Saturday, September 22, 2012

Our Celestial Balancing Act

The Fall Equinox is upon us.  It has caused me to pause and ponder, just what happens at this time when the light and the dark is in perfect balance?  And how does this all connect with our ability to access our multidimensional nature?

The Solstices and Equinox's are portals that are provided to us on Planet Earth through celestial alignments.  It's a gift we are given 4 times a year, a gift which most of us either forget to open, or don't know what to do with when we do.  These are the days that star consciousness becomes more available to us.  All we need to do is be quiet, go to a place of inner stillness, ask for awareness to arise within us, and pay attention. 

The image that comes for me when I go inward, is the seesaw or teeter totter of my youth where I learned in a physical way about balancing opposites.  My childhood friend and I are suddenly both suspended in air.  It is a moment of equanimity, of calm and ease.  No up. No down.  We have momentarily defied the 3D law of gravity.  We enter the space between the inhale and the exhale.  We become perfectly in the Now.

Part of the gift of the Equinox then is a heightened ability to hold all our parts in perfect balance, just for a moment.  We actually enter the center of the fulcrum with Light on the one end and Dark on the other.  We get to experience the perfect balance of light and dark on this fulcrum, and to feel what this balance is within us.  You may want to take a moment and go within.  For me, when I do, I find a profound peace.  No need to push or strive.  It feels like everything is contained in inner stillness;  a stillness which holds both a contented fullness and a fertile spaciousness.  This spaciousness is waiting to be filled with some new variation on the themes of my life.

We have been trained in our society to avoid these moments of stillness.  We are trained to stay busy and believe that whatever we produce from this busyness is what will contribute to our sense of well-being.  We have been conditioned away from receiving the amazing blessings that our natural cycles can bring us.  And it is this training, this conditioning, that we release as we awaken.

The moment of the Fall Equinox allows us to move into readiness for the annual shift into our yin nature.  From now until the momentous Winter Solstice of 2012, the sun's light gradually diminishes and the reflective light from the moon gradually grows.  This is the Quarter to keep going inside ourselves, to search thoroughly through the different regions of our souls.

As we enter the cycle of less "doing" and more "being," we get to spend more time in the Stillness, in the center of our inner fulcrum.  It is from here we can feel our multidimensional nature as it stretches before us and behind us along the time line of our soul, as it extends below us and above us to access the levels of consciousness we can embody from all 9 vertical dimensions:  from 1D in the Earth's iron crystal core to 9D at Galactic Center.  And most importantly, it is from here that we can truly listen to our heart as it opens us to greater awareness so that we can more fully live from the higher dimensional perspective that is our birthright.

And so sister/brother Earthlings, enjoy this special day, celebrate, do ritual, give yourself the space to enter that perfect Stillness and as you journey from the Equinox to the Solstice, remember to take the time to look deep within, to see your areas of imbalance, to notice where you are well-developed and less-developed, and to remember to beam unconditional love to all you discover.  And when you find yourself in the ups and downs of life, do your best to enjoy the ride.

Much love and blessings to you all,

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