Friday, September 23, 2011

High Speed Light and our Multidimensional Nature

I'm excited and somewhat reignited.  As I sit here on this Autumn Equinox trying to keep my inner self as balanced as the light and the dark, the yin and the yang is on this particular day of the year, physicists have begun to prove that there is light that can travel faster than 186,282 miles per second, defying all that has been believed about 3rd dimensional reality.

As you can imagine, there are many scientists who are pretty upset.  The sacred cow that their beliefs about reality have been based on has just been roasted and feasted upon. Most are quite sure this experiment will be refuted.  I, on the other hand, am not.  This is the beginning of moving mainstream science into the multidimensional realm.  Einstein was brilliant in explaining and "proving" the deeper laws of 3D.  He helped us make an evolutionary leap out of Newtonian physics into quantum physics... but this was in 1905. To believe in the limits of his theory, will someday appear as silly as believing that the Earth is flat.  (Okay there still are some folks believing the Earth is flat, which teaches us a profound truth about "belief.")

Barbara Hand Clow gives a compelling argument in Alchemy of Nine Dimensions, for the existence of at least 3 speeds that light can travel; these speeds being dependent on which dimension the light is travelling in.  She suggests that light travels at one speed in 1D - 3D (186,282 miles per second), at a faster speed in the 4th through the 6th dimension and at an even faster speed in 7D through 9D.

How can it not?  This is all about vibrational frequency.  It makes no sense to me that there should be a limit on how fast energy can vibrate.  And light is simply a physical manifestation of energy.  If cells vibrate faster than 186,282 miles a second, they become invisible in 3D.  But just because we can't see them doesn't mean they no longer exist, and apparently now it doesn't mean that we can no longer measure how fast they are travelling.

The particular multidimensional messenger in this most recent experiment is a sub-atomic particle called a neutrino.  According to the internet article, neutrinos are odd slivers of an atom that have puzzled physicists for decades because they won't conform to the rules. These rebel particles like to do things their own way despite the often rigid behavioral expectations of the scientists who have studied them.  (Now there's a sub-atomic particle I want to make friends with.)

There was an earlier experiment in 2007 that came up with the same results, but it turned out their methods were open to question and therefore their findings were not taken seriously.  This latest experiment was conducted in one of the world's foremost laboratories and they have been very careful.  Of course, until this type of experiment has been replicated several times, it will still remain controversial.  I love the quote of one of the skeptical scientists who said these findings were like saying flying carpets existed!!  Ah ye of limited imagination.

So what does this really mean for us Earthlings?  For me there are two important points here.  One is that science is catching up to metaphysical truth and showing us once again that faith and scientific method can reveal the same thing.  It's the left brain finally understanding what our right brain knows intuitively.  (Perfect for the last equinox in the last year of the 16.5 billion years of the Mayan calendar.)  And two, it opens the possibility that the idea that our planet ascending into the fifth dimension, which I plan to write more about in forthcoming blogs, will ultimately be shown scientifically, and I'm betting, in my lifetime.

Whenever we have been challenged to put aside our cherished collective beliefs, great change has occurred.  Typically those who have challenged those beliefs have been imprisoned, beheaded, burned at the stake, sold into slavery, run out of town -- but I don't think that's going to happen this time, (and in all fairness, it didn't happen to Einstein).  Still, no matter how poorly we might have treated the messengers in the past, the paradigm shifted due to their contribution.

It is no longer possible for those of us on planet Earth to stay within the old limited beliefs about the nature of reality.  Our encoded DNA is bursting forth.  We know at some deep level that we are vaster than our 3-dimensional models have allowed... way vaster... at least 9 dimensions vaster.  Our consciousness knows no bounds.  What we are now beginning to realize little by little, is that our cellular structure also is not limited to physical laws of 3D. A neutrino can travel faster than the speed of light.  They are part of cells just like electrons are.  Why wouldn't we have neutrinos as part of our cells just like we have electrons and neutrons. Obviously I'm no physicist, but it makes sense to me that if a part of our cellular structure can travel outside the bounds of 3-dimensional laws, we are going to be finding out some pretty amazing things about our own DNA and what this means.

The rebel part of me that won't conform to expected behavior wants to say "duh! This is
like running experiments to find out what the best way was to catch mice, which they did some years back, and discovering it was to have a cat." But while I love and honor my rebel self, it is not always the best source of wisdom.  There are evolved beings on this planet that have remained in indigenous culture:  the Aborigines, Maoris, the Dogan tribe in Africa, many of the Native American tribes in North, Central and South America.  They can move into multidimensional consciousness because they have highly developed right brains, but they are not able to translate their knowledge to most people living in "developed" countries... countries filled with people who have developed their left brains and the technological gains which have ensued, but have been taught not to trust the wisdom of their right brains.  We, in those "techno" cultures need science to back up magic, to back up the reality that we are multidimensional beings capable of living in several dimensions simultaneously.

As usual, the Universe is providing.  And I am feeling really grateful to be alive at a time where I have a front row seat to this amazing show.

Monday, September 19, 2011

More "Time-ly" Ramblings

If time, as we know it, stops at the end of the Mayan Calendar (10/28/11 for those of us that like the calculations of Carl Johan Calleman), then I, for one, can't wait!  Of course the whole idea of waiting or not waiting, "wait" or "can't wait" is all about our outdated concept of time.

I've been in frequent duress these days about time:  its speeding, its slowing, its passing. I'm even remembering my early grade school report cards that had a category:  "Makes good use of time"  ... seems like that was the one marked "N" for "needs improvement." What did those teachers know about time speeding up and a 16.4 billion year cycle ending?  Still, those "time" injunctions remain in my psyche and I frequently notice my belief that I deserve "time out" for not feeling as if I have enough time to enjoy time, utilize time, stretch time and even waste time.

It's beginning to feel like my life is timed:  I don't mean those large cycles like birth and death, but rather like a game where they turn the timer on and if you don't go fast enough, you lose.  Getting older doesn't help, although a few days ago I came up with what I thought was a brilliant reframe for that.  Instead of thinking that since I was in my mid-60's, I was running out of time, I decided, (and you are all more than welcome to decide with me,) that people in my age group are only halfway through adulthood.  HA... maybe even less of the way for those of us that didn't seem to grow up until we were near 40.  Think of it this way. If my lifespan is going to last well into my 90's and I must admit, I'm quite sure that it will, than I am barely half way through.  I still have plenty of time to get good at this adulthood thing.  Anyway, that was a comforting thought for a minute (note the clock reference) but as soon as more time passed, so did that comfort.

My life is actually much less on a time schedule than most people in our culture.  I don't have to get up at a certain time, except the time I set in my own head. I don't have to be anywhere at a certain time, except if I decide to schedule appointments. I don't have to finish by any time except for my own timelines.  Is this insanity with time just the death throes of left brain civilization?  Once I surrender, will this all just melt away like a Salvador Dali clock?  I can be out of time if I would just take the time to figure it out.  And that double-entendre wasn't lost on me, although I feel like I'm losing time just thinking about it.

When we are in multidimensional consciousness, we really are out of time (or outside of linear time for a more descriptive way to put it.)  Think about those deep meditations, those wonderful Yoga retreats, those Shamanic Breathwork experiences, those psychedelic experiences of our youth (well maybe just my youth): time stops, time stretches, time goes away, time doesn't exist, and best of all, time doesn't matter.  We stop worrying about doing, about achieving, about posting our blog (well maybe just my blog), writing those book proposals (well maybe just my book proposals), and we just get to be.  We enter the Now.  And inside that Now, life can live itself.

When we are stuck in 3D time/space co-ordinates, it's a whole different life-game.  It took me until I was 50 to realize that I was always running late because I wasn't factoring in the time it took to travel from one place to the other. Once I got the very elementary concept that in 3D it takes time to transverse space (only took 6 decades this lifetime around), my timeliness improved greatly...  But did that improve my relationship with time?  Only in 3D.  My ego gave me an 'A' for getting that lesson but that has nothing to do with my ability or lack of, to be in the flow of time. 

Then we have the 4D drama that rolls in when we struggle (ok, when I struggle) with time.  Those "not-going-fast-enough" demon archetypes that adore grabbing hold of us humans.  "HA HA" they say, shimmering with delight "Look at those goofy 3D beings spinning themselves into a tizzy about not going fast enough, jumping high enough... hee hee hee... let's prod them again with our electric time rods and watch them freak out."  So lately, I’ve provided much entertainment for those 4D time-demons.

Now that time has passed since I began to write this blog post, I’m tempted not to give it the time of day.  But perhaps the Universe is asking us all to do this assignment -- thinking and listing every cultural cliché we have about time as preparation for entering into timelessness.  Of course, thinking and listing every cultural cliché would take up way too much time.

Remember that time waves are spun out of 9D.  And since 9D spun out the Mayan Calendar, I don’t imagine it’s intending to stop spinning at the end of October.  So what is it going to create for us?  That might be worth taking the time to ponder.  And if we understand that we are all One, then we hold that 9D consciousness that will be doing the time-spinning...we will be creating the next great time cycle, ready or not.

For now however, you might want to repeat after me:  "I have plenty of time"  "All in due time" "There’s no time like the present"  "There's no time in the present"  May we all succeed at just being present, and remember to have a good time.

Farewell for now, fellow Earthlings.  I'm just hoping I have time to post this today.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Oh Blue Star Kachina, You trickster You.

Okay for those of you who haven't heard, scientists think that Comet Elenin is disintegrating and is, at this point, no longer a comet. Hearing this news was a bit of a shock for me.  In the last blog, I had a conversation with Elenin, a fascinating conversation where I was given a strong awareness of the energetic functions comets can play for us and in particular what the purpose of this comet, that I believed to be the Blue Star Kachina, was.  Now with this new information, all sorts of doubts arose for me.

Was this just my imagination?  Why did I get the message to talk to Elenin in the first place, (that's not typical of the intuitive messages I get) and why, when I checked in with Elenin, was it so easy?  Is this all illusion?  Am I writing incorrect information?  Do I have too many rigid opinions that need to get kicked around a bit?  Once I got this new information, I tried to check in with the comet again, but to no avail.

Then as I was going on my daily walk up the mountain, a thought came through that kachinas were associated with coyote medicine or tricksters.  I wasn't sure about this, and certainly didn't want to risk putting forth any more potential "dis-information".  When I got back, I checked the internet to learn that kachinas were often seen as twins of coyote, (noted for their wily jokes and games) and both had a  connection with trickster energy. Well that was a relief!  Or at least it gives me a plausible explanation.

Still this leaves more questions than answers.  If you look at the photos of Elenin after it disintegrated some, you can see its blue-ness much more vividly.  It looked just like I would imagine the Blue Star Kachina should look.  So does that mean that Elenin is the Blue Star Kachina, and our consciousness reached a point where it no longer had to keep heading in this direction?  Does it mean that all we need now is the fragments of Elenin which left small bursts of its energy around for us as a reminder?   Yes, of course, I would like to think that.  But the reality is I don't know.

This morning when I woke up, all I could remember from my dreams was the color blue. This color remained in my mind's eye.  Then I realized it was a message about the Blue Star.  And after another moment, it dawned on me, it was a message about the Blue Star Kachina.  Next the awareness came that the color in my dream was the same color as the photos of Elenin  disintegrating...

So here I go, out on another limb.  I believe that former comet, Elenin, was the Blue Star Kachina of the prophesies, not here to forebode catastrophic harm to the planet (I never bought into that and anyway, we don't need any big cosmic signs to let us know how poorly we've treated Mother Earth and how she is now in desperate need of our loving attention, stewardship and healing), but to herald the new consciousness that is being activated in all of us.  ("For those with eyes to see, and ears to hear.")  I can feel in my heart that enough souls on the planet have shifted.  Despite all the environmental chaos, I strongly believe there is a positive planetary rebirth that will happen and is happening. Therefore, perhaps that wake-up call so many saw us needing, wasn't needed, at least not in dramatic comet form.

It amuses me that I couldn't connect with Comet Elenin after it disintegrated... but of course that is totally logical -- its essence has transformed and fragmented.  It is the trickster helping us (okay me) not hold on to rigid views of what this was all supposed to look like.  It also interests me that 3 of the friends that I immediately mentioned the comet's disintegration to, all had the same response.  "Good!"  They did not share my dilemma about whether Elenin was or wasn't the Blue Star kachina, but rather were relieved that this comet would bring no harm to the planet.

As I've gone through this process over the last week, what I realize is most important for me, and for humanity as a whole, is not that this gets figured out, but instead to remember that we access our multidimensional potential through opening our heart, through activating unconditional love for ourselves and all other beings, which in turn, creates a frequency that aligns us with the 5th dimension.  For those of you who have been following this blog or in other ways familiarizing yourself with the 9D vertical axis that Hand Clow brought forth for us, you will see how unconditional love with its 5D frequency allows us to bi-pass 4D and its potential blockages.  When we are fully in the energy of unconditional love, our egos cannot keep us stuck in any 4D polarity.  We are released from attachments to all dramas that drain us, put us into victim consciousness and lower our frequency.  When we are in unconditional love, these dramas simply have no power over us.  We become automatically open to all higher dimensional parts of ourselves.

So the lesson here for me is clear.  It doesn't matter if Elenin is the Blue Star Kachina.  It only matters that I bathe myself and all I come in contact with, with as much unconditional love as possible, for it is only this that truly create the New Earth.

I'm also clear that should I have ever have the impulse to interview Elenin again, the only response I'll get is "No comet."

Keep opening your hearts brother and sister Earthlings, and just when you think they are open as far as they can be, open them even more.  And keep showering yourselves with love.  It helps us all.