world and want to keep things the way they are.  She believes both groups are being activated to some degree, but the latter group is much more entrenched in the old ways. We help both group by sending unconditional love to all, which keeps their options open.

The other really important piece that Caroll speaks of, is her own story of connecting, or more accurately reconnecting, with her 5D self.  For those of you who are intrigued, I really encourage you to go to and click on the September 26th newsletter.  It is a brave and fascinating account of her personal journey and I believe that many of you may find a deep activation within you when you read her story.

From my perspective, it is key to remember that we are talking about reconnecting with parts of ourselves that are operating in different dimensions.  Pay attention to the fact the we are "re"-connecting.  Our souls know the experience of being multidimensional, and so once we have achieved a bit of mastery here, there is an amazing sense of wholeness.  Our present ascension happens when we reconnect with our 5D self, but I suspect once we raise our vibrations to merge with that frequency, we will then learn to merge with the higher dimensions as well. And we will ultimately be able to hold these dimensional frequencies concurrently.

Holding different dimensional frequencies concurrently might be a difficult concept for some of you but it is really important one.  As I teach in my multidimensional workshops, we are potentially capable of holding at least 9 dimensions of consciousness at one time (9 different frequencies).  This is the encoding that is being released in our DNA as part of our current evolution.  Since each dimension corresponds to certain a vibrational frequency, when we are able to match our frequency with the frequency of our selves that operate in other dimensions, we begin to merge with these parts.  Suzan Caroll writes of her own experience merging her 3D self with her 5D self and actually holding two different 5D realities at one time:  one being the experience of the 5D frequency on the New Earth, and the other merging with her 5D self that is working with other 5D beings to help Gaia

I learned I could do this from practicing Richard Miller's meditations on Yoga Nidra.  Yoga Nidra is the yoga of non-duality (ie Oneness), and teaches us that we are all everything, not as an intellectual concept but as an embodied experience.  One of the ways these meditations do this is by leading us to notice and hold two or more emotional states at one time.  So it is with holding different dimensional frequencies.  From Caroll's account, and she is very evolved energetically, we have to begin slowly.  While we can intuit the 9 frequencies at once, we cannot really live them yet.  But we can begin to live 2 frequencies at once which will bring us into a deeper sense of our multidimensionality.

I began this blog a few days ago while feeling sorely stuck in 3D.  In some ways it's not a bad place to be on a brilliant Fall day in the beautiful blue-ridged Smoky Mountains.  My 3D life is a good one.  But what happens for me is that when I'm stuck in 3D, I'm not vibrating with joy.  From my experience, in order to fully feel joy, our hearts must be open enough to vibrate at what must be a 5D frequency.  When that happens it doesn't matter where you are or what your 3D life is like.  St. Francis of Assisi was able to do this while confined to a dungeon for a year.  So my heart was back in 3D, open but not enough to carry the 5D frequency of that full unconditional love, and while I did some meditation, and lots of journal writing, I couldn't seem to change this.  Then, little by little, the stuckness began to melt as did some old habits and beliefs that kept my vibratory rate moving slower than usual. The joy has seeped back in for however long I can sustain it this time. Remember it is an ongoing process.  We do not grow in a linear way.

So brother and sister Earthlings, you too might find your yourself feeling expansive and connected to your 5D frequency one day, stuck in 3D the next, and back to 5D the day after.  Pay attention to your vibrational field, be gentle with yourself and put out the intent to meet and merge with your 5th dimensional self.  And that's only beginning of the wonders that await us.

Friday, September 23, 2011

High Speed Light and our Multidimensional Nature

I'm excited and somewhat reignited.  As I sit here on this Autumn Equinox trying to keep my inner self as balanced as the light and the dark, the yin and the yang is on this particular day of the year, physicists have begun to prove that there is light that can travel faster than 186,282 miles per second, defying all that has been believed about 3rd dimensional reality.

As you can imagine, there are many scientists who are pretty upset.  The sacred cow that their beliefs about reality have been based on has just been roasted and feasted upon. Most are quite sure this experiment will be refuted.  I, on the other hand, am not.  This is the beginning of moving mainstream science into the multidimensional realm.  Einstein was brilliant in explaining and "proving" the deeper laws of 3D.  He helped us make an evolutionary leap out of Newtonian physics into quantum physics... but this was in 1905. To believe in the limits of his theory, will someday appear as silly as believing that the Earth is flat.  (Okay there still are some folks believing the Earth is flat, which teaches us a profound truth about "belief.")

Barbara Hand Clow gives a compelling argument in Alchemy of Nine Dimensions, for the existence of at least 3 speeds that light can travel; these speeds being dependent on which dimension the light is travelling in.  She suggests that light travels at one speed in 1D - 3D (186,282 miles per second), at a faster speed in the 4th through the 6th dimension and at an even faster speed in 7D through 9D.

How can it not?  This is all about vibrational frequency.  It makes no sense to me that there should be a limit on how fast energy can vibrate.  And light is simply a physical manifestation of energy.  If cells vibrate faster than 186,282 miles a second, they become invisible in 3D.  But just because we can't see them doesn't mean they no longer exist, and apparently now it doesn't mean that we can no longer measure how fast they are travelling.

The particular multidimensional messenger in this most recent experiment is a sub-atomic particle called a neutrino.  According to the internet article, neutrinos are odd slivers of an atom that have puzzled physicists for decades because they won't conform to the rules. These rebel particles like to do things their own way despite the often rigid behavioral expectations of the scientists who have studied them.  (Now there's a sub-atomic particle I want to make friends with.)

There was an earlier experiment in 2007 that came up with the same results, but it turned out their methods were open to question and therefore their findings were not taken seriously.  This latest experiment was conducted in one of the world's foremost laboratories and they have been very careful.  Of course, until this type of experiment has been replicated several times, it will still remain controversial.  I love the quote of one of the skeptical scientists who said these findings were like saying flying carpets existed!!  Ah ye of limited imagination.

So what does this really mean for us Earthlings?  For me there are two important points here.  One is that science is catching up to metaphysical truth and showing us once again that faith and scientific method can reveal the same thing.  It's the left brain finally understanding what our right brain knows intuitively.  (Perfect for the last equinox in the last year of the 16.5 billion years of the Mayan calendar.)  And two, it opens the possibility that the idea that our planet ascending into the fifth dimension, which I plan to write more about in forthcoming blogs, will ultimately be shown scientifically, and I'm betting, in my lifetime.

Whenever we have been challenged to put aside our cherished collective beliefs, great change has occurred.  Typically those who have challenged those beliefs have been imprisoned, beheaded, burned at the stake, sold into slavery, run out of town -- but I don't think that's going to happen this time, (and in all fairness, it didn't happen to Einstein).  Still, no matter how poorly we might have treated the messengers in the past, the paradigm shifted due to their contribution.

It is no longer possible for those of us on planet Earth to stay within the old limited beliefs about the nature of reality.  Our encoded DNA is bursting forth.  We know at some deep level that we are vaster than our 3-dimensional models have allowed... way vaster... at least 9 dimensions vaster.  Our consciousness knows no bounds.  What we are now beginning to realize little by little, is that our cellular structure also is not limited to physical laws of 3D. A neutrino can travel faster than the speed of light.  They are part of cells just like electrons are.  Why wouldn't we have neutrinos as part of our cells just like we have electrons and neutrons. Obviously I'm no physicist, but it makes sense to me that if a part of our cellular structure can travel outside the bounds of 3-dimensional laws, we are going to be finding out some pretty amazing things about our own DNA and what this means.

The rebel part of me that won't conform to expected behavior wants to say "duh! This is
like running experiments to find out what the best way was to catch mice, which they did some years back, and discovering it was to have a cat." But while I love and honor my rebel self, it is not always the best source of wisdom.  There are evolved beings on this planet that have remained in indigenous culture:  the Aborigines, Maoris, the Dogan tribe in Africa, many of the Native American tribes in North, Central and South America.  They can move into multidimensional consciousness because they have highly developed right brains, but they are not able to translate their knowledge to most people living in "developed" countries... countries filled with people who have developed their left brains and the technological gains which have ensued, but have been taught not to trust the wisdom of their right brains.  We, in those "techno" cultures need science to back up magic, to back up the reality that we are multidimensional beings capable of living in several dimensions simultaneously.

As usual, the Universe is providing.  And I am feeling really grateful to be alive at a time where I have a front row seat to this amazing show.

Monday, September 19, 2011

More "Time-ly" Ramblings

If time, as we know it, stops at the end of the Mayan Calendar (10/28/11 for those of us that like the calculations of Carl Johan Calleman), then I, for one, can't wait!  Of course the whole idea of waiting or not waiting, "wait" or "can't wait" is all about our outdated concept of time.

I've been in frequent duress these days about time:  its speeding, its slowing, its passing. I'm even remembering my early grade school report cards that had a category:  "Makes good use of time"  ... seems like that was the one marked "N" for "needs improvement." What did those teachers know about time speeding up and a 16.4 billion year cycle ending?  Still, those "time" injunctions remain in my psyche and I frequently notice my belief that I deserve "time out" for not feeling as if I have enough time to enjoy time, utilize time, stretch time and even waste time.

It's beginning to feel like my life is timed:  I don't mean those large cycles like birth and death, but rather like a game where they turn the timer on and if you don't go fast enough, you lose.  Getting older doesn't help, although a few days ago I came up with what I thought was a brilliant reframe for that.  Instead of thinking that since I was in my mid-60's, I was running out of time, I decided, (and you are all more than welcome to decide with me,) that people in my age group are only halfway through adulthood.  HA... maybe even less of the way for those of us that didn't seem to grow up until we were near 40.  Think of it this way. If my lifespan is going to last well into my 90's and I must admit, I'm quite sure that it will, than I am barely half way through.  I still have plenty of time to get good at this adulthood thing.  Anyway, that was a comforting thought for a minute (note the clock reference) but as soon as more time passed, so did that comfort.

My life is actually much less on a time schedule than most people in our culture.  I don't have to get up at a certain time, except the time I set in my own head. I don't have to be anywhere at a certain time, except if I decide to schedule appointments. I don't have to finish by any time except for my own timelines.  Is this insanity with time just the death throes of left brain civilization?  Once I surrender, will this all just melt away like a Salvador Dali clock?  I can be out of time if I would just take the time to figure it out.  And that double-entendre wasn't lost on me, although I feel like I'm losing time just thinking about it.

When we are in multidimensional consciousness, we really are out of time (or outside of linear time for a more descriptive way to put it.)  Think about those deep meditations, those wonderful Yoga retreats, those Shamanic Breathwork experiences, those psychedelic experiences of our youth (well maybe just my youth): time stops, time stretches, time goes away, time doesn't exist, and best of all, time doesn't matter.  We stop worrying about doing, about achieving, about posting our blog (well maybe just my blog), writing those book proposals (well maybe just my book proposals), and we just get to be.  We enter the Now.  And inside that Now, life can live itself.

When we are stuck in 3D time/space co-ordinates, it's a whole different life-game.  It took me until I was 50 to realize that I was always running late because I wasn't factoring in the time it took to travel from one place to the other. Once I got the very elementary concept that in 3D it takes time to transverse space (only took 6 decades this lifetime around), my timeliness improved greatly...  But did that improve my relationship with time?  Only in 3D.  My ego gave me an 'A' for getting that lesson but that has nothing to do with my ability or lack of, to be in the flow of time. 

Then we have the 4D drama that rolls in when we struggle (ok, when I struggle) with time.  Those "not-going-fast-enough" demon archetypes that adore grabbing hold of us humans.  "HA HA" they say, shimmering with delight "Look at those goofy 3D beings spinning themselves into a tizzy about not going fast enough, jumping high enough... hee hee hee... let's prod them again with our electric time rods and watch them freak out."  So lately, I’ve provided much entertainment for those 4D time-demons.

Now that time has passed since I began to write this blog post, I’m tempted not to give it the time of day.  But perhaps the Universe is asking us all to do this assignment -- thinking and listing every cultural cliché we have about time as preparation for entering into timelessness.  Of course, thinking and listing every cultural cliché would take up way too much time.

Remember that time waves are spun out of 9D.  And since 9D spun out the Mayan Calendar, I don’t imagine it’s intending to stop spinning at the end of October.  So what is it going to create for us?  That might be worth taking the time to ponder.  And if we understand that we are all One, then we hold that 9D consciousness that will be doing the time-spinning...we will be creating the next great time cycle, ready or not.

For now however, you might want to repeat after me:  "I have plenty of time"  "All in due time" "There’s no time like the present"  "There's no time in the present"  May we all succeed at just being present, and remember to have a good time.

Farewell for now, fellow Earthlings.  I'm just hoping I have time to post this today.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Oh Blue Star Kachina, You trickster You.

Okay for those of you who haven't heard, scientists think that Comet Elenin is disintegrating and is, at this point, no longer a comet. Hearing this news was a bit of a shock for me.  In the last blog, I had a conversation with Elenin, a fascinating conversation where I was given a strong awareness of the energetic functions comets can play for us and in particular what the purpose of this comet, that I believed to be the Blue Star Kachina, was.  Now with this new information, all sorts of doubts arose for me.

Was this just my imagination?  Why did I get the message to talk to Elenin in the first place, (that's not typical of the intuitive messages I get) and why, when I checked in with Elenin, was it so easy?  Is this all illusion?  Am I writing incorrect information?  Do I have too many rigid opinions that need to get kicked around a bit?  Once I got this new information, I tried to check in with the comet again, but to no avail.

Then as I was going on my daily walk up the mountain, a thought came through that kachinas were associated with coyote medicine or tricksters.  I wasn't sure about this, and certainly didn't want to risk putting forth any more potential "dis-information".  When I got back, I checked the internet to learn that kachinas were often seen as twins of coyote, (noted for their wily jokes and games) and both had a  connection with trickster energy. Well that was a relief!  Or at least it gives me a plausible explanation.

Still this leaves more questions than answers.  If you look at the photos of Elenin after it disintegrated some, you can see its blue-ness much more vividly.  It looked just like I would imagine the Blue Star Kachina should look.  So does that mean that Elenin is the Blue Star Kachina, and our consciousness reached a point where it no longer had to keep heading in this direction?  Does it mean that all we need now is the fragments of Elenin which left small bursts of its energy around for us as a reminder?   Yes, of course, I would like to think that.  But the reality is I don't know.

This morning when I woke up, all I could remember from my dreams was the color blue. This color remained in my mind's eye.  Then I realized it was a message about the Blue Star.  And after another moment, it dawned on me, it was a message about the Blue Star Kachina.  Next the awareness came that the color in my dream was the same color as the photos of Elenin  disintegrating...

So here I go, out on another limb.  I believe that former comet, Elenin, was the Blue Star Kachina of the prophesies, not here to forebode catastrophic harm to the planet (I never bought into that and anyway, we don't need any big cosmic signs to let us know how poorly we've treated Mother Earth and how she is now in desperate need of our loving attention, stewardship and healing), but to herald the new consciousness that is being activated in all of us.  ("For those with eyes to see, and ears to hear.")  I can feel in my heart that enough souls on the planet have shifted.  Despite all the environmental chaos, I strongly believe there is a positive planetary rebirth that will happen and is happening. Therefore, perhaps that wake-up call so many saw us needing, wasn't needed, at least not in dramatic comet form.

It amuses me that I couldn't connect with Comet Elenin after it disintegrated... but of course that is totally logical -- its essence has transformed and fragmented.  It is the trickster helping us (okay me) not hold on to rigid views of what this was all supposed to look like.  It also interests me that 3 of the friends that I immediately mentioned the comet's disintegration to, all had the same response.  "Good!"  They did not share my dilemma about whether Elenin was or wasn't the Blue Star kachina, but rather were relieved that this comet would bring no harm to the planet.

As I've gone through this process over the last week, what I realize is most important for me, and for humanity as a whole, is not that this gets figured out, but instead to remember that we access our multidimensional potential through opening our heart, through activating unconditional love for ourselves and all other beings, which in turn, creates a frequency that aligns us with the 5th dimension.  For those of you who have been following this blog or in other ways familiarizing yourself with the 9D vertical axis that Hand Clow brought forth for us, you will see how unconditional love with its 5D frequency allows us to bi-pass 4D and its potential blockages.  When we are fully in the energy of unconditional love, our egos cannot keep us stuck in any 4D polarity.  We are released from attachments to all dramas that drain us, put us into victim consciousness and lower our frequency.  When we are in unconditional love, these dramas simply have no power over us.  We become automatically open to all higher dimensional parts of ourselves.

So the lesson here for me is clear.  It doesn't matter if Elenin is the Blue Star Kachina.  It only matters that I bathe myself and all I come in contact with, with as much unconditional love as possible, for it is only this that truly create the New Earth.

I'm also clear that should I have ever have the impulse to interview Elenin again, the only response I'll get is "No comet."

Keep opening your hearts brother and sister Earthlings, and just when you think they are open as far as they can be, open them even more.  And keep showering yourselves with love.  It helps us all.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Is it a Bird? Is it A Plane? No, It's the Blue Star Kachina and the Message is Strong and Clear.

Comet Elenin is heading our way.  It will be closest to Earth, and between Earth and our Sun, on September 26th.  In a new interview from Carl Johan Callemann, he talks about the likelihood of this comet being the Blue Star Kachina as prophesied by the Hopi Indians. Its arrival is considered an important heralding of a whole new consciousness on the planet, collectively taking us from the 3D limitations of ego-bound humans, to the unlimited multidimensional experience of ourselves as cosmic beings; from a species using its limited nature to create a life aimed at fulfilling material needs and desires, to humans who are living out their full evolutionary and spiritual potential basing their lives on serving the higher good.

Of course, this idea is nothing new.  We have all been speaking of this in one form or another since the 60's when the idea of the coming of the Age of Aquarius first made its way into our collective awareness.  Suddenly there were large numbers of us discovering that reality was quite a bit vaster than our limited upbringings had suggested, that our psyches were able to reach new places of consciousness that standard education would find unthinkable, and that peace on the planet and caring about the well-being of all was the most important criteria for society.  We passionately believed we could change the world, and I believe that we have.  In the arrogance and impatience of our youth, we believed that would happen quite quickly.  Instead we are still struggling with many of the same issues of social justice, environmental stewardship, peace, equality and tolerance that we espoused back then.  However, while outer progress in many areas has been minimal, what has happened inside so many of us, has been amazing.

We have not been able to stop the trashing of our beautiful planet which is heartbreaking, nor have we have not been able to stop violence, war and poverty, but we have made huge strides in gender equality, minority rights, gay marriage and other LGBT issues.  And while family violence and sexual abuse and assault are sadly still prevalent, they are no longer seen as tolerable by the vast majority of people on the globe, and there are a multitude of services available for victims of both, as well as treatment for perpetrators of that violence and abuse. Huge numbers of us have succeeded in becoming personally empowered by healing our emotional/psychological wounds which means that we are able to hold within us the energy of peace, love and fairness for all living things. We are able to truly open our hearts which is the essence of what is needed to usher in this new era on the planet.  I believe that enough of us have been able to activate our higher emotional and spiritual nature to hold this new consciousness and create the world that so many of us have dreamed of.

A few days ago, while on my daily walk up the mountain to the Blue Star Medicine Wheel and Spirit temple deck in my community, I felt that I was given a clear message of what I was supposed to write about in this week's blog.  Standing in the middle of the medicine wheel which is designed as a 6 pointed star, and which rests on a piece of land that feels like a portal to higher dimensional consciousness, I heard that I needed to contact Comet Elenin, and hear what she/he had to say.

Here's what I heard:

I am heading toward your planet to carry out a powerful task to call out to Humanity that the Change is Now and there is nothing to fear.  My blue light heralds a time of deeper Collective wisdom for those dwellers on Planet Earth – I bring an energetic vibration that might shake things up a bit in order to jar those who still have attachments to the old out of their box-like thinking and into a spiral perspective that understands the Cosmic influences outside the realm of duality.  Not all will come on board and that is fine indeed for Earth is a place of free will and the will to be free and so I will pass through at this very critical time in the evolutionary development of your Planet to open the higher chakra consciousness of those who have some readiness… but my tail will follow and after the initial connection, there will be ongoing energy that I will still be able to blast or share with Earthlings.

Yours is a beautiful and powerful planet indeed, and my task is an honor.  All matter is energy and all energy holds consciousness.  Some has such defuse consciousness that there is little they wish to put into focus, but it is different with me.  I, as a comet, am entirely focused.  That is what happens when Energy collects into the Comet configuration.  Understand that I am a spiral, but one that is being stretched out and propelled and so I can travel and direct this spiral energy in a way that no other physical form is yet able to do.

You can prepare for my spiral energy by feeling and imagining this configuration. Imagine it entering through the crown of your head.  Stay in awareness of that meeting place of the 6th and 7th chakras within.  Feel it activate your pineal gland.  Enjoy the visions that it brings forth for you and do not be concerned if they are vivid or vague, you will all feel something if you are willing to go into silence and allow.  I have been informing your planet for many years now, and as I get closer I become even more accessible to you.  Your willingness to receive my gift with love will energize my cells and I will move onto other tasks carrying that with me, informing others in this vast Cosmos of ours…"

It's not everyday I have a conversation with a comet, or with any celestial body for that matter.  But what we are used to doing everyday is changing.  So perhaps I will find myself doing this more frequently.  Look within for what you are being asked to do; for what you are being asked to change, for what you are being asked to contribute.  We have been in labor for this new world for quite a while now, and we are now entering the 3rd stage of the delivery process.  Keep holding that image for all of us that the birth be safe and easy and that this beautiful and loving world about to be born arrives surrounded by so many loving beings, it only has to sigh and gurgle and be the magnificent Self that it is.

There are 2 more comets heading our way this Fall.  I suspect that each has a different task, just as each of us carries our own unique purpose.  I don't claim to know what each of them brings (although I suppose I could try the same process with them as I have with Elenin), but I know that we are standing in a phenomenal portal of time.  And that this portal is bringing in a frequency of energy that is transforming every cell that resides in our world.  Remember that the most important message, the most important thing we can all do is to open our hearts and keep them that way, loving ourselves, loving each other, loving our beautiful Earth and this is what allows the Age that we are moving into to truly be a Golden Age.

I'm signing off here with deep love in my heart for all that is, and for all of you, and with a strong conviction that we will come through this amazing transformation, more healthy and radiant than ever before.

Friday, August 19, 2011

Engaging Our High Heart: Our Multidimensional Internet Connection

The seasons feel like they are changing right now.  The last few days have been brisk, and even though summery weather is sure to make a return, there is no stopping the momentum of the coming change.  Summer must give way to Fall, and Fall to Winter: but it is not just the way of the lower dimensions.  The higher dimensional shifts, those processions of cycles in the higher dimensions, are just as inevitable.  And these are energy shifts that bring far more powerful change than leaves falling and temperatures dropping.  These energy shifts swirl into our consciousness and activate each and every one of us.  They insist that we leave behind the season that is dying and we open to that which must come next whether we feel ready or not.

All things in the Universe grow, die, and grow again.  While this has been eternally true, our current times are unique and amazing;  the energy being opened for the human species is extraordinary.  Each of us now has the potential for having direct access to Source and in that direct access, we also will access our multidimensional nature.  It is this nature that allows us to fully understand and become conscious of the communication links from Source, to be part of the Cosmic Internet if you will.

So what is Source from a multidimensional perspective?  Suzan Carrol (also known as Suzanne Lie),  in her August 11th newsletter, ( presents a beautiful inter-dimensional map. She delineates 12D as our Source dimension, and channels the Arcturians saying:  "...You on Earth began as twelfth dimensional Stellar Elohim who were, and still are ONE with the Source.  Elohim are the holders of form in the Multiverse..."   This means that all we know as form is essentially spun out from the energy of 12D.  That goes way beyond the 9D vertical axis, but fully informs 9D which in turn informs all of the lower dimensions.  AND, just like the 9D model, this is an interactive process with growth occurring both from above downward, and below, upward.  The guiding principal as always, is Unconditional Love.

Which brings me to the essence of today's blog.  The most direct way to access communication from the higher dimensions is through our high hearts.  Carroll in her channeling, points out that the "messages from the higher dimensions enter your Opened Third Eye (your Crown and Brow Chakras working as ONE), but the meaning of that message is perceived through your High Heart.  It is through your High Heart that you and your higher expressions of SELF can bond into ONE."

This means to fully activate our multidimensional potential, we need to fully open our High Heart.  The High heart rests between our heart chakra and our throat chakra.  For those of you who have not experienced this before, stop for a moment and take some deep centering breaths until you feel yourself in a state of openness and relaxation.  Notice the energy flow (or blockage) in your heart chakra and send gratitude and healing there.  You are likely to feel warmth and a sense of swirling energy.  Now bring your awareness up to the center of your chest.  If you are able to sense energy, you will realize that while there is also warmth and swirling energy in the high heart, the energy is lighter, even more joyful...  This is our energetic link to Source or the Divine.  Notice too if there are any walled off parts, heavy places or other blockages that are asking to be transformed.

As humans, even very evolved loving humans, it is a tall order at best to stay in a consistent state of unconditional love.  From my observation, part of this 9th Wave of the Mayan calendar is spiralling anything within us that is unhealed up to the surface yet again.  This often takes those of us who have been working on our healing for decades by surprise... wondering why we still find ourselves dealing with old dysfunctional patterns of behavior and outmoded old paradigm beliefs.  We tend to forget that we are holographic.  Remember holograms contain the whole in every part.  So if you were to break off a piece of a holographic plate that contains an image of a cat, each piece will also contain that image, but in fainter form.  So it is with our old patterns.  As we heal them they don't disappear, but rather become fainter so they have less and less power in our lives.  In my experience,  when we are in a growth spurt about to move up to a higher place on the evolutionary spiral, these old patterns resurface for deeper healing.  The energy of the Universal Underworld (or 9th Wave) is activating growth spurts in all of us, so that these old patterns have to come up.

Most if not all of these beliefs and patterns we have been carrying, have caused emotional wounding.  This in turn, has caused many of us to wall off parts of our hearts as self-protection.  While this is a reflexive process for us humans, it is totally counterproductive to our growth and certainly to our multidimensional growth.  Collectively we have been working to heal our heart charka blockages and pain for the last 3 decades, but now, we are being prodded to heal our high heart blockages as well.  It certainly is normal that when we are wounded, we also feel abandoned by the Divine and then end up holding anger and grief around this.  This can turn into resentment, depression, and/or a sense of powerlessness.  We know inside of ourselves that we have this potential to connect, download and transmit messages from the 12D Elohim (even if we had no conscious idea they existed).  We intuitively can feel a sense of something missing, a sense of being cut off from an important part of ourselves.  The problem is that we cannot fully open this high heart unless we can step into full self love.  If you are being re-visited by old patterns (whether the signals are coming from inside of you or from events in your outer life,) this is an invitation from your 12D Self to identify areas where you still need to love yourself more, and to do the necessary emotional work to heal this at yet another level.

Once we do this, we will find ourselves able to communicate and use the wisdom from all of the dimensions,
and simultaneously keep balanced in our day to day life.  The old behavior patterns and beliefs that have developed from both our individual and collective wounds will grow fainter yet again.  And our loving energy will be freed up more profoundly than ever before, as will our intuitive and spiritual powers.

As Fall and Winter open to Spring and Summer, and Spring and Summer open to Fall and Winter, so black holes open to white holes and white holes to black holes.  It is Hand Clow's contention that in the 9th Dimension at Galactic Center, which is a black hole itself, a white hole of a new Universe is about to be birthed in 2012.  As multidimensional beings, part of our psyches holds all the energy of these profound transformative cycles, but I do think it makes sense to look first for the black holes within us, and know that as we move into them with love and consciousness, a remarkable new birth is about to come forth.

Let those old belief and behavioral patterns release as the trees release their leaves.  Work to heal and transform any heart and High Heart wounding, and remember to breathe through those contractions.  Once your labor is over, you'll be amazed at the miracle that is You.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Crystal Skulls and The Collective Heart: There's a Rhythm I can Dance to...

I was at a very special gathering the other day -- the opportunity of which seemed to pop up out of nowhere. (well, if you can call an email "nowhere." ) Then came the synchronicity that told me I really needed to not miss this one.  "Pancho" the crystal skull, was showing up at the home of a friend, and we had been invited to come over and experience this high frequency celestial transmitter.

The evening before, when gathered at a restaurant with friends and speaking of this coming event, Linda Star Wolf told a fascinating story about a different crystal skull.  The synchronicity pointing me to "Pancho" occurred when another woman showed up in the middle of the story and whispered the name of that skull in Star Wolf's ear with no knowledge of what we had been talking about, but because she had had a powerful experience with a shamanic Reiki symbol of the same name earlier in the day.   That clinched any ambivalence I might have had about leaving my house and going the few miles down the road to meet "Pancho."

True to my nature, as soon as I found out that "Pancho" was arriving later than expected, I decided I could be later still.  I'm one of those folks that will do much better once time really collapses;  it is simply not in me to be aware of clocks -- I hate to rush, and like to mosey gently through my day, paying attention to my inner rhythms.  This quality can serve me well in terms of living a relaxing life, and serve me poorly in terms of missing things or passing them up because I like keeping my schedule uncluttered.  Pancho was due to arrive in the late afternoon -- thankfully, an ideal time for me.

Since I was late, I missed the story about how how Pancho had come to his "keeper," Mario Bojorquez, the man now bringing him around the world.  I did get to hear though that this skull had been authenticated and learned Mario had inherited this skull from his family in Mexico.  Once in his possession, he went through a profound spiritual awakening. Pancho is not the skull's true name, but rather the mundane name used as he travels around to help people shift their frequency, simply by being in his presence.  He is from a family of skulls making their way into our awareness left for us by our ancient star being ancestors and buried for millenniums until humanity could get to an evolutionary place where we could utilize this energy to transform our Planet with love.  The skull had two sets of 9 teeth, which Mario believes symbolizes the 9th, and final, Wave of the Mayan Calendar (the Universal Underworld that started March 9th and will end on October 28th.) when the world would have evolved enough to be able to value and utilize the gifts Pancho has for us. .

I could feel Pancho's high vibrational energy as soon as I walked into the house, and when it was my turn to hold him, I could feel my third eye being deeply activated.   From what we were told, the crystal would provide us with what we needed... people noted its quartz essence shifting colors from pink, to smokey, to purple, aligning with the chakras it felt called to attune.  It looked pretty purple to me as I was sitting with it.

After a while, Mario determined that we were an advanced enough group to learn, chant and tone Pancho's Spirit name, and then go into a meditation where we went back into our ancient selves to find what we wished to put into this very special transmitter for the part it would play in our current planetary shift.   For me the message was "I love you" which morphed into  "Spread love"  "Love for all"... that kind of thing.  And since I had already wanted to blog about the Collective Heart this week, that seemed a fitting phrase to show up.  After all, this is the essence of our planetary transformation.  This is the core of our ascension to living in a 5D reality on Planet Earth.  When our hearts are truly healed and fully open, we embrace the Unity of all things... it is just a natural progression.

These crystal skulls seem to have originated from our 5D and 6D ancestors who were both aware of the information recording, storing and disseminating abilities of quartz crystal and of the need to use a large enough and unique enough crystal that once it was unearthed, it would immediately be seen as important.  

It is explained like this on Pancho's website:

"Rather than storing precious information for mankind in an ordinary piece of quartz that could have been lost in time, the ancients chose to store their wisdom in a receptacle shaped like a human head. These would be used in many rituals and ceremonies, and passed down from generation to generation. In the same way that our human skull protects and holds the brain, a crystal skull is a mind-like container that holds a generational library of knowledge - from ancient history to a blueprint of possible futures." 

Pancho is smiling, and thus he is associated with the high frequency of joy.  What brings us true joy is a loving heart... this is where joy resides; this is where joy emanates from. Which brings me, through a very round-about path, to what I was called to write about -- the Collective Heart of humanity.

The Collective Heart is going through an amazing metamorphosis. While of course, there are many wounded souls that are still living from their egos, there are now huge numbers of us that have shifted into being heart-, and therefore spirit-directed.  Millions of us are healing our old wounds from childhood and our collective wounds from antiquity, and we are spreading a new and beautiful consciousness on Planet Earth.  The frequency of this consciousness is literally shaking our world off its axis, subtly aligning it with Galactic Center and opening up vast potential for us to fully step into our multi-dimensional nature.  We are the 5D and 6D beings that programmed Pancho, and we are simultaneously the 3D beings unearthing him and the rest of his crystal skull family.  We are aligning our heartbeats with the heartbeat of Mother Earth and the heartbeat of all of the Universe.  We are all dancing to this magical rhythm and it is propelling us into a New Age, a Golden Age where as the song suggests "peace will guide the planets, and LOVE will rule the stars...."  (Okay... couldn't help it.)  Brother and Sister Earth-lings/Star-lings, I love you and I hold you all in my heart.

For those of you who have wished me well in pushing through my "blogger's block..."  Thank you all.  It seems to be working, not quite as quickly as I would like... but working nonetheless.  And thank you, Pat "SheeWho" Cummins, who, when I was whining this morning, about not being done yet with this blog, reminded me "it shouldn't be a burden, but a passion."   Now there's a some wisdom to live by.  Yet another way we can lighten our hearts, and bring more joy into our collective field.

Sunday, July 31, 2011

More Mind (and Mind-less) Meanderings

I have blogger's block it seems.  nothing immediately comes through for what to write about this week.  I'm aware that we are finishing up a moon cycle today which began on July 1st with a new moon and powerful eclipse.  And within a day, all the plans I had for this lunar cycle shifted, and I've never quite been able to retrieve them.  Is this blogger's block connected?

And what does this have to do with my multidimensional being?  In listening to a Hand Clow interview last week, I heard Barbara say that we really had to keep expecting the unexpected:  to stay in fluidity and listen to our 8D Guidance and be willing to change plans at the last minute.  Always good advice of course. On an inner level this helps us let go of the rigid old paradigm beliefs we are all carrying.  I have a lot of Virgo in my astrological chart and I enjoy an orderly life.  So there's an illusion and old belief that is beginning to crumble.  I am being asked to learn how I can make my life work whether it is orderly or not.

The interviewer, Jim Self, another teacher and healer, spoke often of time collapsing as we near the end of the calendar.  He noted that all of our memories are being altered.  It is taking everyone longer to remember the past, even the immediate past like what we had for dinner last night.  (OK, my mind is very linear about food and I'm easily remembering the sauteed trout with brown basmati rice and vegetables from our garden.  But I do get his point.)  He feels that this is part of our old beliefs dissolving and of finding ourselves more and more in present moment.

To prove his point, each new moon I write out some intentions to complete during the cycle.  One of the intentions for this last cycle was to let go of self-defeating beliefs about my work.  Apparently I set about that one immediately after the July 1st new moon, since I just found a note card where I had written these limited beliefs down. Not only did I forget I had done this, but when I read over those beliefs, they seemed light years from how I was thinking about things now... yet they were written only 27 or so days ago.  Now it seems I have a whole different set of beliefs to work with.

The most important piece that I gleaned from this interview is that we are collectively shifting our relationship to 4D, which means that we are shifting our relationship to the Collective Mind since 4D holds the Collective Mind.  In the past, we have been controlled by these collective beliefs and the more of us who bought into these beliefs and the more frequently this occurred, the less we were using our own creative potential and the easier it was for the power elite to manipulate us.  Even when we knew these beliefs to be untrue, beliefs for instance like we are all sinners and therefore unworthy, we often found ourselves still operating as if they were and therefore never truly connected with our Selves.  In turn, we never empowered ourselves to step into full Co-Creation.

While many of us have worked with these self-defeating beliefs for decades and have transformed them reasonably well, the Collective Mind has not fully transformed.  This is what currently is in great flux:  there is a collective clearing of  "Who we are not" as a species.   You might want to start with phrase  "who I am not,"and journal on it.  This will move you more intensely into who you are.  When we really know who we are, we are no longer "controllable"  If you remember some blogs back, when I wrote about the old pyramidal structures collapsing, embracing who we really are, embracing our powerful multidimensional nature, is the driving force behind that collapse because it activates unlimited resourcefulness within us.

It gets a bit more complicated however.  The Oneness movement on this planet is huge right now.  It is part of our entry point into our collective Ascension.  What we understand from this concept of Oneness (or if you prefer, non-dualism) is that everything we are not, we also are.  (Is your left brain going crazy from this yet?) But using the other, even more important entry portal, that of our hearts, allows us to release attachment to this untrue-self, or cultural self, to integrate and therefore neutralize its energy.  Everything we are and everything we are not, is a manifestation of the Divine, since everything is energy.  But if we want to create a New Earth based on higher consciousness and love, we need to stop feeding "who we are not."  Instead, we need to breathe more life into our true expression.  As we do this, we bring in our ka bodies more fully and an unstoppable vibration rolls out from us and aligns us with whole new frequencies and thins the collective 4D muck, so more and more high vibrational light shines through.  This in turn allows us to connect with all 9 dimensions of ourselves... we become a very different species living on a very different planet.

Okay.  Can't say I feel the blogger's block fully gone, but the words are on the page, and a few days have passed.  We are now being activated by this Leo new moon.  Here's our opportunity to be imbued with courage, creativity and heart-centered awarenesses, and if that's not enough for you, today, July 31st, we begin Day 5 of the Universal Underworld on the Mayan Calendar.  Watch for what buds are developing within you because within weeks, these will begin to flower.  I'll probably write about it then, that is if I can remember.