Thursday, June 30, 2011

Are We All Dying... to Get Better?

My mother-in-law is due to die any time now.  She's 90 and suffering from a brain tumor which is beginning to close down her biological systems.  Yes, I'm sad.  She was/is a great lady and a wonderful mother-in-law.  And going through this also has me pondering the phenomenon we call death, and makes me wonder about death from a multidimensional point of view.

There are two Egyptian concepts that speak to this.  One is the ka, our energy body that holds all our potential for this lifetime, and the other is the ba, which is our soul essence. The ka is part of the 9D vertical axis and seems to be created from an interplay between 3D and 6D.  The ba which is immortal, brings in a broader horizontal view of multidimensionality, because it is the Essence that keeps reincarnating.  Since linear time is an illusion and all time actually occurs simultaneously, than our ba is actually existing on several timelines at once.  It is conceivable that a fully conscious person would have a sense of all their ba manifestations. 

The ancient Egyptians believed that the ka body actually hangs out on the planet after one has transitioned, because the person's energy doesn't die.  I knew a very advanced Yoga Nidra teacher who would meditate at the morgue with cadavers to connect with the energy of the person who had passed. What we consider to be ghosts or specters can occur because of the ka.  Objects a person owns hold their ka energy as well. And does this energy somehow transfer to the genetic pool of one's offspring, grandchildren, great grandchildren as the Egyptians believed? 

I think after a while, the ka energy would transform and dissipate.  But since our ka is a 6D phenomenon, what happens in that dimension after a person passes?  Does their ka just begin to fizzle out because the 3D connection is gone?  Does that geometric light pattern automatically replicate in one's gene pool?  What happens to people who don't have biological children?  At some point I imagine this energy configuration goes through a transformation -- become transpersonal rather than personal.  Could this be what our collective cellular memory is made of?

What we do know is that death is a very 3D experience.  There is no biological decay in the higher dimensions.  There is decay in 2D, the realm of the crystals and elements, bacteria and viruses, but the decay in that realm is very slow.  Elements and crystals may erode, but they still function as elements and crystals. Our physical bodies, however, and the bodies of all sentient beings and plant life on the planet go through this birth and death cycle pretty quickly in the world of linear time.

As humans in 3D, we are in a unique position because we know our bodies will die and that more than likely we'll be watching as this happens.  What does this mean for our psyches?  When one is 95 and knows that death is inevitably coming soon, but not necessarily knowing what will cause this transition to occur and when this transition will happen, what is that like?  I suppose one must either go for complete surrender, release control and live in the moment, (my first choice) or one goes into a state of anxiety and/or denial. 

When my mother-in-law passes, what will happen to her ba and her ka?  If the Egyptians are accurate, once her body goes, her ba will get released and continue to reincarnate until it reaches a level of consciousness, a level of illumination, to re-merge with Source.  Maybe that ba will come in as one of my grandchildren.  What about her ka, her unique energy body?  Will she just reconfigure into another geometric pattern in 6D.

As we go through this ascension process with our frequency speeding up, will that slow the 3D decay?  Is it already?  I'm about to turn 65 in a few weeks.  I'm a long way from old, although that age has been labelled old in our culture.  Certainly exercise, good nutrition, and good genes all help, but is there something more happening for all of us?

Or is this just a lot of ba humbug-ing?  And way beyond our ka-prehension?

Thursday, June 23, 2011

The Solstice Portals: Getting Ready for the Big Blast

It's Summer Solstice today, one of the two most powerful days of the year, and exactly a year and 1/2 from the highly prophesized Winter Solstice of 2012.  I've been thinking a lot about what I believe will happen on that day in 2012, and what we need to be doing to get ready.  

Much of what I've learned and have been teaching about for decades, is that humanity is in the process of taking an evolutionary leap.  This evolutionary process has been accelerating on the planet since the harmonic Convergence of 1987 and is due to culminate next year on December 21st.  It is a leap of consciousness, giving  humanity the opportunity to create a New Earth based on love, peace, spiritual maturity and harmony.  It is no accident that Eckhart Tolle's book by that name became a best seller a few years ago, and the internet series that he and Oprah Winfrey offered was watched by millions!  We can all feel this happening.  Both humans and the planet itself keep vibrating more quickly, at a higher and higher frequency.  On a cellular level, this means that we have become more like light: we are literally becoming en-lightened. 

From a multidimensional perspective, this vibratory shift means we are learning to hold the frequency of 5D.  On our 9 dimensional vertical axis, the vibration of 5D is the only higher dimension that is compatible with our 3D biology.  Remember 5D holds the frequency of love and creativity.  It also holds Unity Consciousness.  Somewhere in the early 90's, spiritual teachers everywhere spontaneously began to help people open their hearts.  While the 60's mantra of "peace and love" was of course, an important predecessor, what has been happening for the last 20 or so years has taken this further.  People have been healing their heart wounds  which has allowed them to open their heart chakras more and more.  It now is common language to hear phrases like "speaking from one's heart" or "coming from one's heart."  It's also important to realize that healing those emotional wounds helped us get free from the duality of the 4D canopy and allowed it to become more permeable, thus opening us to the frequencies of the higher dimensions. 

Some people, of course, get stuck in fear as the ground beneath us shakes us loose of the old ways.  They hold tighter to old thought and behavior patterns.  The special interest groups behind our institutions are equally afraid and are vehemently and passionately attempting to stop and reverse this planetary process.  While that will make it harder for some, I have no doubt that we have hit the point of no return.  This is happening, and the more of us that get on board, the more gentle this shift will be.  I believe we are being asked to send love to those who are afraid, including to the institutions and people who run them.  The irony is we will truly all benefit from this change and be able to live richer, more fulfilling lives even if we sacrifice wealth and power.

We know the old must die to the new, and so while I hold the vision of us ushering in the Golden age that has been predicted from numerous sources throughout the ages, I also know that the death throes of our old world can be very painful.  The weather alone caused from the Earth changes are daunting.  I don't remember losing electricity as a child or for that matter for most of my adult life.  Now to get through the year without losing electric power is something to be grateful for as the frequency and intensity of storms, tornadoes, blizzards and hurricane continues to grow.  We are also re-learning a lesson that many of us began to glean in the late 60's and early 70's:  we need to become more and more self-sufficient and sustainable.  I remember the old bumper sticker that many of my friends had: "Think Globally, Act Locally."  While that was good advice back then, it is essential information for our current and coming times.  Figure out how to create your own electricity or to live well without it.  Make sure you have a good supply of food and water on hand.  But most importantly clear out any blocks to your being resourceful, creative, cooperative and kind should you be thrown into a crisis situation.

This year's Solstice is wedged between 3 eclipses in 4 weeks. gives a lovely summary of what these eclipses mean for us.   Peggy Black, one of the site's channels, speaks of eclipses as portals to "Bathe Our Consciousness in New Energy."  She goes on to explain that this is a time where we can activate amazing shifts in both our individual lives and the collective... AND, (this is key for what I'm really wanting to write about today) "It is so important to remember that we are the anchors - the chalices - for this DIVINE EVOLUTIONARY SHIFT"  ( entry 6/15/11)

This is exactly what I'm getting intuitively.  The night before I read this, I was talking with my husband and pondering what is really being asked of us as preparation for 2012.   I got so clearly that on 12/21/12 the biggest portal of all would open, and that we need to keep expanding our abilities as receptors for this new frequency.  The chalice image is perfect.  As each new portal opens,  and Solstices, just like eclipses are a time when amazingly powerful portals open, we are being bombarded with ever-higher frequency light.  This light is holding transformative intelligence that will allow us to activate and hold this planetary shift.  When I hear talk about us being in an ascension process, this is what it means to me: we will ascend to (in other words be vibrating at or close to the same speed as) 5D frequency, yet still be walking in our 3D bodies on what we will still feel, look and sound like a 3D planet.

Hand Clow explains the change in frequency is coming from the gamma rays which have been hitting the Earth since 1998, as the Earth moves into what she calls the Photon band.  She gives a lovely scientific explanation about how these gamma rays carry consciousness to us.  What I saw and heard loud and clear as the receptor image came to me,  is that we are the Holy Grail.  On Winter Solstice 2012, we are quite literally going to be blasted with this energy.  Remember Galactic Center is 9D and it has been moving into conjunction with our Winter Solstice Sun which is at 29% Sagitarrius, since the late 90's.  The winter solstice of 2010 also coincided with a very powerful eclipse. The energies keep increasing, and the energy from the portal of 12/21/12 may exceed our wildest imagination.  In order to utilize it at its best, we need to keep readying ourselves to receive this powerful and beautiful energy.   We are developing rapidly and being asked to get those chalices ready for the BIG BLAST of light.

I presented yet another workshop on multidimensionality this weekend.  This workshop was a 2-day event taught with my dear friend and colleague, Anyaa McAndrew.  We had a circle of 12 of her students.  Once again I was awed to see how this multidimensional model informed people to tune in and refine what they already knew.  And as always, it inspires me when I see the number of people who are conscious and stepping into their higher dimensional frequency.

I believe in my heart there will be enough of us being chalices, receptors... for the big frequency blast.  And I hope it will be a great celebratory event, and we'll be having a blast as we used to say in the early 60's.  I hope too that we will tell the story to our future generations, that this was a magical and transformative time and nothing has ever been quite the same since.

So get ready for the party, my fellow-Earthlings.  Keep doing your inner work.  Keep opening your hearts and shining out love.  Keep putting your roots in the core of Gaia.  .... "For the times they are a-changin...."

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Charlotte's Web of Light and Dark

I just returned from presenting a workshop on multidimensionality in Charlotte, NC.  One of the assistant ministers at this small Unity Church in Charlotte found me on Facebook, and even though he knew nothing about me or multidimensionality, there was something that called him to invite me to his church to offer this afternoon event.  There were only 3 people signed up when I left home the day before, but Spirit kept telling me to go, so off I went.

10 people actually came to the workshop, which proved to be a perfect size:  intimate so that everyone could make deep connections, and dynamic as everyone shared their input and experiences.   It was a fabulous group.  Very diverse and very developed. The oldest participant was 91.  The youngest folks were in their 30's.  There were 2 African Americans, a Latino, and both men and women.  There seemed large variations in socioeconomic and educational backgrounds as well.  But what we all shared were loving hearts, a commitment to spiritual growth and consciousness, and a passion to not just heal ourselves, but to heal the planet. 

While most of the group had not been exposed to the idea that we had the ability to hold the frequency and intelligence of all 9-dimensions on the vertical access,  most everyone was able to connect deeply with their  multidimensional potential through the meditations.  Many began to realize they were already intuitively connected with these dimensions prior to attending the workshop.     

I ended by talking about British physicist, Joseph Barbour and his explanation of the mists in 6D.  For those of you following this blog and/or who have read Barbara Hand Clow's Alchemy of 9 Dimensions or know of Barbour through his work, you might remember that he wrote of a "hypothetical" place he called Platonia.  Platonia has all the characteristics of the 6th dimension, and of course, as its name suggests, corresponds to Plato's world of forms.  Barbour not only used his scientific prowess to hypothesize the existence of Platonia, but to prove it exists mathematically.   He explains that there are mists in this 6th dimensional place, which are formed by the thoughts humans hold in their "now." Those mists then replicate in 3D.  So, as I pointed out to my group, we can see how collective belief systems not only have been created, but also how we can shift them to change our world.  

In 1960, probably 95% of people on the planet believed that "war was inevitable."  That created a hugely thick mist in 6D which kept replicating as war on the Earth.  The protests over the Vietnam war began to shift that belief system so now there are a substantial number of people who believe "peace is possible."  This is beginning to thin the War mist, and thicken the Peace mist.  When we have enough people putting the "peace is possible" thought form into that 6D mist, it will become thicker than the war mist.  At that point, peace will replicate on the planet, and voila, no more war.  The same goes for gender and racial equality, and pretty much any social issue you can think of.

This is vital information to us because it provides a powerful tool we can use to continue collapsing the negative pyramidal structures that I spoke of in my last blog entry.  Our ability to collapse these structures, which are all over our globe and which hold the energies of suffering and oppression in place on the planet, continues to expand.  I am seeing these structures crumbling everywhere, as more of us who have unwittingly held their foundation in place shift out of the belief systems that have fed those particular 6D mists.  As we refuse to buy into the reality that allows greed, domination and violence to rule the planet, those constructs, which have controlled us for millenniums, must ultimately fall.  We each can play an active part in this process in several ways:  first, we need to keep clearing the shadows of greed, domination and violence within ourselves by integrating those polarities so that the 4D canopy stays permeable, we need to keep expanding the 5D love energy in our hearts, and we need to send ongoing thought forms of generosity, justice, equality and peace into 6D. 

Back to this special group of attendees.  One of the participants spoke of her resentment about the negative forces that had taken hold of Charlotte.  In response, several people let her know they were all working to counteract this energetically.  Charlotte is a banking capital.  The energy of greed has oppressed this potentially lovely city.  More and more light-workers are drawn there now to do this work to collapse that energetic pyramid which has harmed the masses who have unconsciously held this structure in place in order that those at the top may remain and obtain positions of wealth, power and control. This is what is happening to the web in Charlotte which is just one city in just one state in just one country.  The process of collapsing these pyramids is happening everywhere!

The accelerated energy on the planet is more potent than ever.  There are 3 powerful eclipses occurring between June 1st and July 1st, and this is intensifying the collective transformation inside us as well as outside of us.  It is truly shaking all of our foundations and asking that we release our attachment to the old that it may die a more gentle death.  As the old passes, we are gestating the new structures based on 8th dimensional Guidance which will usher in the Golden Age.  Birthing is the most powerful experience I have ever had, and this coming birth is one that my soul and perhaps yours, has been yearning for, for a very long time.  

So practice your breathing techniques, folks. Our society may be rampantly passing out drugs to dull the experience, but there's nothing like natural childbirth to know one is truly embodied and alive.  Our new creation has the potential to fulfill our deepest longing and outdo our wildest dreams.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Collapsing the Patriarchy on Planet Earth: An 8D/4D Adventure

We are in a portal of time when we can use 8th dimensional consciousness to collapse the dysfunctional power structures that have held us hostage for millenniums.  The largest and loudest of these power structures is the Patriarchy.  The Divine Order of 8D,  provides Wisdom and Guidance rather than dogma and authoritarian structure, but as it moves downward through the dimensions and becomes polarized in 4D, humans become vulnerable to getting caught in the dualized version of that energy.  This is what gives rise to these negative structures. 

For those of you reading this blog regularly and/or coming to my workshops, you already know that when higher dimensional light reaches the 4D canopy, it splits into positive and negative poles.  This creates a negative potential for the energy to get stuck in one pole or the other, distorting its original intent.  (Hand Clow explains this phenomenon in her Alchemy of 9 Dimensions and shows us how we get stuck in that duality.)  So, as Divine Guidance comes from 8D and travels down through the dimensions, two different options become available:  If we are able to stay in the archetypal stream of 4D, we will find love, consciousness and inspiration, but if instead the energy moves into 4D duality, we'll find dogma and dominance.  It is this dogma and dominance that has fueled the Patriarchy on this planet, oppressing the spirit of both men and women, and creating harm to all sentient beings including the planet herself.  This is often acted out in 3D through religious structures that say one can only be a good person if one follows that religion's particular set of rules and buys into its belief system.  (We all know how many wars have been started on the planet under the umbrella of one religion or the other.)

The 8D/4D relationship is similar to the distinction of power vs force that David Hawkins makes in his book of the same name.  Hawkins defines power as being connected to Divine presence or Consciousness, which allows us access to our full potential vs. force, which keeps us disconnected and vulnerable to being controlled.  This results in our being dominated by or dominating others.  Clearly power, in Hawkins definition, has a very high vibrational frequency, and force has a much lower one. (4D muck if you will.)

I've been reading Sue Monk Kidd's "Dance of the Dissident Daughter," a book about her personal awakening that allowed her to break free of patriarchal consciousness.  This was written over 15 years ago, but while I had heard the title and I love Monk Kidd's novels, I was never called to read this. As I'm reading the book, I'm realizing why I hadn't been called to read it before.  The journey she writes about is a journey I had been privileged to take many years before that book was written.  I had broken out of patriarchal consciousness in my 20's and had instinctively embraced the Divine Feminine.   My adult life flowed well from there and so I was not compelled to read about her particular awakening, which has inspired many other women to get free and connect with that beautiful, wise powerful Feminine within.

Unlike Monk Kidd, I had thankfully not been raised in a faith tradition that had any hold on me.  I broke away from standard religious thought in my teen years and had a natural aversion to all organized male-dominated religions.  Despite my childhood awareness that orthodox Jewish men gathered each morning and in their prayer thanked "God" they were not born a woman, that just seemed so absurd to me, I never gave it any credence.  My ongoing joke when I think my husband  speaks or behaves in a way that has vestiges of unevolved male energy is for me to say (with all sincerity I might add)  "Thank Goddess I wasn't born a man."  Which typically gets us both laughing.

BUT now, this is a perfect book for me.  As I'm studying and teaching about becoming a multidimensional human, and understanding more about how patriarchal religions conspire with 4th dimensional forces to keep humankind disempowered and disconnected, this book is a reminder of how important it is that we navigate 4D in such a way that we have access to 8D consciousness. It is this access that gives us the power to shift 
the very structures that hold these negative thought forms together.

The patriarchy is lodged in 4D archetypes such as God, Yahweh, and Zeus. Jesus and Buddha are also represented in 4D in their lower vibrational forms as are other enlightened masters of all traditions;  they've all had their teachings distorted in 4D.   These are not archetypes that hold the energy of Divine Mind or 8D consciousness.  Rather they are symbols that have lodged in our psyches to create a grave imbalance on Planet Earth.  This imbalance has disconnected all women and men from wholeness, and has therefore promoted untold harm.  Perhaps it was developmentally necessary to get us to this point, (this I'm not sure of) but without question, it is time to fully disengage these patriarchal forces and give rise to the collective sacred union of the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine which will restore peace and balance and consciousness on our planet.   This happens through directly accessing 8D.

To live on that 9D vertical access that Hand Clow speaks of, we need to live with authenticity.  This is impossible unless we are free from numerous belief systems that have kept us in a collective trance.  This collective trance is directly linked with distortions in 4D consciousness.  When we break through this, we have automatic access to 8D.  In her writing on the 8th dimension, Hand Clow uses a pyramid model to show how we are held "prisoners" to jobs, relationships or other lifestyle choices that don't affirm or empower us.  Essentially the power elite operate the pyramid and keep themselves at the top.  But they can only maintain this if everyone underneath plays the game.  A pyramid is only as strong as its foundation.  If those masses of us on the lower tiers of the pyramid refuse to play, the disempowering, dysfunctional structure will topple, or as she says "the pyramid will collapse." 

We have to wake up in order to realize that we have the power to "refuse to play."  We have to look within our own psyches, find those dysfunctional beliefs and transform them.  We each have to be willing to risk breaking free from conventional wisdom and living life from our inner awareness, not from cultural norms or rules.  While I know from experience, this is hugely satisfying, I also understand that it is very scary to walk away from 5000 plus years of so-called "tradition."

But just think of what a great party it will be to stand back and watch that old pyramid just collapse before our eyes, knowing that we can hold loving, positive 8D visions of what will replace it.  So "gather 'round people", it's time!  I can hear those stones beginning to rumble...