Saturday, April 23, 2011

Journeying through My Mind... Trying to Align with the Divine

Woke up this morning feeling great, until that strange mechanism we call mind began to operate, telling me my blog was overdue and my presentation for next Friday not yet started, and my days packed with people and activities that weren't going to allow for much space to complete this all in.  Oh, but then those amazing birds that live in the trees outside my bedroom windows were singing and chirping and calling out to one another and I lost myself in their beautiful symphony, momentarily surrendering, before I foolishly called my mind back.  

As I languished in that momentary surrender, I thought about how those birds were activating the frequency of the 7th Dimension and my ears were bringing that resonance inside my body, and my body being mostly water, was then creating energy configurations within me that aligned with the sacred geometry of 6D. Ahhhhhhhh.  And, oh yes, how the hell was I going to get everything done I needed to get done?

Which got me thinking about time, and how time spirals out of the 9th Dimension, and how I don't claim to really understand what that means yet, except that it's connected with the Mayan calendar.  Still I've known for decades that what we call linear time is an illusion.  So maybe I don't have to worry about my lack of time after-all since that too would be an illusion.  

And isn't the 9th Dimension where God or The Divine resides, at least as much of the Divine as is needed to provide the Creative Force in our world and as much as we are able to glean at this point in our evolution?  And maybe I have the potential to get in perfect alignment with that energy.  God is not worried about getting His/Her blog done.   Or getting behind in Creation.  Maybe God can just chill and  enjoy the birds singing and go "tee hee" watching us humans in 3D thinking our deadlines are so darn important.

(Hmmmmm.  Dead-lines.  Now there's an interesting word.  Wonder what "dead-lines" look like in 6D. Safe to say, not an image I'd want to hang on my walls.)

The solution to my time "problem" is therefore easy... all I have to do is become God.  Or as those of us who label God as an old paradigm word prefer to say,  I need to align with the Divine.  (More tee hee-ing from 9D... and maybe a "duh!" or two... After all doesn't this blog writer offer a workshop on getting in Divine alignment... and hasn't she been teaching that one for almost 10 years? ... ho ho ho, those humans slay Me.)

The words are appearing magically before my eyes as my fingers push letters on my keyboard.  Now I know that I can take a deep breath, and smile in amazement.  Even when I think I'm up the Archetypal Stream (re: last week's blog) without a paddle, and even when Divine Connection seems to have skipped town, all I have to do is listen to the birds and know that somehow I hold the whole resonance of Creation within me.  I can just let that mind of mine settle down and stop its chatter, and something will bring itself forth.

And so it did. 

Happy Easter, and may you resurrect passion and creativity in all areas of your life.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

A plunge into the Archetypal Stream

These are magical times.  Sometimes the magic is light and inspiring:  you have a wish, thought, desire one moment and it manifests in the next;  you think of someone you care for and haven't heard from in a long time and suddenly the phone rings or an email pops up.  Sometimes the magic is dark and overwhelming:  an earthquake occurs and nuclear reactors melt and spew radiation into our air and water, and we know without question, we are being lied to and the environmental destruction is daunting and affects us all.

This current journey on Planet Earth calls us to stay more centered and loving than ever.  And, this is a tall task.  To stand in our personal power with loving hearts and a positive vision while all that we believed to be true is crumbling beneath our feet -- now that's something that can build character, evolve your soul and teach you how to walk through your daily life in a state of expanded consciousness, if you have the tools you need to navigate in this new territory.

Because the frequency of our planet is speeding up, our access to higher dimensional awareness is more open than ever, but an essential skill for all of us is to know how to handle 4th Dimension challenges .  Remember 4D is like a canopy over us and when light from the higher dimensions enters it, it splits into positive and negative poles.  There is nothing inherently wrong with that because polarity creates a dynamic energy that brings forth physical manifestation in 3D.  It's the yin/yang, the male/female energy that asks us to hold the energy of sacred union.  But when we we are not consciously holding this integration of opposites, we create duality by getting attached  to one pole or the other.  This creates negative emotional dramas that stress us, distract us, and can, if we are not careful, cause us to behave in ways that are harmful to ourselves, to others, and to our planet.  It's really important to learn how to release this attachment and instead to hold awareness in such a way that we allow the themes of these dramas to flow through us.

To give you a better understanding of 4D dramas that get enacted in 3D, we can look to the Greek gods and goddesses.  According to Hand Clow, these entities actually reside in 4D because all archetypes reside in 4D.  Greek mythology is full of bizarre dramas the Gods/Goddesses engaged in.  It is myths like these that give us important clues about 4D reality.  Archetypes have a force and consciousness but no human body so they like to get us to act out crazy plays for them, perhaps for their entertainment.  Conversely, we have bodies but without the archetypal realm, we would have no symbolic context to understand our nature, so we need these archetypes to better understand ourselves.  These forces reside within us as well, and it is our job to honor these forces without allowing them to do harm.

Many Indigenous cultures were able to stay in what Hand Clow refers to as the archetypal stream.  They created plays and other art forms that allowed these 4D forces to flow through them without turning destructive.  This is exactly what we have to learn to do in order to keep that magic working for rather than against us, both individually and collectively.

Learning self-observation, to view our emotions and emotional responses from a place of objectivity and non-reactivity is the key here.  Whenever we feel ourselves reacting, that's the sign we are getting hung up in the duality of 4D;  we're allowing those archetypes to mess with us.  So notice the signals you get.  An important signal for me is when there is a tightening or intensity in my solar plexus.  This is my sign to stop, to deep breathe and de-brief.  With the vibrational field of the planet speeding up, my experience is that I have to work ever-harder to release attachment to my emotional reactions.  Some days of course, are easier than others.

The technique of ho' oponopono is a useful one here:  it's both simple and remarkably powerful.  For those of you unfamiliar, one simply focuses on whatever is causing the internal discomfort be it fear or judgement, and say these words:  "I love you, I'm sorry, Please forgive me, Thank you."  This phrase has a neutralizing affect if you say it to yourself over and over again until the feeling releases. 

I find journaling works wonders for me.  Once I write the words on a page, it seems like those archetypal responses can flow right through me, freeing my energy and my heart.  Or you might want to say a prayer, meditate, hold a yoga asana:  whatever it takes for you to get free again.

So remember, the first step is awareness.  Begin to notice when these 4D forces are acting on you.  Then figure out which tools work best for you and USE them.  We will all be most grateful.

Friday, April 8, 2011

A Multi-Dimensional Perspective on Death

You might be wondering where last week's blog entry went as I usually post by the weekend.  And I certainly would have loved to, but I was travelling back to IL with my husband to visit my mother-in-law who, at 90, was recently diagnosed with a brain tumor and put in a nursing home.  My energy around these travels was focused on her and our family there.

It was an unexpectedly wonderful trip because my heart felt so open and so full, especially from connecting with my mother-in-law.  She has been through a huge amount in the last few months, and has transitioned to this facility with amazing surrender and wisdom.  She has kept a natural sense of dignity and humor;  very inspiring to those around her.

So what does this have to do with multi-dimensionality?  A few things.  First of all, my mother-in-law clearly modelled that one can get to a place in their life when they are no longer struggling with 4-D polarity issues.  And while this was not a woman to have negative dramas in general, I think that now more than ever before, her heart is open and she is being given unconscious access to higher dimensions.  Her ka seems pretty much "in" even though she has never heard the word or the concept.  And she has a peaceful glow around her much of the time.

Part of her open-heartedness is due, no doubt, to the influx of love that came from her children, grandchildren and great grandchildren.  She was emanating the open-heart energy that comes directly from 5D. And it is exactly what we need most now in our world if we are going to be able to not just physically survive, but thrive in the present paradigm shift on our planet:  a great collective cycle of death and rebirth.

My mother-in-law is not likely to stay in her body much longer.  She's in hospice care and although there is nothing about her right now that suggests she's immediately ready to turn in her body and head out for the Spirit World, if she made it for another year, that would be quite remarkable.

So this has got me thinking.  What happens multi-dimensionally when we pass?  Once out of our body, we clearly wouldn't have access to the first 3 dimensions.  This means that we would no longer be functioning on the 9D vertical axis.   I also think that once we really leave our 3D form behind, the polar energies of 4D wouldn't be operative.  (My friend and colleague Anyaa McAndrew thinks we have to pass through 4D as part of the bardo experience, and perhaps that is true, but if so, it seems only a passing through.) 

As I flip through Michael Newton's wonderful book Destiny of Souls (which I read with great excitement and focus some years ago), I see that what appears to happen multi-dimensionally before birth and after death, is that we take on the frequency of our light bodies.  He talks about the soul's inter-dimensional travels, and from his case studies he's collected by regressing people through hypnosis to pre-birth experiences, I sense after physical death, we may well find ourselves travelling both in the 6th and the 8th dimension.  (Not sure about the 7th, but certainly that might be part of it.)

It seems once we leave our bodies, we ascend pretty quickly into our 6th dimensional ka body.  We have left our ego and our physical form behind, and what is left of us is that purity of essence, but still individuated.  6D is a mental level of awareness, created by a higher speed of light than operates in the first 3 dimensions. There is still some sense of physical form so the soul is able to recognize others and be recognized by others.   Even though our human body no longer exists, our mind is able to project 3D-type images onto our 6D energetic configurations. 

Then there are the Councils of Elders that Newton's subjects describe, who seem very much like the Beings of Light in 8D.  8D creates Divine order as well, (it has been referred to by Hand Clow as being home to the "Galactic Federation), so it is interesting that Newton found before each new incarnation, a soul would appear before a Council that helped the soul choose what lessons, challenges and contracts they would take on in their next birth.  The important thing to understand about 8D though is that this is very high frequency Light and the beings that operate there are not the mythic Gods and Goddesses of the archetypal 4D realm.  They do not interfere in each soul's evolution, rather they hold the energy of wisdom and unconditional love as the soul makes choices for itself.  Thus they operate at a much higher frequency.  These beings also hold the consciousness that organizes Light so that it can descend into what we call physical form. 

The Great Mystery solved?  Well I don't mean to imply that by any means, but I think that living from a multi-dimensional perspective gives us important clues to this larger reality that more and more of us are gaining access to. 

So brother/sister Earthlings, let's frolic while we may, watching Winter die to Spring, knowing this is just a small snippet of the far more dramatic cycles of death, transformation and rebirth that await us all.  What a blessing it is to be conscious on the great journey.