Friday, January 28, 2011

How's My Hair?

Whenever I begin a new area of self-discovery, I do so with a commitment to not only become more personally insightful, but to put those insights into my daily reality:  to live what I am learning, to walk my talk.
This both anchors me in the new growth, and allows me to integrate the material so when I teach it, I can share it from the inside-out.

As part of my multi-dimensional learning, I've incorporated calling in my ka (our 6D perfected soul body) as part of my daily practice, as well as consciously experiencing myself as that 9D tuning fork I've been talking about in past blogs.  As I do this, I've been paying attention to what insights this brings me. 

A few days ago, I had this wonderful image occur as I was sitting, tuning in and feeling my ka aligned with my 3D body.  The 4D canopy, which at that moment was diaphanous light, hovered right above my head like a crown, and intersecting it from above, were rays of light, one from each of the higher dimensions (5D - 9D), feathered out evenly above the crown.  The phrase that formed in my mind was "crown of light" and it seemed clear that was related to the concept of the "crown of thorns." 

When I began to think about this image, I saw how symbolically accurate it was.  I was in a loving, calm and emotionally clear space when the "crown of light" image came to me.  I was not caught in one or the other poles of 4D.  Remember it is being caught in one of the polar opposites of the 4th dimension that creates duality.  This keeps us feeling separate from Essence, and therefore separate from our soul.  It is what causes suffering within us:  the proverbial "crown of thorns".  Getting caught in these poles are the way that we sacrifice ourselves, the way we sacrifice our Divine nature. 

When we learn to pay attention to when we get caught in the duality of 4D, and are able to lovingly contain each of the opposites within us, we become free.   The 4D canopy becomes diaphanous and supports the higher frequency, higher dimensional light that has to come through it to reach our psyches.  It is at this at this point that we are then fully able to access dimensions 5 - 9 and thus our multi-dimensional potential.

Take a moment and imagine this crown of light.  Just like in the fairy tales... it is a golden crown with 5 equi-distant protrusions that point outward, all shimmering, all aglow.  Notice how you feel when you are wearing this chapeau.  And then conversely, imagine the crown of thorns, heavy and dark and painful, sitting on your head, digging into your brain rather than hovering gracefully in your energy field.  Notice which crown you are wearing today. 

As you can see, wearing that "crown of thorns" makes for a a pretty bad hair day whereas that "crown of light"  ... everyone will ask "who's does your hair?"

Just prior to writing this, I did a 7D activation meditation that Gerry Clow wrote.  Gerry is Barbara Hand Clow's husband, and he has created all the meditations which begin the chapters in Alchemy of 9 Dimensions.  I read the meditation slowly and mindfully.  Within seconds of sitting in silence and reading this meditation, I felt myself go into in a deep trance state, and even now 1/2 hour later, I am still feeling the physiological effects.  More multi-dimensional activation is occurring within me.  While I don't have words yet to share it with you, each time I experience an inner shift, I know that it will result in a deeper connection with my 9D self, and ultimately a deeper understanding that can be shared with and taught to others.  So stay tuned.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Truly the 9-Dimensional Human is Afoot

Recently returned from Illinois, where I presented my workshop Accessing Our 9-dimensional Self, to 26 wonderful and highly evolved people.  While I'm willing to take credit for my gift of making complex material accessible, the way in which this group was able to relate to, and almost instantly connect with the material I was presenting, was amazing. 

I offered several short meditations, because we cannot access our 9 dimensional nature through our intellect, it has to be through our intuition, our inner sensing and inner knowing.  This group of people was, almost to a person, able to sense the 9D Vertical Axis and experience themselves as tuning forks.  (If you are not familiar with the 9D vertical axis, see my post "Life as a Tuning Fork" from a few days ago.)   I thought that, in and of itself, was rather remarkable.

And the questions and comments were wonderful.  The question that especially stood out for me came as I was explaining the 6th dimension and how, like Plato's world of form, everything we can conceive, both objects and qualities, exists there in sacred geometric configurations and then replicate in 3D to create our world on Earth.  I explained also that there is an interactive process to all the dimensions.  The higher are not only responsible for creating reality in the lower dimensions, creative energy can come from the lower dimensions as well and affect the higher ones.  So the question was "If I have a totally original thought that no one has ever had before, would that go up into 6D to become a geometric configuration and then in turn, replicate in 3D?" 

"Got me," was my first response.  But as we talked more about it, it seemed to me that the answer is absolutely "yes."  How could it not be?  Isn't that how our thoughts create reality?  A woman who was deeply connected with 7-dimensional sound, was then able to explain that not only would that thought go into 6D and create a geometric configuration, but that geometric configuration would become sound in 7D...

And that leads me even deeper since 8D is Divine Mind.  Just how interactive are we?  Just how much are we influencing Divine Mind?  We understand Oneness, so we ARE Divine Mind -- It only stands to reason then that of course we are influencing it...of course we are a part of it.  And the more conscious we become of our 9D powers, the more we can heal ourselves and our world.

Ponder that as you go through your day to day life.  Remember to notice your thoughts -- are they composing celestial music or is it more like heavy metal, and just what would all that be like in Divine Mind?? 

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Life as a tuning fork

Imagine that you can heal yourself and our planet, just by being you.  No muss, no fuss, just stand in place and vibrate.  (What? You might ask.  Has she gone mad?  Of course.  But that's another story.)

An essential part of living our multi-dimensional potential is to experience ourselves on the 9 dimensional vertical axis, (a model Barbara Hand Clow downloaded from the Pleiadians, and which I will begin to explain later in this blog.) As we learn to do this, we actually become high frequency tuning forks, sending out loving, conscious "radio" waves to all who are open to receiving them.  Imagine people all over our planet vibrating at this healing frequency and feel for a moment what that might be like.  Now there's a planet I want to live on.

A key factor in our capacity to vibrate like this in any consistent way, is to process our emotions so that we don't get caught in 4D duality.  (remember 4D operates like a canopy over us which can get thick and impassible if we are stuck in trauma or drama.  This canopy then blocks our ability to access higher dimensional energy.)  I'm learning that whenever I feel an emotional upset, about anything, I am getting stuck in one pole or the other, in the 4th dimension.  Thankfully, I know how to get unstuck.  It's a meditation I offer at my workshops.  Through it one learns how to identify and then integrate both 4D poles. This neutralizes upsetting emotional energy and makes 4D permeable. It's the trick to freeing up your frequency.

Now to give you a better sense of the 9D axis.  At the bottom of the axis is the great circle of the first dimension which is the iron crystal core of the Earth, and at the top of the axis is the great circle of Galactic Center which is the ninth dimension and resides in the center of our milky way galaxy.  Imagine there is a straight line between the two and that you can stand on that line, which goes deep below your feet and extends up way above your head, and align your spinal column to it.

Both 1D and 9D have gravitational forces.  Obviously the most dense of these is found in the center of our Earth.  Here the energy moves very slowly which creates the most solid state of matter.  Gravity creates a spin which spins out materiality from the Earth's Center.  Simultaneously, there is a very high frequency gravitational force that spins out of galactic center in 9D.  This creates a double-helix causing 1 D and 9 D to interact with each other in a rather magical way and creates all the dimensions that exist in between.  Each dimension has its own special intelligence and gifts.

As humans, we are encoded to hold all of these dimensions simultaneously while living on our 3D home.  Knowing about the 9 dimensions gives us the opportunity to stayed clear and grounded by connecting with the Earth's core, and to use our highest consciousness by reaching up into Galactic Center where pure bliss resides.  Then we can vibrate this frequency to ourselves and the world.  As we do this, we'll be including the elementals and crystal intelligences of 2D, the archetypal stream of 4D, the heart-love of 5D, the perfected geometric energy configurations of 6D, the sounds of 7D and the light of 8D.  (the more you read my blog, the more you will begin to understand all of the dimensions.)

So feel yourself as that 9-dimensional tuning fork.  Clear your emotional field, imagine bathing yourself in this pure conscious energy and then radiating it out to the world.  Now there's a buzz with no unpleasant after-effects.

Just returned from a wonderful, nostalgic journey back to the town I lived in for most of my adult life.  So many people I deeply love:  family, friends, students, clients... and presented a wonderful workshop on multi-dimensionality at the local Unity Church...  All that has me feeling pretty in tune.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

New Moon; New Moan

Okay this was not what I intended to write.  I intended to speak of Andrew Weil's definition of a shaman as one who mediates between the invisible and the visible world.  I intended to show that this was the beauty of the multi-dimensional framework:  our evolution is about both becoming the mystic by attuning to the Divine Mind of 8D, and the Shaman, by being able to mediate the energies from the most concrete dimension (1D) to the most invisible yet accessible dimension, (9D).

But Tuesday when I returned home from Asheville, my inner mystic and  inner shaman did not come forth to celebrate this new lunar cycle.  Instead my attention went to the mud on the floor, smoke from the wood stove in the great room, my husband Dennis and I managing to irritate each other within my first few minutes in the door... And while we were soon able to laugh about the absurdity of being human, there was still a lot of moaning-about-life energy floating around.  Thus we got caught in the 4D muck. 

Whenever we find drama in our lives, it is a clear sign that we are in the negative pole of 4D.  This is the dimension of the collective human psyche.  The 4D canopy arches itself over our 3D reality and holds all the archetypal forces that we have labelled good and bad, positive and negative.  When we are in harmonious emotional flow, we are naturally integrating our contradictions, our good/bad, positive/negative shadow -- on both an individual and collective level.  When we feel emotionally jagged, when we squabble with people, when external drama engages us, when we feel down, resentful or in other ways out-of-sorts, our ka body cannot fully penetrate us.  We lose that connection.  The 4D canopy thickens and the light of higher dimensions is blocked.  Now there's something to moan about.

Or is there?  Really we always have the capacity to stop, to regroup, to move into awareness and into the present through focusing on our breath and attuning to what we are hearing, seeing, feeling, sensing.  We always have the capacity to go into our hearts and expand the love that resides there, and the capacity to surrender our egos for that moment.  Then the 4D canopy becomes diaphonus... the upper dimensions beaming through it.

When we don't want to activate that capacity, we can always just observe our thoughts and notice that sometimes we just choose to have yet another glass of "whine".

May the new year and the new moon bring you much joy.  This is a time of great evolutionary acceleration on our planet and we all can help usher in a world of peace and harmony by creating peace and harmony within.