Saturday, March 26, 2011

New Levels of Consciousness, the New Earth and the Great Blue Heron --

As my husband Dennis and I were having dinner last night, I looked out the french door I was facing, and saw 2 blue herons, high up in the sky, flying in our direction.  We both jumped up, and got out to our deck just as the birds approached.  Initially one heron was behind the other by some distance, but as we watched them, they began to fly in closer proximity to each other, and then when they were directly overhead, they circled together one time to let us really connect with them before they headed off to complete their journey. 

Something magical seemed to happen.  I was left with this strange and uplifted feeling.  It felt like a multi-dimensional meld that I cannot clearly explain.  It was subtle, but it left me with a deeper realization that everything we see is working in several dimensions at one time. 

We have been taught to limit our perception.   And it is only when we shed this conditioning, that we can begin to feel the multi-dimensional energies that are inherent in all of our reality.  When we are tuned into these energies, two important things occur:  first, we cannot help but see things from a big picture perspective, and second, we stand in our sovereignty.  It is no longer possible to have our belief system or our perceptions controlled by outside forces.  It is no longer possible to convince us that we are less than the wondrous beings we have been encoded to become.

The color blue, and therefore blue birds and bird sounds in general, are directly connected with the 7th dimension.  Sound vibrations are formed in 7D from 8D light, and they make their way down to create 6D geometry which then replicates, when we collectively allow it, in 3D.  It was as if those blue herons carried a multi-dimensional ley line with them that went directly into me and confirmed in a deeper way, how everything is interconnected. 

There's more.  When I went to look up birds in The Pleiadian Agenda (an earlier book written by Barbara Hand Clow than the Alchemy of Nine Dimensions which I usually cite), I found the information in a section entitled:  "A Higher Dimensional View of Radioactivity".  This book was written in the 90's, but the synchronicity going on now did not escape me.

A few blog posts ago I wrote about how we had entered the 9th and final wave of the Mayan calendar on March 10th and that the planet Uranus moved into the sign of Aries on March 12th.  I related these events to the earthquake/tsunami/nuclear power plant explosions which occurred on that day and is now putting radiation into our atmosphere.  The wind,  the sea and international travel assure us radiation will impact the globe and ultimately show up here in our food and water supply.  As I was trying to make multi-dimensional sense of my connection with the blue herons, I inadvertently found that in the 90's Hand Clow was channeling information that radiation and how we deal with it, is an important part of our evolution and the planetary ascension process.  It was in the same section that spoke of blue birds and their connection to 7D.  That got my attention.

Radiation, according to Hand Clow, has the power to pollute not just our physical bodies, but our emotional bodies.  She sees this as part of the big picture, the multi-dimensional story of  human development.  From her perspective, the intelligences of 1D asked to be exposed to all elements which included radiation.  Radiation is non-toxic in some dimensions but clearly toxic in 3D and thus for humans.  She also suggests there are 4th dimensional beings that had/have an investment in humans being controlled and un-awakened... and that a power elite on our planet is committed to carrying out this 4D agenda.   Radiation, by getting lodged in our physical and emotional bodies can create chaos that keeps us stuck in the old paradigm.  BUT, and to me this is the most important part, the emotional pollution and physical toxicity of radiation can and will be transmuted through opening our hearts; through love.  

Too fantastic you might say.  Perhaps.  But as I do my best to watch as events unfold, this begins to make sense to me.  For the last 10 or 15 years, there have been a plethora of healers and teachers around the globe teaching people to connect with their hearts.  And many of us have been doing this independently of each other.  For the last several decades, much of psychotherapy has been helping people to clear their emotional bodies.  When our emotional bodies are clear, we can honor all emotions, letting them flow through us in non-harmful ways, and ultimately radiate pure love.

It is now time for this to happen on a larger level.  It is the time for the collective awakening.  As we transmute this internal and external toxicity with love, we begin to unleash amazing forces of creativity which can lead us to equally amazing solutions.  Did we have to cause this level of pain and pollution for new consciousness to arise?  I have no answer for that... but since this pain and pollution is here, we are being guided on how to use it for positive ends.

Take a moment and go to your hearts.  Perhaps rub your hands together first and place them over your heart chakra.  Just let the energy around your heart melt... relax...release.   Let all the old unhealed wounds and fears that have been lodged there, fall away... just for now... and fill your hearts with Divine love.  Breathe that love in and breathe it out.   Bathe yourself first in this love, and then send it out to everyone and everything on our planet.  See all those you care about bathed in this love.  Let it spread to more and more people and larger and larger areas until it is everywhere.  See how it dissolves the old painful energies and opens us up to new clear energy. 

(My friend Charla Hermann loves to create this play-on-words as she teaches ways to create global healing and transmute nuclear energy.)

If you think this is all for the birds, you couldn't be more correct.  

Keep that love flowing, and remember kelp supplements help neutralize radiation in your physical body.  Doesn't hurt to have all bases covered.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Planet Falling Apart? Let's go to 6D and bring in the KA body of the Earth

The other day in my morning practice, as I was holding the awareness of myself as a 9D vertical axis of love, I got a flash of how we can heal the Earth by bringing in its Ka body.  After all, if my sense of well-being depends on my ka being in or out, that should be equally true for our planet. If everything we can conceive of has its geometric configuration residing in 6D, a perfected version of Planet Earth must be residing there as well.  Remember 6D geometry replicates in 3D.  So what is stopping the Earth's ka from replicating in a noticeable way in this earth dimension?  And how can we help change things to facilitate this process?

When my ka is out, or not fully activated in my field, it is because I am running resistant energy that keeps it from making its full connection.  Perhaps I am scared, or sad or angry and not quite aligned with those emotions, so my energy is out of sync.  Perhaps my ego is running outside of my control, unable to quiet itself for the Divine to enter.  To change this, I need to notice what is happening.  If I'm paying attention, I'll notice this rather quickly, if I'm not, I may need to start feeling bad before I realize that the hand of consciousness is tapping me on the shoulder.  How bad it has to get is totally up to me.  The sooner I wake up, the sooner I will feel better.  This brings the obvious question:  how bad does it have to get for enough people on our planet to wake up?  And how can we do our part?

When I realize my ka is out, I start taking some deep centering breaths.  I focus on quieting and disengaging from my ego.  Then I go to my heart center and call my ka body back in.  This is an energetic process.  I essentially have to create a loving space and then magnetize my ka to come fully into resonance with me.

Why not the same process for the Earth?  First we need to notice our disconnection.  We've been getting signals about this for eons.  They have intensified in the last several decades.  And now, with the events that have been unfolding in Japan in the last week, they've gotten just about as clear as they can get.  Of course we can always choose to stay in our denial, but it's not what I would recommend.

Let's take a deep collective breath and get centered.  As we take that deep breath, create a conscious intention to breathe both as an individual, and for the Earth.  Look at the ego-driven forces within ourselves and the ego-driven forces on our planet, and energetically calm them down.  Then let's go to our hearts and open them, first for ourselves for being willing to disengage from our egoic needs, and then for Mother Earth to let her know how much we love and appreciate her.  Let her know how sorry we are that she has suffered so much at our hands.  Imagine our Earth right in the middle of our hearts... maybe you can see yourself as holding that full 9D axis when you do this...  so that you have become vast.  Let's hold her in our hearts, love her unconditionally and see the energy field around her clearing so that her ka can enter.  This is a way for us to let her know that we recognize her sacred energy...and that we will get out of her way so she can resonate more fully with her ka body.

We need to do this as well for all the fear that is coming up on the planet.  Imagine holding that fear in our vast hearts and soothing it and calming it.  It is not fear that will change our world, it is love and the commitment to stay conscious that will bring about global transformation.  Hold the frequency of love, hold the frequency of peace, hold the frequency of abundance and creativity.  And remember the more of us that do this, the stronger those mists grow in 6D and the closer we come to living on a spiritually awakened/ spiritually connected planet.

I will hold you all in my heart today as I hold our Mother Earth. 

No funny tag-line on this one.  Rather I'll share the lyrics to a song my husband wrote and wooed me with 32 years ago.  If only we had listened then.

Well I'd go to sleep at dusk
And I'd get up at dawn,
If it would only keep you from turning that nuclear power plant on.
I don't need a stereo, don't need no TV. 
Don't need no atom making electricity for me.

Nuclear radiation, atomic mutation,
It's in our air, Its in our bones.
Not going to be like those dust bowl days,
Gonna be a radiation haze
Getting on you and me...."  

The alarm is going off, time to wake on up.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

It's Unity Consciousness Time: Let's Put Humpty Back Together Again

Yesterday Uranus moved into the sign of Aries, increasing the intensity of revolutionary and evolutionary energy coming onto our planet and into our 3D reality.  Uranus is also squaring the planet Pluto which rules atomic energy and represents profound and often explosive forces of transformation.  Two days earlier, we moved into the 9th and final wave of the Mayan calendar -- the pinnacle of a billion year evolutionary process:  Earth has been prepared for and now is finally moving into Unity Consciousness. 

So what did you expect?  An Earthquake?  A Tsunami?  Explosions at a nuclear power plant?   (The Divine with a wicked sense of humor?)  In our hearts, if we are able to look within, we know these are only external manifestations of what is going on in the collective unconscious and what is going on in each of our psyches. 

I think of the Yeats' poem  "The Second Coming" (one of the great poems of the 20th century):

 "Turning and turning in the widening gyre, the falcon cannot hear the falconer;  things fall apart, the center cannot hold... And what rough beast, its hour come at last, slouches toward Bethlehem to be born?" 

The center is not holding.  Nature is totally out of whack. The great Fibonacci spiral, a spiral that is replicated over and over again in nature, (conch shells being an easy reference point) and which spins time and reality out of galactic center in 9D is spinning our world apart for this great transformation to occur.  The hour has come at last, and we are both the beast and the Messiah. 

We need to embrace this earthquake, this tsunami, this nuclear explosion.  We need to feel it inside of us.  This is the power of Earth, Water and Fire spinning out of control and pleading with us to bring balance.  It asks us to bring forth the element of Air:  New Vision, Aquarian and humanitarian ideals... this is the way we will heal our world.  We need to collect all the fragmented pieces, all the power and pain, and hold them in our hearts bathing them in love and acceptance, and knowing in the deepest reaches of our souls that we can make this transformation happen;  we can birth this New Earth.

Remember we are truly One with all that is, whether we are able or willing to admit this to ourselves.   We are so much larger than our physical bodies.  We are beings that hold within us 9 dimensions of consciousness reaching from the core of Mother Earth to the heart of the Milky Way.  We are vast and we can do this: we can put Humpty back together. 

The patriarchy model that tells us "some great King or our great Father in the sky" will fix it for us, is over. We will fix it ourselves through love, through consciousness.  Together we will hold all the polar forces, all the fears and the pain and the grief... we will hold this and our Earth in our hearts and redeem our planet.

If your life and/or your beliefs are toppling, remember that's just part of the process.  Love yourself for the experience and plant your feet firmly in the core of the Earth.

Not that I mean to egg you on or anything. ...Remember when life hands you a broken egg, make an omelet.  ...Time to break out of that old shell.  Okay okay, I'll stop, but just for now.

Friday, March 4, 2011

Dumb As Rocks -- Digging into the Mysteries of 2D

I had no idea I'd be blogging on 2D today.  I wasn't even sure I'd be blogging though I've set weekly deadlines for myself, and this week's was coming up, nothing was really grabbing me.  Since I've been studying multi-dimensional theory, I've said often that it is 2D (the second dimensional telluric realm) that is most difficult for me to connect with.  And I imagined it would be one of the last dimensions I would write about.

Then, while I was sitting at my dining room table wondering if I would ever get down to business and write, I heard the phrase "dumb as rocks" pop up in my brain.  It wasn't a personal message from the cranky old judge in my psyche, since questioning my intelligence is not one of my issues, so it was clear to me that this message was about our collective relationship with the 2D realm.  I began to ponder that phrase and wondered why we have maligned and disempowered the rocks, those magical gems that sit just beneath the Earth's crust. 

These days it is fairly common knowledge that stones have healing and protective properties.  The computer I'm writing this on and the computer you are reading this on would not operate if it wasn't for the quartz crystal inside it.  Precious metals (also part of the 2D realm) have been known to have healing powers are well.  And yet, we have been "educated" to disconnect from the power and intelligence that lies just under our feet.

The piece that was missing for me, until I decided to look over my notes on 2D from Barbara Hand Clow's work, was the awareness that it is the magnetic force within the rocks and stones, that pulls down higher dimensional intelligence, and then emits that information, if we are aligned enough to hear.  Remember 2D gave rise to our being in 3D physical form:  its elements are the stuff we're made of,  and so it is easy for us to integrate information from 2D because of our natural affinity, unless we are trained to ignore this. 

Indigenous people had an easy and reciprocal relationship with 2D intelligences.  Alchemy and geomancy (the realm where human consciousness meets and dialogues with the Spirit of the Earth -- really the basis of feng shui) were universally understood ways to blend the spiritual and the material to access higher consciousness and harmony.  I'll let you form your own theories why it is that the stronger the patriarchy became, the more we used culture (and, of course, religion) to teach us to stay disconnected from our multi-dimensional potential.  But it is clearly the time to reclaim our connection.

The connection to the 2D realm is most powerful at the new moon when the 9D vertical axis transmits higher dimensional consciousness directly into the earth .  Today the new moon is in Pisces an especially sensitive, telepathic sign.  So I will gather a few of the more powerful stones I've placed around my study and see if they are holding any messages they wish me to share:

As I sit holding a very special crystal that I often used as a talking stick in my spiritual groups, I'm hearing that we are in yet another point of powerful activation in our evolution:  right here; right now, especially at this new moon.  The crystals are not only pulling in higher information, but now we are at a place in our development when we can begin to receive this at a cellular level... it is activating and changing our DNA.

Hand Clow wrote that we are ultimately shifting from being a carbon-based species to a silica based species.  This is happening because more high frequency waves from the 9th Dimension are bombarding 2D.  It is the rocks and stones that magnetize these waves.  3D form is made up of 2D elements.  With the telluric realms now exploding with this new frequency, this is seeping into our DNA structure.  I cannot give you clear information on the biology of this, but what I can tell you is that our ability to collect and process multi-dimensional information is increasing 20-fold because our genetic structure is now able to transmit higher consciousness information through our cells.  I think that's the difference between being carbon-based vs silica-based:  our ability to hold high levels of information increases exponentially:  our capacity for "inner knowing" goes through a profound expansion.

So tell your cells to open up to the gifts from 2D today, spend some time sitting with your sacred stones, and notice how you feel.  Notice what images, impressions and phrases arise within you.  And from now on if someone tells you, "you're as dumb as rocks," thank them for the complement.