Wednesday, January 4, 2012

2012 and All is Well

It's here: this much prophesied and awaited year.  No weather disasters so far.  No nuclear disasters, no collapsing buildings, no comets hitting the planet.  The stock market has soared.  And while my belief for many years has been that nothing dramatic would happen externally as we enter the last phase of this portal, (which I see as having begun in earnest on 10/28/11), I still find the calm we are experiencing right now, to be interesting.  We have grown quite used to intense storms, earthquakes and the like.  Could that be on the wane? Could the worst be over?

Logically of course, that would make no sense.  We have not done what is necessary to repair the damage we Earthlings have done to our planet.  Yet, perhaps we have really reached the tipping point where our consciousness is creating a new, non-linear reality, bypassing the mechanics of physics.  Or put another way, we are creating a new, multidimensional reality that we can live in, still in human form but released from 3D limitation; a multidimensional reality where we solve our problems simply by surrounding them with the consciousness of the solution.

The energy of 2012 for me personally, has been one of going deeper inside.  It hit me like a bolt of lightening on the 31st, that it was time to take off that extra 10 lbs I've been carrying around, and that I was going to do this by going on a liver-cleanse diet. This means I have to put a lot of focus on when I eat, and how to create meals and snacks that are slightly different than normal, and make sure I get certain supplements and proscribed juices throughout the day.  Simultaneously, as 2012 rolled in, I made good on my commitment to do daily multidimensional meditations in addition to my spiritual practice.

I have no sessions scheduled and nowhere to teach this week.  I have total space for this cleansing and clearing of the old and opening to the new.  I find myself in a new place of quiet.  I'm being more mindful of not just what I eat, but about the experience of eating, so that I go more deeply into tasting the essence of this wonderful healthy food.  Since the meditations I've been doing are not very conducive to articulation, I am just sitting in the energy of them rather than trying to write about it. And while we've had an easy winter this year in Western North Carolina, since the new year the temperatures have suddenly dropped and my appreciation of watching and feeling the fire of our wood stove has concurrently risen. Our first small snow fall intensified this and the stillness of life in the depths of winter is all around me, peaceful, beautiful, slow... and helping me reconnect with the larger Stillness.

Perhaps this is what 2012 is about after-all.  As we release the concept of time, we find Stillness in these natural rhythms, in these gentle waves that correspond to the time waves of 9D or to the eternal Now. The essential energy of this Stillness is love.  When I sit in this Stillness, I experience love flowing through every cell of my body.  Any thoughts that arise from this place within me can only create that which is calm, compassionate and joyful. Realizing there are people just like me all over our beautiful planet that are sitting in the same Stillness, holding the same frequency of Divine Love, then I cease to doubt that we are creating a New Earth, that we are in the portal that will ultimately end wars and famine and cruelty and suffering; that will change all of our 3D reality.  Certainly it feels as if it is changing mine.

Planet Earth is a most amazing being, and the celestial lights that surround her are equally amazing.  She is the magnet that draws all the intelligence of those lights to her.  She has a vastness of Spirit that allows her to hold within her cells the mystery of all that is, all that was, all that may come to be. And just like our mother planet, we have the same abilities. But we need to be very quiet, we need to go deep inside, we need to keep opening our heart and our high heart ever wider.

So Brother and Sister Earthlings, join me in entering the Stillness.  Take those deep centering quiet breaths.  Let yourself release those old limited beliefs.  Release all those feelings you may have been holding from old wounds.  Release all the pressures you have put on yourself;  release those worries;  release those fears; release your ambitions.  Just for Now.  And give yourself a moment, for that's all it really takes, to go in and access that fertile Silence that resides in us all; that creative Stillness that is nothing and everything simultaneously.  And hey, should you happen to release a few unneeded pounds in the process, all the better.