Wednesday, December 29, 2010

The mists of 6D: Where our thoughts really go.

As I'm starting to write this blog today, a phrase keeps running through my head: "What we empower, will flower..."  We all sort of know that.  It has been said and taught in a multitude of ways.  But as I'm learning more about multi-dimensional reality, I'm gaining a deeper, more scientific understanding of why this works. 
In Barbara Hand Clow's wonderful book, Alchemy of Nine Dimensions, she references the work of a renown British Physicist, Joseph Barbour.  Barbour describes a place he calls Platonia, that perfectly mirrors what we know about 6D.  He is consciously making the parallel to Plato's world of forms that I spoke of in my last blog entry, but goes even farther and since he's a physicist, backs this up mathematically:  He says Platonia (which has all the geometric configurations that hold the forms of everything that manifests on our planet) is permeated with mists, and that these mists are created from all the ideas we hold in the "now."  Also there are mists for every possible thought.

Think about this.  If I think loving thoughts right now, that travels into 6D and feeds and thickens the "love" mist.  If I think angry thoughts right now, that feeds and thickens the anger mist.  If enough of us think the same things at the same time (and of course cultural beliefs help that happen,) those particular mists become remarkably thick and therefore powerful, and keep replicating themselves on our planet. 

Of course, we all have "shadow" thoughts.  I want to feed the love mist, but here comes a judgement and then another and then another -- if I tell them to go away, they will just go underground into my unconscious and actually grow more powerful.   If I get stuck in them and start feeling righteous, they will also empower that unloving righteousness mist.  But if I just notice them and pat them on their heads, seeing them as the pesky little judgement thoughts that they really are, they lose their power and begin to dissolve rather than feed the 6D mist.  This is why learning to watch our thoughts is so important.

When we look at how the Collective is impacted by thick mists on 6D (or Platonia if you prefer, we can see how some old, harmful beliefs are shifting.  50 years ago, there were probably 95% or more of humans on this planet that would have agreed that "war is inevitable."  (That is a darn thick mist.)  But since the late 60's, more and more of us believe that "peace is possible" .. maybe a good 20% or more of people.  Think about what that does to the mists.  The "war" mist becomes thinner, and the "peace" mists thicken.  When the peace mists become "thick enough"... voila, no more war.

So as we move through this powerful Solstice window and more fully into this new year that promises to accelerate our evolution at an even faster rate than before, I leave you with the following thought: 
                          "Make LOVE-Mists, Not war-Mists."

Wishing you all a joyous new year, and for those who've emailed me with new ka jokes, they were nothing to crow about... well maybe they were.

Monday, December 20, 2010

6D is really ideal: Just ask Plato.

When I was 18 and reading Plato in Philosophy 101, his world of forms made little sense to me.  Suddenly, decades later, I had an Aha!  Of course.  Plato saw that everything on our planet existed in some perfected energetic pattern in another dimension.  Humans have known about this for millenniums.

When I began to study multi-dimensionality, suddenly the idea of sacred geometry (which I knew was part of 6D) became demystified for me and again, I revisited the idea of Plato's world of forms and realized it corresponds perfectly to what we know about the 6th dimension. 

All that exists in our 3D reality resides in 6D in its pure state.  [6-D geometric form are created from waves spinning out of Galactic Center (9D), moving through light (8D) and sound(7D) ... but that will be left for another day.] All material forms in 3D originate from 6D geometric patterns.   In 6D, your 3D dog has it "dogness" ideal which gets replicated as dogs on our planet.   Your favorite ficus plant has it "ficus-ness" ideal which get replicated as ficus plants on our planet.  And of course, our individualized soul ideal... our ka, which is our perfected energetic blue-print, also comes from 6-D and manifests through our 3D material body.

Plato went beyond what we think of as material manifestation though... he saw that qualities were idealized as well: love, compassion, justice -- all human qualities have their energetic "form" in 6D.  This makes sense when we stay aware that everything we believe to be material...this computer I'm typing on, the table it is sitting on, the clock that tells me I better finish this and get ready for my daily walk, is just made up of energy.  The smallest particle of matter is not a particle at all, it's a particle/wave continuously changing on its own spin from one form to the other.  What we call matter is simply energy vibrating at a slower frequency to produce something that looks and feels solid to us. 

Everything has frequency whether it's my computer or the love I'm feeling in my heart.  It's just that emotional and cognitive qualities vibrate faster than my keyboard and my desk.

You might want to ponder this as you go through your daily life.  Imagine the 6D pattern behind everything you see and feel.  Imagine this when you are riding around in your ka, (there I go again) and you just might find youreself living in a slightly different and more ideal world.

Happy Solstice... may joy and transformation infuse all that you are and all that you do.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

My KA is in... Life is good

You know those days where you have such a wonderful sense of well-being and inner harmony, where you feel attuned and connected?  That self-actualized sense of Oneness is not just a random occurance, although for many people it might seem that way.  Rather, this is what we feel when our human spirit body, our Ka, which originates and resides in the 6th Dimension, has made its way fully into our 3D body. 

Many of you will notice this feeling comes after Yoga or meditation or profound prayer or after making Love.  This is because those "practices" create a gateway from the 6th Dimension to the 3rd. 

The vibrational frequency of the 6th Dimension has created geometric energy configurations which are the basis for all materialization in 3D.  This is Plato's World of Forms where idealized versions of everything exist before they get "beamed down" and replicated in our 3rd dimensional reality.  They are created from the sacred sounds of the 7th dimension much like the water crystals are created from our words. 

Each of us has a Ka that was created and hangs out in 6D.  Our Ka which holds our full soul's potential, can naturally align with our Earth body if we let it, but fear and stress have disconnected us.  One of our primary evolutionary imperatives these days is to call our ka back in.   In order to do that, it helps to know about the existance of our spirit body and that we each have one.  Then we need to begin to notice when our ka is not "in."  Any time we feel ungrounded or off-center, irritable or generally out of sorts, we are getting a signal that our ka has "hit the road."  For some of you, having your Ka gone, may be your normal state, but it doesn't have to remain that way.

Take a deep centering breath or several.  Even better do that while holding a Yoga asana.  You might try to visualize your glowing spirit body hovering over you and imagine that you have the magnetic force to pull this into your physical body and notice how wonderful that feels.

I'm fully recovered from that flu by the way and my ka is "in."  May yours be as well.

Question for today:  Are crows, those magical birds, really going "caw caw" or "ka ka??"
(Couldn't resist.)

Friday, December 10, 2010

Does It Grow Corn?

I've been pondering the value of consciously becoming multi-dimensional... after all, we know that we are all One, do we need to know more details than that?  Do we need to know more then "now is the time to quell our ego, and let our Spirit lead"?  How does learning more about, paying more attention, and activating different multi-dimensional levels of our psyche serve us and serve humanity?

When we consciously connect to our 1-D through 9-D intelligences, we actually change our vibrational frequency.  We vibrate more quickly which brings us closer to the speed of light.  (At least the speed that light can travel in 3-D... scientists have now calculated that there are actually 3 speeds of light as one moves into higher dimension.)  When we vibrate closer to the speed that light travels, we let actually let more light into our being -- into all our cells.  Is this a literal description of what happens when we actually become enlightened? While there are many ways to achieve a shift in our frequency, and large numbers of us are going through that now, will consciously working with multi-dimensionality speed this process up?  And how will raising our frequency help our planet?

The short answer is "yes".  I think that working consciously with the dimensions will increase how quickly we can raise our frequency, and the more light we hold, the more light and enlightenment we bring to our planet.  So while it's not the only way... I believe it a fertile pursuit.

As I watch my own process, I see how understanding the nature of different dimensions activates my own ascension -- speeds up my frequency -- enlightens more of my cells.  My 6-D KA is getting closer these days:  she is no longer hovering above my head, but rather beginning to super-impose her energy onto my physical body -- I call her in on a daily level, understanding that as I do, I will have to release any density that blocks her way.

Stay tuned...

Monday, December 6, 2010

New Thoughts for a New Moon

It was the new moon yesterday, and it was time for me to do a new moon ritual up at the elemental temples in the community I live in.  As I was walking up the road on this cold but beautiful afternoon, I was pondering the connection between the moon cycles and other dimensional realities. 

The new moon is when the two lights of Earth come together in the same sign and at the same degree in the zodiac:  the Moon sits in the lap of the Sun to get charged for the next 28 day cycle.  While the Sun in his grandeur, infuses the moon with consciousness, we humans will have the next 28 days to draw on this consciousness that the moon reflects back to us.  What does this mean for our multi-dimensional potential? 

From what I'm learning, tuning in to these natural cycles do two things for us:  First, they help us be fully present in 3-D which is essential if we are going to effectively integrate the gifts of the other dimensions -- otherwise we are likely to be off-balance and our development will be lopsided which will not get us to our full potential.  And second, there is a resonance, a literal electro-magnetic frequency that occurs when celestial bodies come into geometric connection with each other ... the frequency during the new moon, when the sun and moon are in the same place is very different than at the full moon, when they are exactly opposite to each other. -- As we open and allow ourselves to be more conscious to the way these cycles inform us, we activate more of our evolutionary potential.

For those following my health -- I'm so much better.

For those of you following this blog, I'd love to here from you.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Out from the 3-D/4-D Lock -- it's all so black and white

It's the 4th Dimension that holds all those drama/traumas I mentioned yesterday.  According to Barbara Hand Clow, the mental beings that have been
"keepers" of 4-D don't have physical bodies as such.  They enjoy seeing us humans act out dramas for them because it's rather cathartic for their unprocessed emotions.   It's kind of like:  "hmmm I'm a 4-D being and I'm holding lots of rage, so maybe I'll see if I can get those humans to start a war in 3-D" and that will make me feel better."

When, as humans, we are out of touch with our own feelings or in other ways stuck in victim consciousness, we are vulnerable to being controlled by these energies.  Conversely, when we are able to identify and honor our feelings by expressing them in a healthy way and then releasing them, 4-D control dramas have no power over us.  We are too empowered and therefore too self-determining. 

Did I mention I'm an empowered, self-determining person who just got stuck in a 3-D/4-D lock?  That flu had me down.  When I was down, my old negative belief system began to rise up.  Before I knew it some crazy woman had taken over my body ... someone I hadn't seen for say 30 or so years... luckily she only showed up in spurts, and okay, I did get to watch her while she was acting out and I knew she wouldn't be around for long -- but nonetheless the joyfulness and creativity that I generally am able to bring to my life got submerged for a while.  It was as if I was stuck in this energetic grid-lock that was an interplay between 3-D and 4-D energies.  So if you happen to notice this happen to you, remember the fourth Dimension is a canopy that, when cleared of our emotional dramas will simply be a diaphonus layer of light between 3-D and the higher dimensions -- but if you are stuck, that canopy has layers of goop and glop that are more than happy to hold you hostage. 

Stay tuned for more.

My question for the day:  "If a blog has no readers, does it still make a sound?"


Friday, December 3, 2010

Waiting for my KA

We are so much more than we seem.  We are amazing beings with remarkable potential to be both fully present in our 3-D reality on Planet Earth, and activate and hold consciousness from at least 8 other Dimensions.   When fully aligned, we can live in emotional, mental and spiritual harmony with one another, with Gaia, all the while transducing light into sound into geometric form and then deciding which forms to replicate in our daily life.

Our KAs hang out in that 6-Dimensional geometric sphere.  Those KAs are ideal versions of ourself that are unencumbered by doubts, fears, desires and who are filled with energy to be of service to all beings in the Universe.  I started interacting with mine, inviting her fully in, assuring her that this time I'm really going to use all of her, (She's just another part of me, really) to serve the greater good, to help more and more folks wake up, to mid-wife the new birth about to happen on our planet.

So there I was, waiting for my KA; fired-up and vibrating at higher frequencies than usual, when ta da! My body decides (without my conscious permission) that a major flu experience is in order. 

It was downhill from there:   the old fears, limiting beliefs, self-doubt, other life-time drama/traumas and everyday general resistances came marching through the back door of my psyche, sticking out their tongues at my latest and greatest attempt to move into full potential.    Suddenly all that high vibrational energy that I was moving and grooving with, dispersed -- hit the road -- and in it's place came the body aches, the congestion, the cough...  the energy zapping, whining old negative beliefs that asked me "Who did I think I was?" and "Just what did I think I was doing?"  and did I forget that I was a lousy daughter and didn't I realize I wasn't deserving of that beautiful KA...

Oh yes, and that I'm not a hard worker either.

Will I move through this?  Will my body heal and my psyche transform yet again?  Will I actually use the opportunities that I'm being presented with?
Stay tuned....