Friday, September 7, 2012

There's Still Time to Hop on the 5D Train

I've been trying, so far unsuccessfully and somewhat intermittently, to write this blog for the last week. Either I get side-tracked or make myself believe I need to do more research, or I find some other creative way to avoid writing this.

Part of the issue is that I'm not yet able to choose a focus.  I want to write about time... about time lines and choices and how that's connected to 12/21/12.  I also want to write about time-travel and the government experiments that even my minimal research shows has likely been going on for decades.

So is today the time to blog once again about time and its strange meanderings in both our 3D reality and in the higher dimensions which operate on a different time/space continuum? I guess it's time to  give it a whirl.

We are all familiar with linear time, that illusory experience we say is based on "reality" that let's us know if we are early or late.  We talk about what has already been and what might come to pass.  BUT we also know and have known for a while, that 3D time only exists in one dimensional frequency.  When you move out of the left hemisphere of the brain which operates 3rd dimensionally, into the right hemisphere which operates in higher dimensional time, then all time is simultaneous.  There is no solid past/present/or future but rather numerous time lines that stretch "reality" into a much more amorphous experience.  So that anything I remember is actually still occurring on some time line or another, and anything I can imagine is also occurring on one or more of the infinite time lines that can exist in the Universe or Multiverse.

Before I go on with the time line idea, I just want to mention how we are already able to operate with some ease in higher dimensional time.  It's part of our anatomy;  part of our brain.  Its the part of our brain, in fact, that I was taught was the MINOR hemisphere in my science classes in the late 50's and early 60's.  The implication being that creativity, spiritual connection, emotions and Presence were not nearly as important as logic and sequence.  But that would be another tangent.

Okay.  Back to the idea of time and time lines.  My new friend John Horneker has some pretty interesting things to say about time and 2012 in his book Quantum Transformation. He has gathered information from interviews by David Wilcox about time travel experiments, and talks about the Doctrine of the Convergent Timeline Paradox.  Whew there's a big name.  Anyway, what is most relevant to me is that it appears that 2 different timelines are converging in our 3rd dimensional reality on 12/21/12.

The first time line is the 3D timeline that we've been traveling on in our consensus reality.  It is the time line of the Old Earth and has taken us to some pretty awful places.  Despite all the natural beauty of our remarkable planet, war, destruction and domination of the Spirit have tended to be major stops on the 3D train.

The other is a 5D timeline that has come into being in the last few decades and which, should we choose and align our energy with its vibration, will take us into to the New Earth as part of the Ascension process. This timeline's train stations are quite a bit different, since its frequency matches qualities that we associate with love, harmony and Oneness. And unlike the 3D train, this one operates on energy that has no destructive and polluting attributes.  We might even call it (now don't groan) the Soul Train.

What is really cool to me is that it has been seen (I have no idea how) that not only will these timelines converge on this monumental date, but that for a short moment, higher dimensional reality will intersect with 3D reality and therefore it will become available for everyone to experience.  Those "trains" that have been heading toward each other for 20 years or so, will reach the crossroad where they merge for just an instant.   How long will will that instant be in 3D time?  Who knows?  It could be seconds, hours, days, months or more.  Is it possible that we won't notice it?  I have no answers for this all.  BUT, it gives us hope.

After the convergence, the time lines separate again, and those trains move farther and farther apart.  I feel confident those of us reading and HA, writing this blog, would like to make sure we've reserved a ticket for the 5D train because ... (sing with me if you like) that train is bound for glory -- the glory of a higher consciousness reality, the reality that so many of us have been dreaming about and preparing for.  That 3D train isn't likely to get its passengers to a very pleasant destination.  But I'm not telling you anything you don't know already.

As the timelines diverge, those trains will be moving farther and farther from one another. Looks to me like you might be able to hop from one train to the other for a while, but soon they will be too far apart.

Just what buys us a ticket for one timeline or the other?  Well the answer has to be love. The more we love, the more open our hearts, the faster our vibrational frequency and the more likely we'll be riding on the 5D line.  If we still haven't processed our fear;  if we still hold more resentment and negativity than love, the 3D line might be just our thing...  No need to worry though.  You just have to love what an interesting time we live in!

And so sister and brother Earthlings, somehow I've managed to finish this blog for today and I hold you all in my ever-expanding (and sometimes contracting) heart... and if you get on the 5D train before me, save me a seat.

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