Friday, May 4, 2012

Resurrected yet again

It's been months since I posted my last blog.  Hopefully many of you have noticed.  I've been focusing on other things like rewriting Empowering the Spirit, readying it for publication on Kindle, preparing for and promoting a local workshop on staying Spirit-directed, enjoying prolonged visits with 2 of my out-of-town children, helping out with my in-town grandson just to name a few.  In the meantime, "" has changed on me. I imagine I'll adjust after some kicking and screaming about why would they change a perfectly good system. 

But that is not what this is about. This is about activating the new awarenesses that are hovering on the edges of my consciousness. This is about finding words that express the essence of these images which I believe will open us all to this next stage in our evolution. This is about finding concepts that are formed enough to seek words to explain them.  I've been doing daily multidimensional meditations on the Merkaba and Ascension on You Tube (who knew) but how this will all translate into my writing and teaching is still mysterious to me.  And the 3D clock is a-ticking:  I've got at least 6 different talks or workshops scheduled beginning in 3 weeks and when my ego is not panicking, my Spirit is suggesting I trust that I will pull it together and reminds me that one step in the process is to resurrect this blog.  

So off I go.  (Or do I? I want to go ON, but HA, not on and on.)
Ascension.  What does this really mean? Well first of all, let me demystify the image this conjures.  I do not see a chosen group suddenly finding ourselves in higher realms that have magically appeared on this planet.  I do not see huge numbers of us being lifted into higher dimensional realities en masse.  It is true that I have believed/known for decades we are collectively making an evolutionary leap, and this leap is more and more being referred to as Ascension.  To me this sounds unnecessarily dramatic. I lean toward a more subtle view of what is occurring. Despite the fact that I have lately experienced a magnetic tug that feels as if my consciousness is being pulled upward and so I can see there is some literal validity in the word, I prefer words like "Lightening" or "Quickening.  These are words that to me more accurately describe the evolutionary process in our midst.  

You and I know our cells are changing, they are vibrating faster.  Most of us can feel this. Our cells do this whether we know about it or not.  However, knowing about it allows us to feel more relaxed and more open to guidance about how to navigate through this process. This is a very intense experience in case you haven't noticed.  On one hand we watch our 3D world falling to pieces around us.  The veil that has kept us in our illusion is growing thinner and thinner, so that the truth of how we have all allowed ourselves to be manipulated is no longer hidden.  And yet the solutions, the birthing that follows this death is vague;  we can only intuit what we are becoming, and that feels like pretty shaky territory for the vast majority of us.

The vibrational field of the planet is shifting as well. Since our definition of dimensions has relied on the idea that each dimension is vibrating at a certain frequency and that frequency is calibrated in
octaves, (just like the keys on a piano,) we tend to imagine that when we vibrate at a certain speed (high C for instance) we will find ourselves in a specific dimension.  But since we are multidimensional, this may not be accurate.  It makes scientific sense that our consciousness, not limited by the casing of our physical bodies, easily operates in several dimensions at one time.  Most of us who have meditated or done certain kinds of Yoga or who took psychedelic drugs for that matter, can understand this.  What is different now is that this "ascension" or quickening, is actually about our bodies and the brains they house, being able to operate in several dimensions simultaneously.  As if our lives aren't complicated enough!  But remember this is about feeling into it, not thinking into it.  When we take a deep cleansing breath and allow our awareness to be in the Now, in the Present, we become able to hold multidimensional consciousness with ease.  And what we notice on a kinesthetic level is that our hearts are filled with love, our psyches are calm and our quickening cells provide us with the sensation of being much lighter.

Most of the information that is being channeled in about this evolution assures us that we have only wonderful things to look forward to. We are moving out of the dimensions of duality and therefore out of the suffering of always feeling separated from Divine Source. We are moving into a world of Unity and Love.  Yet even for the most advanced of us, we are being continually met with the energetic challenges of this transition.  The term "quickening" which I'm getting attached to using to describe this evolutionary process, is a term that is used to describe the first discernible movement of the fetus in pregnancy. We've got a way before this rebirth gets to full term, but we are in the stages where we truly can feel the reality of this shift.

Many of you reading this are actually working on this dimensional shift in your dreams according to information from Suzanne Lie.  Her Guides are saying that we, as light workers, have been working to stop the negative forces of control that have wielded power over our planet for eons. For many of us, this is going on when we are asleep and not only do we not remember, it is also making us pretty darn tired.

And then there's the task of getting our Merkaba tuned up.  Our Merkaba is the energetic vehicle that forms a star tetrahedron around us.  Getting each of these 3-D triangles spinning with the fluidity needed to transport us, body as well as soul, into higher dimensions appears to be no easy task.  

Yet in my heart, I know we are up to it, and that those of us who are travelling through the dimensional portals first, are being asked to hold space for all those that follow.  I see us forming two lines facing each other and metaphorically arching our arms at full stretch, touching the finger- tips of whoever stands across from us.  We are sending love and ease to those who pass through our energy tunnel, holding the portals open for more and more souls as they embark on this evolutionary passage.

And so Brother and Sister Earthlings, I'm inspired to speak to you once again with our cells no doubt moving a little faster than they were when last you signed on.  Huge and interesting growth is occurring within us. So remember to take those prenatal vitamins, keep your sense of humor and trust that this coming birth will bring great joy to us and our planet.