Wednesday, November 21, 2012

And Yet Another Portal Opens, Bringing Some Soul-Searching Questions

On 11/11 (at 11:11), I attended a pipe ceremony led by Ruby Falconer up on the deck of our Spirit Temple in the Isis Cove community where I live.  We carried the intent to activate yet a deeper level of awakening for our planet.  Ruby has been carrying this Blue Star pipe since the 11/11/11 portal and as she spoke of this anniversary, she also pointed out that 11/11/2011 was an "8" day, and this year, 11/11/2012 falls on a "9" day, the number of completion.  That immediately resonated with me.

I began connecting to the 11:11 consciousness at the Harmonic Convergence held in August of 1987.  The Harmonic Convergence was the first synchronized meditation to collectively welcome a new awakening for planet Earth and thus was the first large portal to bring in the multidimensional consciousness which supports this next evolutionary step for us Earthlings and prepares us for 12/21/12. (I'm sure you've noticed, this is right around the corner.)

That was 25 years ago.  My children were little, my youngest not even a year old.  My husband and I put together a make-shift ceremony for our family at dusk, creating a circle in our yard and sending out prayers for Mother Earth.  At one point, my 4-year-old daughter ran into the family room and returned with a large toy ball decorated with a map of the planet which she was placed in the center of our circle, intuitively helping to create the new "awakened" energy grid which should fully surround our planet by Winter Solstice of this year.

Now, we have arrived at this latest and perhaps last transformative 11:11 portal.  It is the largest thus far, since each successive portal since the Convergence expands exponentially in terms of the amount of higher consciousness it ushers in.  We still have the 12/12 portal and 12/21 portal this year, which interestingly are both "11" days, but the vibration for the 11:11 is completing.  Now we will be called on to integrate all of the awareness we have experienced in the last 25 years and help all beings who wish to, step into the frequency that corresponds to our ascension into the 5D consciousness of New Earth.

I got pretty excited when I thought about that.  While yes, we are still stuck in aspects of 3D polarity, 25 years ago we didn't even understand what we were stuck in. There has been progress. And as Ruby pointed out to me later, 12/12/12 and 12/21/12 are a series of 1 + 2 which of course equals 3.  This represents the "resolution of duality, the third thing."  And the only place we can go with this resolution is out of "polarity" consciousness and into the Unity consciousness of 5D.

A few days ago, while still in this 11:11 window,  John Horneker came to the Cove to speak about Ascension and the New Earth to a group of us at Anyaa McAndrew's Full Moon Sanctuary.  John and I have had a fair number of conversations on this topic, but when I sat in a group listening to him, something connected for me in a new way.

What became most significant was the idea that we really do have to “choose” whether we are willing to release all known attachments if we are going to ride this Ascension wave, at least the early ones. (There may be several waves.) John’s belief is that when we ascend into 5D, we have a whole new planet, whole new structures.  He did say we would be creating with visualization, so ha, I could just create my house for example.  But not likely I could create say, all those great restaurants in nearby Asheville. So clearly, I've been pondering just what my attachments are.  And what it may mean to me if 3D no longer exists on our planet.

I don’t know if it’s my denial or if I’m tuning in differently, but I don’t think the outer change will be that drastic. I see a gradual outer change based on our frequency change (we all agree that ascension is a frequency chage.)  BUT, for instance, how can one keep having our energy company in 5D?  Our banks in 5D?  Our hospitals in 5D?  And why would we want to?  How about this new edition of my Empowering the Spirit book I’m hoping to release in the next month or so?  Why should I bother?  (Well I suppose if there are waves of ascension, then there is a good reason for getting the book out in that form to help others along.)  What about our social security checks and my husband's pension check which allows me the luxury of sitting here writing this blog.  That seems to make no sense in 5D.

This all brings me to main attachment:  my comfortable life.  Unlike many on the planet, I’m content. I’m living the life I want.  Am I ready to wake up in a whole new reality?  Am I ready to have that world based on peace and love that we’ve been putting out to the Universe all these years?  

I feel I’m being called to a deeper level of soul searching here, and perhaps you are too.  On one hand, sure, “bring it on.”  I’ll adjust.  And maybe adjusting in 5D is much easier than adjusting in 3D.  I know that what really brings joy is connecting with our Oneness; connecting with unconditional love.  So it’s a no brainer.  BUT I still have an ego structure.  Will it step in and interfere?  Does it need more preparation? Will it say “hell no, I’m not going to go?  I can’t give up all those yummy restaurants and sipping wine and going to the playground with my grandson and my beautiful mountain home and maybe even my husband.  And what about my kids… are they all on board the 5D train?"

So these are the questions that arise for me as I drop into the energy this latest 11:11 portal.  My Spirit longs for moving ever-closer to Source, while my ego still holds its old agenda. Perhaps the resolution will be spontaneous as we move through the 12/12 and 12/21 portals.  Perhaps my ego will gently go into surrender because the Call for my Spirit is so intense.  That will be lovely.  But just in case, Sister and Brother Earthlings, you might want to ponder what attachments still remain in your life.  And remember, just beam them unconditional love and enjoy the ride.  

Wishing you all a yummy and love-filled Thanksgiving.  
(hmmm... will we still be eating in 5D?  Oh please don't make me give up food....)