Sunday, May 29, 2011

Meanderings of my Multidimensional Experience

Last weekend, I had another opportunity to bring multidimensional consciousness to people attending my workshop in Springfield, IL.  I noticed something had changed in me.  As I was going over my notes that morning, instead of feeling slightly overwhelmed about the task before me, which has historically been my experience before I present a workshop, I was feeling excited because I had access to a group of people who really wanted to learn about and experience their 9D self.  Did this mean I was fully connected to my ka?  And that I was no longer stuck in any 4D polarity about getting out into the world?  And if so, what had I done to make this happen? 

While most of my life flows well and is amazingly filled with ease and grace,  getting my work out to a larger audience has been an ongoing challenge for me.  From the time I published my first book, Journey to Wholeness, I suddenly developed fear about public speaking.  Prior to that, it was easy for me to speak before groups, but putting that book out, with its potential to propel me into a bigger professional world, left me suddenly anxious about giving even small presentations.  That was 15 years ago.  

Because of that fear, I was pushed to look more deeply into other lifetime experiences and found that my soul had gone through a lot of trauma from speaking spiritual truth.  I worked very hard at healing this, and while it got considerably better, it wasn't until this past January, when I was able to see my struggle from a multidimensional perspective and realize I was getting caught in 4D duality, that I finally was able to get free.  And it wasn't until I was doing that last bit of preparation last Sunday morning that I realized this had been fully successful.

I remembered a  defining moment when I was preparing for my January multidimensional workshop.  I read over my notes on teaching people that any bit of drama in their lives was a sign they were not navigating 4D effectively.  At the same time, I realized I was feeling some anxiousness about presenting the workshop, and that this was a form of drama,  and therefore a sign I was caught in 4D.  

I'm very committed to walking my talk.  This intent has brought me profound gifts throughout my life since as a healer and teacher, I have to be very astute about identifying and transforming my own issues.  I've learned to recognize what is going on for me pretty quickly and to do whatever I have in my power to do to heal them.  I believe this has saved me from a huge amount of suffering.  So when the 4D awareness hit me, I immediately went inside and looked at the polarity I was stuck in around giving public presentations.  It went something like this:

People will love what I have to say and I will become famous and that will be scary because what if I can't muster the energy, what if I have to sacrifice my personal life to carry this out, what if I have to deal with people projecting all sorts of nonsense onto me and always wanting a piece of me?
People will hate what I had to say and reject me and say that my teachings are ridiculous or redundant or evil, and who did I think I am anyway?

I took a few deep centering breaths, went inward and did a mini-version of the exercise I was planning to present that afternoon.  First I let myself feel the fear of getting overwhelmed and messing with my very balanced life by everyone wanting a piece of me, projecting on me, etc, and got a good sense of how this felt.  Then I went into the feeling of being rejected and looked down upon, and just let myself experience this.  Finally, I imagined becoming totally spacious and connected to my ka, and from this state of being, invited both of those parts within myself, holding a loving container as I embraced them.  Magically, I could feel the shift.  

As I said above, I have been working in numerous ways for 15 years to bring about that change.  I have  worked diligently to heal the experience of other lifetimes.  I wrote another book about allowing Spirit to lead and quelling ego which I did my best to practice every day.  I pushed myself to be out in public more.  And that was all very useful.  Things improved.  But they did not totally shift until I worked from a 4D perspective.  Now I know even more strongly than before, why bringing multidimensional consciousness to the world is more important than ever.

Of course, given that the Universe has a wicked sense of humor, I came back home to our community and into a hornets' nest of drama.  I was able to do my 4D work and integrate the polarity to some degree, and I could see that ultimately this experience would be growth-producing both individually and collectively.  But oh yeah, I got sick in the process and my ka hit the road for a day or so, and okay okay... trying to be a 9D human might very well attract even more tricky challenges and I might as well keep sucking it up and... of course... keep integrating.

Hope this finds you all well and inspired on this holiday weekend.  The sun is shining here in the mountains, the birds are singing and I'm feeling very grateful to get to hang out in such 3D beauty while being presented with the ongoing lessons of multidimensional Earth school.  If you have any 4D dramas coming your way, remember you can use that integrative technique as well.... or better yet, come to my upcoming workshops.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

It's Time to Get Back to the Garden

As I was mulling over what to write today, words from a song Crosby, Stills and Nash sang floated into my consciousness  .... "We are stardust. We are golden.  And we've got to get ourselves back to the garden...."  Those guys are some pretty evolved folks and high consciousness information was contained in that song. 

"Stardust" and "golden" are good adjectives to help describe our 8th dimensional self.  As I've mentioned before all form in 8D is made of light that is vibrating so quickly the human eye is incapable of seeing it.   Divine mind, Divine inspiration, and Divine love hold their form in this light frequency. If we are really seeking Divine guidance, this is where we want to go.  The biblical metaphor of the Garden of Eden may well have to do with the difference between 8th dimensional Light, and what happens when that light comes into the 4th dimension where we lose the ability to commune with the Divine because we have entered the realm of duality. 

So maybe it went something like this:  the ka bodies of Adam and Eve were hanging out quite ecstatically in their sacred geometric forms, in their sacred geometric garden in the 6th dimension, as was the snake and the apple tree and the apple.  (Remember 6D form is just 8D Light vibrating more slowly.)  In order for them to replicate in 3D reality, they had to come through the 4th dimensional split. KaZaam!  No more paradise-style Garden.

While everything that exists on our planet, and which exists inside and outside of us has its potentiality in the Light of 8D, the concepts of Gods and Goddesses, Yahweh, Jesus and all other religious figures, get transduced when they enter into 4D.  Christ consciousness which Jesus was bringing to the Earth is from the 8th dimension, but Christianity and all the earth's religions, as opposed to spiritual practices, reside in the 4th dimensional aspect of ourselves.  These religions are a manifestation of 4D consciousness because the Light now has been divided into polar opposites.  Kazaam again -- here come the concepts of good and evil, righteousness and sin.

On a physical level these polar energies are neutral, but the way this translates emotionally and spiritually is that now we have the concept of the light and the dark; the good and the bad.  All the dimensions above 4D are non-dual frequencies -- this is where Oneness resides.  You cannot have the energies of positive and negative, good and evil until you come through 4D.  As soon as those polar energies show up though, we run the risk of getting stuck in one pole or the other. 

If Ascension really is quite literally humans vibrating at their 5th dimensional frequency while still living on planet Earth, and I think it is, then we can only get back to that Garden by integrating the polar energies of 4D so that they do not bog us down in those dysfunctional dualistic dramas us Earthlings keep acting out.  Because the frequency of the 5th dimension is the one that most closely resonates with our biology on Earth, it makes sense to me that we can learn to vibrate at the same frequency speed of 5D, but keep our human form and stay on planet Earth. 

In her book, Alchemy of 9 Dimensions, Hand Clow explains the physics of what is happening and this is absolutely fascinating to me.  In its simplest sense, she points out that astronomers have found "potent gamma-ray bursts...reaching our solar system since the 1990's....  This awakening by high-energy gamma rays are an energy of the highest order we know, which means we are really talking about consciousness itself."   She goes on to share her channeled information that "gamma-ray bursts cause humans to become seers who are conscious in nine dimensions simultaneously."  (p. 71)  This is in her chapter on 5D and she shows how this is all connected to 5D frequency.

My interpretation is that we are being bombarded with light that holds a 5D vibration.  It allows us to become conscious enough to release ourselves from the duality of 4D and re-turn at a higher rung on the spiral, to "Paradise."  You really can observe this in your own life once you understand how to extract yourself from 4D duality.  It's called JOY.

Keep sowing those seeds, Brother and Sister Earthlings.  We really can get back to that Garden as we move forward in our evolution and create a New Earth.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Plugging Ourselves into 8D Co-Creativity

True Co-creation occurs when we are able to plug our consciousness into the frequency of the eighth dimension. This is a way that we can live more multidimensionally on the 9D axis, and in fact, create blessings and deep transformation for ourselves and for our world.  Divine Mind and Divine Order reside in the 8th Dimension, and the more we understand how to access this 8D part of our self, the more powerfully we can connect with these aspects of the Divine.

Next to 9D, the eighth dimension has the fastest vibration and thus the highest frequency.   An easy way to understand multidimensional frequency and vibration is to imagine a piano lying on its side so that the keyboard is vertical instead of horizontal.  This is one gigantic imaginary piano -- its lowest note is in the Earth's iron crystal core, and its highest note is at Galactic Center.  If you have ever looked inside a piano, you know that sound is created when you depress one of the keys by vibrating the wires that key is connected to.  The lower notes vibrate the wires very slowly and the high notes, very quickly.  So it is with the resonance of the dimensions.  The energy of the lower dimensions vibrate very slowly and create dense materiality (the molecules are closer together).  If you start at 1D and go up the 9D axis, each dimension is one octave higher than the one below, and just like the piano, the speed of vibration doubles with each octave, and so with each dimension, the molecules become twice as far apart as the dimension just below it.  By the time you get to 8D, you have a frequency that is vibrating outside of our ability to hear it with the human ear.  It has turned invisible as well, but scientifically can be identified as light.  The molecules are so far apart that form of any kind is indiscernible to us.

However, the frequencies of those imaginary piano notes, or in this case, of the dimensions, not only exist outside of us from a 3D perspective, but in us as well.  8D is an invisible frequency because its light travels so quickly.   Hand Clow uses the example of mystics being "blinded by the light" to describe the nature of light in 8D.  We can't see it with our eyes; we can only perceive it with our inner senses.  Science is theorizing and getting close to proving that light in 7D - 9D travels 3 times as fast as light in our dimension.  Hand Clow also explains that our minds are receiving devices for all of this.  To use her phrase from Alchemy of Nine Dimensions, we have the ability for our brains to be "vertical axis radios." (p. 128), meaning that we can connect with all of the dimensions by tuning into their frequencies. 

This is an amazing gift.  When we take in those frequencies, we take the dimensions into ourselves.  This means we are able to expand our awareness to hold 8D consciousness within our psyches.  As we do this, we have direct access to Co-creation, which is about internalizing and harmonizing with the Divine Mind energy from 8D.  This is where synchronicity and manifestation abilities originate as well.  In order to consciously receive 8D frequency, we have to slow down.   We have to learn to tune into both our breath, and our physical responses to energy.  As Hand Clow notes, the only way to connect with 8D is to experience it kinesthetically because we do not have the physiology to externally hear or see it.

This goes back to my image that we can become multi-dimensional tuning forks.  The more we allow this to unfold within us, the more available the multidimensional codes in our DNA become.

What would this feel like, sound like and look like in our lives? 

The most dramatic experience I had with this occurred for me several decades ago when I was in my late 20's.  I was reading The Autobiography of a Yogi by Yogananda, and doing yoga daily.  I lived alone and worked for myself.  Not needing much money to live on, I had a lot of time and space in my life to be quiet and to tune in as my consciousness was shifting.  One evening, I had what has remained the most profound experience of my life.  I was standing in my apartment looking out at the sky and the full moon, and suddenly my psyche began to open.  I could visually see the veils of maya before me and simultaneously I was aware that I was not developed enough, had not worked through enough of my ego wounding, to handle all that was happening.  I asked it to stop.  It did, but emotionally something phenomenally wonderful occurred.  I found myself on my knees, weeping.  And I knew I was experiencing what the Christians have labelled "grace."  Among the many amazing parts of that experience, one was that I had been brought up as a secular Jew without much spiritual education, and had never been taught anything about "grace."  And yet, the word came loud and clear as I was experiencing it.  I knew exactly what was happening. 

This experience changed my whole life.  I call it a conversionary experience not because I converted to any religion, but because I experienced the Divine within me.  My teenage Atheism, which was hanging by a thread at that point in my life, totally dissolved.  This was a direct experience with the Divine.   From that moment on I knew this Loving Force existed in the Universe and it was ultimately accessible to us all.  From then on, I lived my life from that perspective, and it has been filled with amazingly blessings.

For almost a year after that, I lived almost totally in synchronicity.  I consistently felt the ongoing availability of a perfect universe.  While in retrospect, most of us can see that all that has happened to us has always been in Divine Order, my experience during that year was crystal clear.  Looked at multidimensionally, I had spontaneously accessed 8D and was able to live from 8D awareness.  While the ability has remained with me, after that first year it began to blend more into my daily consciousness, and so felt less dramatic.

This is a long blog, and while I have much more to say on this, I will save it for later blogs and for my teachings.  The main point of this is to say to each and everyone of you, notice when 8D is activated within, and notice when it is not.  If you are not in its flow, take some time to consciously breathe, go into your heart and call it in.

And since we are nearing the end of the Mayan calendar, time (illusion though it ultimately is) is of the essence, so you might want to hurry it up a bit...

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Birthing the New Earth with Ease and Grace

I was at the 6th annual Wise Wolf Women's Council this weekend which takes place in the Isis Cove community where I live.   Over a hundred women from all over the world came together to do ceremony, ritual and visioning.  My ritual was about activating our 9-dimensional codes.  The response was huge... OF COURSE because NOW is the time.

We are all being Called.  All that DNA potential that has been stifled for millenniums is now bursting forth.  People everywhere are activating the multidimensional codes that have always been inside our genes in numerous ways, often without being aware this is happening.  As we find ourselves ever closer to the Mayan calendar's "end of time," those codes have to get unlocked so that we can enter a new portal of consciousness and transform our world.

Multidimensional consciousness is everywhere right now, and my experience over the weekend showed me how hungry people are to learn more, to have a better understanding of what this is about.  For as we step into our multidimensionality, we automatically begin to see the bigger story about being a human on planet Earth.  And we begin to sense, if not know, exactly what our role is and why we are here right now.

A critical learning in opening up our multidimensionally is how to navigate 4D in order not to get stuck in its  duality.  Remember 4D duality blocks our access to our higher dimensional gifts.  There are numerous ways to navigate.  Ceremony and ritual are one way to stay in the archetypal stream and out of 4D duality.  Processes like Shamanic Breathwork are another way.  Clearing our emotional trauma and dysfunctional belief systems through skilled psychotherapy is yet another way.  The main point is how important it is to gain mastery over the 4D realms so as not to get caught in negative dramas that will keep us and our world living the little story that has been wracked with violence and suffering.

As we learn how to move into the archetypal stream without getting caught in 4D polarity, we begin what can be, an easy and graceful ascent into becoming 5th dimensional beings while living in the 3D realms.  The 5th dimension is the place of the heart, creativity and Unity consciousness.  While all the 9 dimensions are intricately connected, 5D is the dimension where we can be in human form but operate at a much more evolved frequency and still remain on planet Earth.  So while we will have access to the intelligences of all the 9 dimensions, the fifth is what we will physically resonate with. It is where our evolutionary leap will take us.

We have made a collective agreement that at a certain point in the development of our species, we would take an evolutionary leap that would create a vibration of love, harmony, Oneness and peace on Planet Earth.  The Mayan calendar holds wisdom that was channelled down to the planet directly from the ninth dimension.  9D created time cycles that would coincide with time cycles for our planetary and human development... but there is a bigger picture than that.  There is consciousness throughout the Universe that is intertwined with our evolution here.  While, we have the capacity to hold all that awareness  (we are One, after all), it helps to realize the interconnectedness is not just about our ecological system on the planet, or how our psyches are a reflection of the collective.  It is not just about the interconnectedness of the 9 dimensions on our vertical axis, but this interconnection is everywhere through out our galaxy  and beyond.

This is a very big story indeed.  And as the winds of change rip through our planet, we are asked to be more flexible and creative than ever.  Gurdjieff wrote that humans are most attached to their suffering.  Think about this.  Suffering comes from our attachment to 4D duality.  We have the capacity to break through this.  If you are suffering in your own life, commit to the healing journey that will release you.  And hold images for us all, that we can transition with grace and ease.

We hold collective beliefs that birth has to be exceedingly painful.  This is a myth.  Certainly it can be painful, but having birthed my 3 children at home (and drug free) I see an important parallel to this collective birthing process.  I had been blessed in that I had never heard horror stories about birthing as most women in our society have.  I knew home birth was the right process for me, and that it was a natural, ecstatic and empowering experience.  While my first birth was tricky, and my second birth full of chanting to ride those challenging contractions, by my third birth, I was able to visualize my cervix opening, and voila, out he came, easy as could be.  Let's take that metaphor with us.  Birthing our new Earth does not have to involve mass suffering unless we refuse to transform that long-cherished belief. 

So, open your hearts, and then open them some more.  Hang on tight, this could prove to be the most exciting and satisfying ride of your life.