Wednesday, November 21, 2012

And Yet Another Portal Opens, Bringing Some Soul-Searching Questions

On 11/11 (at 11:11), I attended a pipe ceremony led by Ruby Falconer up on the deck of our Spirit Temple in the Isis Cove community where I live.  We carried the intent to activate yet a deeper level of awakening for our planet.  Ruby has been carrying this Blue Star pipe since the 11/11/11 portal and as she spoke of this anniversary, she also pointed out that 11/11/2011 was an "8" day, and this year, 11/11/2012 falls on a "9" day, the number of completion.  That immediately resonated with me.

I began connecting to the 11:11 consciousness at the Harmonic Convergence held in August of 1987.  The Harmonic Convergence was the first synchronized meditation to collectively welcome a new awakening for planet Earth and thus was the first large portal to bring in the multidimensional consciousness which supports this next evolutionary step for us Earthlings and prepares us for 12/21/12. (I'm sure you've noticed, this is right around the corner.)

That was 25 years ago.  My children were little, my youngest not even a year old.  My husband and I put together a make-shift ceremony for our family at dusk, creating a circle in our yard and sending out prayers for Mother Earth.  At one point, my 4-year-old daughter ran into the family room and returned with a large toy ball decorated with a map of the planet which she was placed in the center of our circle, intuitively helping to create the new "awakened" energy grid which should fully surround our planet by Winter Solstice of this year.

Now, we have arrived at this latest and perhaps last transformative 11:11 portal.  It is the largest thus far, since each successive portal since the Convergence expands exponentially in terms of the amount of higher consciousness it ushers in.  We still have the 12/12 portal and 12/21 portal this year, which interestingly are both "11" days, but the vibration for the 11:11 is completing.  Now we will be called on to integrate all of the awareness we have experienced in the last 25 years and help all beings who wish to, step into the frequency that corresponds to our ascension into the 5D consciousness of New Earth.

I got pretty excited when I thought about that.  While yes, we are still stuck in aspects of 3D polarity, 25 years ago we didn't even understand what we were stuck in. There has been progress. And as Ruby pointed out to me later, 12/12/12 and 12/21/12 are a series of 1 + 2 which of course equals 3.  This represents the "resolution of duality, the third thing."  And the only place we can go with this resolution is out of "polarity" consciousness and into the Unity consciousness of 5D.

A few days ago, while still in this 11:11 window,  John Horneker came to the Cove to speak about Ascension and the New Earth to a group of us at Anyaa McAndrew's Full Moon Sanctuary.  John and I have had a fair number of conversations on this topic, but when I sat in a group listening to him, something connected for me in a new way.

What became most significant was the idea that we really do have to “choose” whether we are willing to release all known attachments if we are going to ride this Ascension wave, at least the early ones. (There may be several waves.) John’s belief is that when we ascend into 5D, we have a whole new planet, whole new structures.  He did say we would be creating with visualization, so ha, I could just create my house for example.  But not likely I could create say, all those great restaurants in nearby Asheville. So clearly, I've been pondering just what my attachments are.  And what it may mean to me if 3D no longer exists on our planet.

I don’t know if it’s my denial or if I’m tuning in differently, but I don’t think the outer change will be that drastic. I see a gradual outer change based on our frequency change (we all agree that ascension is a frequency chage.)  BUT, for instance, how can one keep having our energy company in 5D?  Our banks in 5D?  Our hospitals in 5D?  And why would we want to?  How about this new edition of my Empowering the Spirit book I’m hoping to release in the next month or so?  Why should I bother?  (Well I suppose if there are waves of ascension, then there is a good reason for getting the book out in that form to help others along.)  What about our social security checks and my husband's pension check which allows me the luxury of sitting here writing this blog.  That seems to make no sense in 5D.

This all brings me to main attachment:  my comfortable life.  Unlike many on the planet, I’m content. I’m living the life I want.  Am I ready to wake up in a whole new reality?  Am I ready to have that world based on peace and love that we’ve been putting out to the Universe all these years?  

I feel I’m being called to a deeper level of soul searching here, and perhaps you are too.  On one hand, sure, “bring it on.”  I’ll adjust.  And maybe adjusting in 5D is much easier than adjusting in 3D.  I know that what really brings joy is connecting with our Oneness; connecting with unconditional love.  So it’s a no brainer.  BUT I still have an ego structure.  Will it step in and interfere?  Does it need more preparation? Will it say “hell no, I’m not going to go?  I can’t give up all those yummy restaurants and sipping wine and going to the playground with my grandson and my beautiful mountain home and maybe even my husband.  And what about my kids… are they all on board the 5D train?"

So these are the questions that arise for me as I drop into the energy this latest 11:11 portal.  My Spirit longs for moving ever-closer to Source, while my ego still holds its old agenda. Perhaps the resolution will be spontaneous as we move through the 12/12 and 12/21 portals.  Perhaps my ego will gently go into surrender because the Call for my Spirit is so intense.  That will be lovely.  But just in case, Sister and Brother Earthlings, you might want to ponder what attachments still remain in your life.  And remember, just beam them unconditional love and enjoy the ride.  

Wishing you all a yummy and love-filled Thanksgiving.  
(hmmm... will we still be eating in 5D?  Oh please don't make me give up food....)

Monday, October 29, 2012

"Dress up" in your Light Body for Halloween

Today's blog is about our Light Body and how to keep it buzzing.  This is not to be confused with Buzz Lightyear, the superhero action figure from Toy Story, who my 3-year old grandson is dressing up as for Halloween.  As Bodhi clearly explains, Buzz Lightyear's mantra is "To Infinity and Beyond!"  (It's rather important to spread both arms out wide when stating this.)  Now that I think about it, that's pretty similar to the capability of our Light Bodies:  "To 5D and Beyond!"   Not quite as grand as Infinity perhaps, but more descriptive of our current journey.

When I first began to teach and write about our multidimensional potential, I would talk about our Ka body much the same as I now talk about the Light Body. They, of course, are connected;  one coming from our 6D self and the other moving us into the frequency of 5D (and beyond.)  The Ka body is our ideal energetic blue print.  It is our unique sacred geometric energy pattern that resides in the 6th dimension, and then replicates, (when we are open to it,) in 3D.  When I'm connected with my Ka, it feels similar to being in my light body:  I have a profound sense of peace and well-being.  My Ka body though seems more connected to feeling totally myself, aligned with my internal power, whereas my Light Body feels as if all my cells are getting massaged by healing light, and there is not much awareness of my more limited 3D body.  I'm most connected to my Light Body when I'm drifting off to sleep or waking up in the morning.  Perhaps my ka needs to be in for me to fully experience this... but I'm thinking one doesn't have to vibrate as quickly as the 6D frequency of the ka body to experience our Light Bodies... they are available to us as soon as we get to 5D frequency.

Hopefully it will not have you yawning when I say, yet again, that this evolutionary process we're in is all about speeding up the vibratory rate of our cells which syncs us with higher dimensional frequency.  As we speed up our cells, we become more light... it's just simple not-yet-fully accepted physics:   Enlightenment occurs as we speed up at the cellular level, which propels us into the higher dimensions.  We are no longer limited to the density that holds us hostage in the solidity of 3D.  We have the ability to be our own super-heros and heroines, and live in a reality without limitation. 

To operate out of our Light Bodies, one cannot skip the 4th dimension.  Those of you who have attended my workshops know that I emphasize techniques for navigating 4D, the most important of which is to recognize all your Shadow areas and learn to love yourself anyway.  Once you are able to do this, you can then integrate your shadow which allows you to hold the polarities of 4D without getting stuck at one pole or the other.   Not only does this help us all stay out of the unhealthy drama on an individual level, but it helps us heal the polarity consciousness that is currently so operative in 3D.

 As I was pondering what I wanted to write about our Light Bodies, I "randomly" (okay synchronistically) pulled up a Suzanne Lie meditation from You Tube on the Arcturian Divine Matrix, which turned out to be all about our Light Body.  It was a reminder to hold the awareness that we are Light.  To connect with our Light consciously so that we may, in turn connect with the Light of everyone.  BUT there was something more.  Since we are in the process of "downloading" these Light Bodies, Suzanne's guides remind us that like a computer that is downloading a new operating system, we often find that we cannot do much else for a while.  

You might find yourself unusually tired.  You might feel a need to retreat from your normal activities and give yourself the space to download this evolutionary energy in a way that will not crash your "computer".  Pay attention to your inner wisdom so that you know what you need during the intensity of the change we are all in.

Another synchronicity about our Light Bodies is that both my oldest daughter and my husband recently reread, The Celestine Prophesy.  James Redfield consistently shows us that we are Light and that we have the ability to just follow the "glow" to stay on our paths.  This book has sold millions of copies over the last 15 or so years.  This is not information provided to just a select few!

So Brother/Sister Earthlings, how is your life going these days as you are being nudged by the Universe to get off this 3D hamster wheel, integrate your shadow, and arrive at the frequency of the 5th dimension? Are you taking good care of yourself?  Have you stayed in the awareness that this is a MAJOR physical as well as emotional and spiritual shift?  Have you pondered what you need to do to keep your Light Body buzzing?

As we approach Halloween when the veils between the worlds naturally thin, practice putting on your Light Body.  It might feel like a costume at first, but before you know it, it will become your true physical being.

No trick here... just a real treat as we open our hearts, step out of the 3D masquarade, and become the beautiful beings we have always been meant to be.

Sending you love and blessings and from my Light Body to Yours.

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Synchronistic Time is on My (Our) Side

I've been planning to blog on synchronistic time ever since I had a dinner conversation a few weeks ago with my friend Thea Summer Deer and she kept pointing out all the ways we were living in it.  It wasn't that the concept was new, but rather the phrase.  What I've called higher dimensional time or Divine timing or "heart time" (thank you William Faulkner) really is experienced through synchronicity.  It opens us to a new way of walking through our life on this planet.  It is New Earth time.

And it is always with us.  That to me is where the real magic comes in.  If we alter our perception ever so slightly, we see this "New Earth time" is always there and always has been.  Sometimes we live alignment with it, and other times we don't.  It is our personal timeline, our soul's map for our Earthly journey. Time spins out of 9D, and develops some form of Divine Order in 8D.  We are multidimensional beings, so our souls have set up synchronicities or sign posts for us from our 8th dimensional consciousness to always pop in at just the right moment.

Alignment with synchronistic time brings us joy and well-being, the sense of all being "right with the world".  When we try to "smush" our lives into person-made linear time (clocks, calendars), time that our egos like and think they need, we typically feel stressed and out of sync with ourselves.  We set alarm clocks to wake up instead of being able to flow with our natural rhythms and to trust that we will get up in time for whatever we are called to do that day.  We worry about wasting time, running out of time, bad timing.

I doubt that we are evolving in a way to no longer have use for linear time.  I think it will just lose its CEO position, and instead become a line worker, the way it was meant to be all along.  When we live in the big multidimensional picture, we live in the large symbolic cycles of time and our "clocks" operate on synchronicity.  We don't have to worry about when it's right to start that new job, or write that new book or make that big move.  We just have to ask for the sign posts to light up, and voila, it becomes crystal clear.

In every turning point of my life, I can see the synchronicities that were there for me.  They led me to a specific college, they directed me to what I was Called to do in my life, and to the people who would help me in this endeavor.  They were there for all my significant relationships and all my significant moves.  I feel very blessed because I have been able to honor their gifts.  Somehow my Spirit always stepped in and got me to pay attention and take the risks, no matter how wrong they might have seemed to my linear mind (or my mother), I just kept following the synchronicities.  I believe this is the foremost reason that my life has turned out to be so fulfilling.

Understanding synchronistic time deepens our ability to trust, to know that even when life feels at its darkness, we are part of a greater plan; the plan that our multidimensional soul designed to encourage our greatest growth.  Of course, there is always free will.  We don't have to pay attention, that's a choice.  But should we choose to live in that greater awareness, that greater cycle, to learn our lessons with grace, to understand that challenges are simply a way for us to stretch into operating from a vaster consciousness, we begin to see that blessings abound.

Keep in mind that to open to whatever lessons we're presented is not about passively accepting what life brings us.  That would put us at the mercy of forces outside of ourselves.  It is instead to live proactively with challenges put before us, understanding that our soul starts by tapping us on the shoulder, and if we pay attention to that gentle tap, we can generally avoid getting slammed.  But whether we get slammed or not, all experience happens in collusion with our souls and one way our souls speak to us is through synchronicity urging us to live in synchronistic time. 

So how about you Brother/Sister Earthlings.  What role has synchronistic time played in your life?  Was there a road not taken even though the signs were flashing;  a road that felt too scary?  And if so, how did that impact you?  Think about when you did follow those flashing syncrhonistic lights?  What outcome did that bring?

Are you feeling that your life is currently in flow?  That your soul nature and your human nature are living in alignment?  Or is your ego popping in a lot with its judgments, stresses and goals so that you feel imprisoned in 3D time, and too distracted to notice the well-lit path which will show up with just that slight shift of perception?

Well this blog has taken me way too much time and as I'm running out of time, and feeling in a time crunch and not taking the time, to oops, stop, breathe...    Oh wait, ... it takes as long as it takes and everything is all lined up and I always have as much time as I need, and I will still get on that airplane Tuesday morning.  Ahhhh... that feels better.  Nonetheless, it really is time to sign-off.

Sending you ongoing love and blessings,


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Saturday, September 22, 2012

Our Celestial Balancing Act

The Fall Equinox is upon us.  It has caused me to pause and ponder, just what happens at this time when the light and the dark is in perfect balance?  And how does this all connect with our ability to access our multidimensional nature?

The Solstices and Equinox's are portals that are provided to us on Planet Earth through celestial alignments.  It's a gift we are given 4 times a year, a gift which most of us either forget to open, or don't know what to do with when we do.  These are the days that star consciousness becomes more available to us.  All we need to do is be quiet, go to a place of inner stillness, ask for awareness to arise within us, and pay attention. 

The image that comes for me when I go inward, is the seesaw or teeter totter of my youth where I learned in a physical way about balancing opposites.  My childhood friend and I are suddenly both suspended in air.  It is a moment of equanimity, of calm and ease.  No up. No down.  We have momentarily defied the 3D law of gravity.  We enter the space between the inhale and the exhale.  We become perfectly in the Now.

Part of the gift of the Equinox then is a heightened ability to hold all our parts in perfect balance, just for a moment.  We actually enter the center of the fulcrum with Light on the one end and Dark on the other.  We get to experience the perfect balance of light and dark on this fulcrum, and to feel what this balance is within us.  You may want to take a moment and go within.  For me, when I do, I find a profound peace.  No need to push or strive.  It feels like everything is contained in inner stillness;  a stillness which holds both a contented fullness and a fertile spaciousness.  This spaciousness is waiting to be filled with some new variation on the themes of my life.

We have been trained in our society to avoid these moments of stillness.  We are trained to stay busy and believe that whatever we produce from this busyness is what will contribute to our sense of well-being.  We have been conditioned away from receiving the amazing blessings that our natural cycles can bring us.  And it is this training, this conditioning, that we release as we awaken.

The moment of the Fall Equinox allows us to move into readiness for the annual shift into our yin nature.  From now until the momentous Winter Solstice of 2012, the sun's light gradually diminishes and the reflective light from the moon gradually grows.  This is the Quarter to keep going inside ourselves, to search thoroughly through the different regions of our souls.

As we enter the cycle of less "doing" and more "being," we get to spend more time in the Stillness, in the center of our inner fulcrum.  It is from here we can feel our multidimensional nature as it stretches before us and behind us along the time line of our soul, as it extends below us and above us to access the levels of consciousness we can embody from all 9 vertical dimensions:  from 1D in the Earth's iron crystal core to 9D at Galactic Center.  And most importantly, it is from here that we can truly listen to our heart as it opens us to greater awareness so that we can more fully live from the higher dimensional perspective that is our birthright.

And so sister/brother Earthlings, enjoy this special day, celebrate, do ritual, give yourself the space to enter that perfect Stillness and as you journey from the Equinox to the Solstice, remember to take the time to look deep within, to see your areas of imbalance, to notice where you are well-developed and less-developed, and to remember to beam unconditional love to all you discover.  And when you find yourself in the ups and downs of life, do your best to enjoy the ride.

Much love and blessings to you all,

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Sunday, September 16, 2012

In 5D Training: The Seats are Good and the View is Great

Last week I thought my next blog would be on time travel and the time travel experiments that are just coming to light.  I had begun to put some information together which didn't fit into the last entry, so I saved it.  But true to time in these times, last week was 100 years ago, and what is speaking to me today is quite different.

For those of you who didn't read my last blog, I spoke of the coming intersecting of 3D and 5D timelines.  Since we all have a choice of which timeline to travel, it seemed to me it was like riding two different trains whose estimated time of convergence is 12/21/12.  After they momentarily come together, they begin heading in very different directions.  This convergence will create a great opportunity for us Earthlings on the planet. It promises to give all of us a glimpse of 5D and therefore an opportunity to jump off the 3D train, which certainly looks to be heading for disaster, and to board the 5D one that brings us to higher consciousness and the New Earth. Much of my work and writing these days is focused on helping people understand and feel empowered to open their hearts which is where the 5D train ticket is found.

Of course, I'm paying attention to how this is showing up in my personal process as well.  This week I seem to be zooming on the 5D frequency and except for a few slips, to be there more consistently than usual. I offered a visualization on my Empowering the Spirit blog (
about how to hold our perfectly imperfect selves and others in our hearts, and I've been well-tested and well-rewarded as the week has gone on.  

When anything or anyone activates an unpleasant emotion in me, I really pay attention.  This is my signal that I have to go inward, find out what is getting triggered, decide if it calls for action or expression and then hold all parties involved, myself included of course, in love.  It is essentially the process of releasing and releasing and releasing our 3D egos which whether puffed up or deflated, never bring peace and well-being.  I was presented with many trigger areas this week, and found that with barely any effort at all, I was (mostly) able to hang onto my 5D seat. 

Simultaneously I was presented with numerous and many unexpected blessings, as well as wonderful synchronicities to support my travels.  It is not so much that I am learning new lessons, but rather old lessons seem to be happening at much more intense velocities and I'm dealing with them in the blink of an eye.  

In truth, I've been riding the 5D train frequently over the last decade or so, as I'm sure have many of you.  But again, the velocity is shifting. It feels as if what was a locomotive has transformed into high speed rail: suddenly I'm riding the hover train.

As I'm learning more about this ride, I'm learning more about my 5th-dimensional self.  When I'm a passenger on the 5D train, I am vibrating in unity, in harmony with this 5D part of myself.  When there have been bumps that have knocked me back to 3D, she has reached over to the 3D timeline and pulled me back into her enormous heart.  When this happens I see that I've actually stepped into her, I've become her. Do I look different than in my 3D version?  Not really, not at this point.  But I carry a different quality of being.  I stay relaxed and compassionate no matter what arises.  I see the humor and I see the grace.  There is no striving in my 5D world, simply allowing.  And as I roll along, I can enjoy the spectacular views.  5D perception is very beautiful indeed.

How has your ride been of late?  If your 5D self showed up at the door of your perception, how would you recognize him or her?  You might want to take some deep centering breaths and call that part of you in.  Feel your cells begin to quicken while your breathing slows.  Feel your heart opening and then opening some more.  Imagine you stretch your awareness up toward Galactic Center and at a certain point in that upward movement, you click into this part 5th dimensional part of yourself.  You might notice your smaller 3D self within you.  

If there are any challenges in your life right now, notice how they look from this angle, how they fit into a larger picture that is all about supporting your well-being and the well-being of us all.  You might have to get creative if those challenges feel too big, but know that everything you are experiencing, every stresser and every blessing is all part of aiding you in your development and supporting your ability to get on and stay on the 5D train.

So brother and sister Earthlings, for some of you, it might be boot camp. For others just a way to stretch muscles you haven't used before, but the training has begun.  Don't worry if you get derailed now and again, because you are (okay, can't resist), still on track.

Sending you love and blessings on your journey.


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Friday, September 7, 2012

There's Still Time to Hop on the 5D Train

I've been trying, so far unsuccessfully and somewhat intermittently, to write this blog for the last week. Either I get side-tracked or make myself believe I need to do more research, or I find some other creative way to avoid writing this.

Part of the issue is that I'm not yet able to choose a focus.  I want to write about time... about time lines and choices and how that's connected to 12/21/12.  I also want to write about time-travel and the government experiments that even my minimal research shows has likely been going on for decades.

So is today the time to blog once again about time and its strange meanderings in both our 3D reality and in the higher dimensions which operate on a different time/space continuum? I guess it's time to  give it a whirl.

We are all familiar with linear time, that illusory experience we say is based on "reality" that let's us know if we are early or late.  We talk about what has already been and what might come to pass.  BUT we also know and have known for a while, that 3D time only exists in one dimensional frequency.  When you move out of the left hemisphere of the brain which operates 3rd dimensionally, into the right hemisphere which operates in higher dimensional time, then all time is simultaneous.  There is no solid past/present/or future but rather numerous time lines that stretch "reality" into a much more amorphous experience.  So that anything I remember is actually still occurring on some time line or another, and anything I can imagine is also occurring on one or more of the infinite time lines that can exist in the Universe or Multiverse.

Before I go on with the time line idea, I just want to mention how we are already able to operate with some ease in higher dimensional time.  It's part of our anatomy;  part of our brain.  Its the part of our brain, in fact, that I was taught was the MINOR hemisphere in my science classes in the late 50's and early 60's.  The implication being that creativity, spiritual connection, emotions and Presence were not nearly as important as logic and sequence.  But that would be another tangent.

Okay.  Back to the idea of time and time lines.  My new friend John Horneker has some pretty interesting things to say about time and 2012 in his book Quantum Transformation. He has gathered information from interviews by David Wilcox about time travel experiments, and talks about the Doctrine of the Convergent Timeline Paradox.  Whew there's a big name.  Anyway, what is most relevant to me is that it appears that 2 different timelines are converging in our 3rd dimensional reality on 12/21/12.

The first time line is the 3D timeline that we've been traveling on in our consensus reality.  It is the time line of the Old Earth and has taken us to some pretty awful places.  Despite all the natural beauty of our remarkable planet, war, destruction and domination of the Spirit have tended to be major stops on the 3D train.

The other is a 5D timeline that has come into being in the last few decades and which, should we choose and align our energy with its vibration, will take us into to the New Earth as part of the Ascension process. This timeline's train stations are quite a bit different, since its frequency matches qualities that we associate with love, harmony and Oneness. And unlike the 3D train, this one operates on energy that has no destructive and polluting attributes.  We might even call it (now don't groan) the Soul Train.

What is really cool to me is that it has been seen (I have no idea how) that not only will these timelines converge on this monumental date, but that for a short moment, higher dimensional reality will intersect with 3D reality and therefore it will become available for everyone to experience.  Those "trains" that have been heading toward each other for 20 years or so, will reach the crossroad where they merge for just an instant.   How long will will that instant be in 3D time?  Who knows?  It could be seconds, hours, days, months or more.  Is it possible that we won't notice it?  I have no answers for this all.  BUT, it gives us hope.

After the convergence, the time lines separate again, and those trains move farther and farther apart.  I feel confident those of us reading and HA, writing this blog, would like to make sure we've reserved a ticket for the 5D train because ... (sing with me if you like) that train is bound for glory -- the glory of a higher consciousness reality, the reality that so many of us have been dreaming about and preparing for.  That 3D train isn't likely to get its passengers to a very pleasant destination.  But I'm not telling you anything you don't know already.

As the timelines diverge, those trains will be moving farther and farther from one another. Looks to me like you might be able to hop from one train to the other for a while, but soon they will be too far apart.

Just what buys us a ticket for one timeline or the other?  Well the answer has to be love. The more we love, the more open our hearts, the faster our vibrational frequency and the more likely we'll be riding on the 5D line.  If we still haven't processed our fear;  if we still hold more resentment and negativity than love, the 3D line might be just our thing...  No need to worry though.  You just have to love what an interesting time we live in!

And so sister and brother Earthlings, somehow I've managed to finish this blog for today and I hold you all in my ever-expanding (and sometimes contracting) heart... and if you get on the 5D train before me, save me a seat.

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Friday, August 24, 2012

Talking to our DNA

In preparing for the 2-day multidimensional journey workshop I was offering, I decided that I needed to include a meditation where participants could talk to their cells/to their DNA and find out what was going on there.  This would give them a tool to assess and understand where they were in the Ascension process.  Of course this meant that if I was going to teach this, I had to talk to the DNA in my own cells first.  This happened surprisingly easily for me:  I was doing my morning journaling, wrote down this thought as it came to me, and the next thing I knew, I was taking a deep centering breath and my awareness entered the DNA within my cells.

Before I share what my DNA told me, I want to backtrack a bit.  Remember there are two things (at least) going on with our DNA that are relevant for the evolutionary leap occurring in us.  First, we are born with 12 strands of DNA, but scientists have believed that 10 of the 12 strands are "junk" DNA.  (Yep no doubt the same "scientist-thinking" that says if an earthquake occurs on one side of the planet, and then another occurs on the other side within a short period of time, they have nothing to do with each other.) So somehow these folks in the molecular biology community actually believe(d) that a huge percentage of our genes are, get this, "useless."

At any rate, it was the Pleiadean channeling of Barbara Marciniak in her book Bringers of the Dawn where I first learned of this "scientific" belief.  Simultaneously she presented the theory that we had only been using 2 strands of our DNA as part of what I refer to as our de-evolution.  As we were beginning individually and collectively to reverse this process, the other 10 strands of DNA were beginning to activate.

The second relevance to checking in to the DNA in our cells, is that Ascension is about speeding up at a cellular level until our cells are vibrating at the same frequency of the 5th dimension.  So being able to connect intuitively and directly with that process within us gives us important information.

This is the information I received from my cells about the activation of my own DNA:

We are expanding more and more.  We are opening, like a flower… we do this slowly so that your body can assimilate the changes.  The seesaw effect you feel is from the process of integration… you are still operating on 3D Earth.  We become activated and then we wait… and once you have that assimilated, we become activated a little more.  Your body is so used to living in 3D, that the shift is very difficult for it.  It doesn’t know how to stay grounded and at the same time operate at a faster frequency, although it is learning.”

"Aha", I thought, of course this is why we are experiencing what I've been calling the "seesaw" effect, and that certainly allowed me to relax more about it it.  Then I asked:

Is there anything I can do to help this process?”

The merkaba and DNA meditations are helping.  Keep noticing and asking for easy assimilation.  Take the time and space you needThe idea that there is a rush or even an urgency is a 3D perception.  Everything happens in accordance with Divine Plan.

Oh, yeah, yeah.  There's the dumb Divine Plan again.  Well that's my 3D response.  The other was great relief in the reminder that what felt like a lot of 3D time in my own evolution, was, of course, an illusion. 

“Is there anything else you want to tell me?”  

There is fear of bliss… for you, it is the ‘too-good-to-be-true belief.' This slows down your frequency, as does all fear.

So is this relevant for you brother/sister Earthlings?  Could the DNA in your cells also go through an activation and then have to stop and integrate.  I think it is likely.  Are you imposing your own linear time expectations and thinking that this should be going faster? I'll have to wait to hear from you all on that one.  But it is a normal response of our 3D minds.

And then that all important question which ties in too with the last blog I posted:  "Are you ready to release your suffering?"  in whatever way that needs to happen for you? Remember challenge is not the same as suffering.  All the dimensions are expanding, and to expand we have to grow, and growth often comes with challenge.  BUT, challenge does not have to lead to suffering.  It is perceptual... from my 3D assemblage point of view, a challenge might be hugely painful.  But from my 5D consciousness it simply is -- there's no pain, only experience, only sensation, only emotion. And one doesn't have to suffer with emotion... we just need to learn to feel it fully without judgement and love ourselves through this process.

For me, it is the too-good-to-be-true idea that keeps me from stepping fully into bliss, (Oh yes, and the belief my cells didn't need to tell me:  "why should I be in bliss when there is so much suffering around me?")  For you it could be any number of things.  I do encourage you to ponder this, to write about this, to talk to your own cells. Make that cell "phone" call and put out an intent for a good connection.  

But as you do, watch out!  Some of that old junk in there might be giving you surprising insights.

And with that, I leave you for another week to hopefully rejoice in the beauty of our planet, and in all of creation:  especially that creation that is called "you."  (which of course is "me", and "us" and oh yes... we know all that........) 


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Monday, August 13, 2012

Oh No! Not Bliss again!

I'm still fired up about the idea that being 5th dimensional is our natural state.  This truth is lodged in my cells and feels as palpable to me as the blood flowing through my veins.  I think when this awareness truly sinks in for us, we can no longer go about living the life we have been living, worrying about the things we have been worrying about.

Or can we?  Or do I?

My experience is that the seesaw effect is still going on.  Our minds are programmed in 3D, as are our survival beliefs, so we don't let go of all of that easily.  My life flows better and better the more I awaken and since I started awakening fairly early in this incarnation, I've had 3-1/2 decades of amazing ease.  But that doesn't mean I still don't get caught or stuck in polarity on occasion.  It is frustrating and confusing, but perhaps an important part of the process.  (Hmmm is that one of those archaic, dysfunctional 3D beliefs like "if it's not hard it doesn't count?"  Didn't I write a whole chapter about how to identify and shift those beliefs in my book Empowering the Spirit?)

And then there's all the collective resistance to this bliss stuff, to getting back to the Paradise frequency that takes us out of struggle and well, into bliss.  I just saw some information that we are going from the Electronic Information Age, to the Creator Age, which is just another way of saying what we've all heard in a million other ways:  "thoughts create"  "we create our reality."  Science is even able to back this up now.  So really, what is the problem?  Why not just take a deep breath, release the old beliefs and pain and let Ascension happen?

I believe it comes down to the phrase I intend to start my workshop next week off with: "What humans are most attached to is our suffering."  It's a quote (or paraphrase) from G. I. Gurdjiieff, that odd Russian metaphysical philosopher who wrote the book "Meetings with Remarkable Men" back in the early 60's (and who I think included a woman, but in looking at the table of contents on Amazon, I don't see this.)  I read this book close to 40 years ago, so it is difficult to say what my memory has extracted that is literal vs what is symbolic, but this phrase has never left me, and the wisdom of it appears to strengthen the more I develop.

One of the ways we stay stuck in suffering is through a somewhat popular misconception that if we believe we can reach a state of ongoing Bliss, we not honoring our humanness and are likely to be light-polarized and trying to by-pass our emotional wounding.   By light-polarized, I mean we have a fear or inability to see and own our shadow and the collective Shadow.  But it is misconceptions like that keeps us locked in suffering.  Of course we need to own and integrate the Shadow... that's an essential part of the Ascension process because you can't navigate through 4D without doing this.  And you can't make it through 4D if you are in denial or in reactivity to old emotional wounding.  But once you have done enough emotional healing and integration of the shadow, you can move through 4D... then kazaam -- there is no polarity and therefore no shadow. Light and Dark in whatever form they exist in 5D are just different reflections of the same substance we call God.  Now c'mon brother/sister Earthlings, we've all been working at owning and integrating our shadow and healing our emotional wounds.  Let's just breath deeply and Ascend.

Then there is the argument that arises:  how can we see all the suffering on our 3D Earth and not do something about it?  Now my mind thinks this is a good question.  I think the answer though depends on which assemblage point we look out from.  From our 3D perspective, we must engage in activities to confront the issues directly.  That would be fine if they worked.  I'm concerned about polluting the planet, so I recycle and use cloth bags and napkins, generate some electricity through our solar panels and try to minimize my use of gasoline and buy only necessary goods, that kind of thing.  But the reality is that my efforts, even if everyone else got on board, will not save us from global warming and the devastation of climate change.  Maybe if humans had caught on in the 60's when we first tried to warn them, but at this point, it is highly unlikely we are going to change the 3D devastation.  Still, when I operate out of 3D, my ego can feel good that I'm doing something it deems positive.  And in this 3D consciousness, I can worry about all of the floods and droughts and storms and feel very concerned indeed, and my ego can laud me for being a "good person."

But if I look out of my 5D eyes, I see that we are beyond 3D solutions.  And I see the frequency of the planet and of many of us on the planet, is changing.  I'm not going to stop my environmental stewardship, but the most effective thing I can do to really help humanity is to consistently plug in the "love frequency."  (Which still doesn't give me a right to trash our beautiful planet but not because I'm going to save our 3D world, only because to honor the planet is to live in a loving way.)

As we ascend onto the New Earth, does all the devastation magically disappear?  Now what was that again?  Oh yeah, "Thoughts create."  But there are time when my thoughts get nervous trying to create this. You know all those years we all heard about what silly idealists we were, and that at some point we would have to "grow up" and face reality.  Oh wait, they taught us there was only one reality.  Now why in the Universe would I believe anything like this when I know it is NOT TRUE?  Why don't I just take a few deep centering breaths and ...  Ascend!

We really can return to the Garden.  We really can experience reality from a place of love and grace and well-being.  We can heal our wounds and reclaim our planet and stop wars and abuse and keep our hearts consistently and magnificently open if only we empower those visions and quiet our very insane 3-D minds.

So altogether now:  BREATHE DEEPLY, and once more, BREATHE REALLY DEEPLY, and yet another time, take that deep centering BREATH and at the count of 3 or 300 or 3000.... ASCEND!

And voila!   Here we are in (that darn) BLISS AGAIN!

Catch you in our 5D garden, dear Brother and Sister Earthlings and we are having an amazing good time!

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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Spinning Ourselves "back" to The Garden

My lapse in regularity has made my re-entry to interesting.  It keeps changing its structure so there's a slight learning curve.  But so be it.  Everything is changing its structure.

Although I've suggested this before, this time it looks like I'm headed back to regular blogging.  My book, Empowering the Spirit:  A Process to Activate Your Soul Potential , first published in 2005, is now available on Kindle.  This reediting and re-formatting has been a 9-month process and now my time and focus are freed up enormously.

I am also almost finished with this season's workshop offerings, (there's information at the end of this blog entry about my upcoming 2-day workshop "Taking the Next Evolutionary Step:  A Multidimensional Journey to Shift Your Assemblage Point and Your Life," should you be interested,) and I do not plan to offer more until Spring.  Thus, my energies are fully available for new writing and I expect this blog will return to its earlier frequency.  Well at a higher frequency of course, since my development like all of yours, is accelerating quickly.

So, you may wonder, what have I been learning about my own multidimensional nature (and therefore our multidimensional nature) that I'm feeling compelled to share?  Well the insight I feel most Called to re-begin this blog with is this:  It is our nature, our natural state of being, to be 5th dimensional, not 3rd dimensional.  I have come to understand that we were 5th Dimensional beings in the first place.

We came to this planet from the star system that held this 5D frequency and we created amazing civilizations.  (Many of us also held 6D and 8D frequencies, but our biological structure was most aligned with the beings of 5D)  There are stories that say we mated with beings already here.  I have no idea about that.  But I know, because I can feel it in every fiber of my being, that after this initial "golden age" if you will, we went through a descension process on this planet.  I believe this is the biblical Fall... and it was not Eve's fault (but that's another blog.)

As we descended, we moved into duality. I think this occurred due to a series of choices we made collectively, agreeing perhaps to be part of this very interesting experience or experiment.  Of course, as you students of the vertical dimensions know, the 4th dimension is where the Light splits and polarity emerges.  Since the 4th dimension does not carry the frequency of embodiment, in order to keep our biological bodies, we descended further into 3D, the other polarized dimension.

As dynamic and dramatic as polarity might be, with it came attachment to the Light or the Dark, the yin or the yang, making wholeness impossible and propelling us to an even slower frequency.  Our cells became denser and denser and the vast majority of human life on planet Earth became stuck in this dysfunctional duality of operating physically in a dense 3D energy field, while being at the mercy of the emotional and archetypal whims of some of the darker 4D forces.  Wars and bloodshed became became the norm.  Harming each other began to take precedence over loving each other.  The more we were wounded, the more our heart chakra closed and the less access we had to our loving origins.

We are now at the agreed upon time to reverse this process.  (Could this be our Collective Plan B?)  We are both preparing for and in the process of Ascension.  We are becoming more and more skilled at healing our old wounds and navigating through this polarity.  We are opening codes within our cells to help us in this process.  We are also activating our merkaba to provide us with the vehicle for this remarkable journey.

It has been through meditating with and pondering the merkaba, that I have realized that 5D is our natural state.  The merkaba, (mer means light/ ka means Spirit/ ba means body) is an energy configuration that is a star tetrahedron, a 3 dimensional Star of David. It is made of light and the triangles are counter-rotating, so the top one is spinning in one direction and the bottom in another.  The picture below will give you a good idea of what I mean.

We all have the potential to activate this configuration in our own energy field.  When we do, the merkaba, which is also translated from the Hebrew to mean "chariot," becomes the vehicle to propel our biological bodies into the 5th dimension.  It is a part of our energy field in the same way that our chakras are.  And like the chakras, to function correctly, it must be spinning at a certain frequency.

Drunvalo Melchizedek believes that we almost lost the capacity to do this.  He says that the whole energetic configuration of the merkaba had almost been extinguished in the consciousness of humanity. Until recently that is.  But now it has a very strong hold.  More and more of us are reconnecting with our merkabas whether consciously or unconsciously. This field that surrounds us is becoming more and more functional.

While I have read that our base chakra is in the midpoint of this configuration, I don't think this is correct.  I think it is our heart chakra.  It is our heart energy that spins the merkaba. The more we open our hearts, the faster our cellular structure vibrates, which in turn activates our merkaba and transports us into the 5th dimension.  Just as the heart chakra is the center and the core of our physical chakras, the 5th dimension is the center and the core of the dimensional frequency we carry as 9D humans.  It will be from this dimension that we create the New Earth we have hoped for and dreamed of for so long.

And so Brother/Sister Earthings, there you have it.  This is what we are remembering.  This is what we are Re-Membering.  This is the center or the core of who we are.  We are the Creators;  We are vehicles for unconditional Love;  We are One with all that is.  So keep those merkabas spinning us all into the emerging consciousness.

Until We blog again, you are all in my heart, which is also your heart, and may those hearts feel lighter and lighter with each passing day.

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