Friday, February 25, 2011

Multi-Dimensional Fundamentals

After my last blog entry, my sister-in-law, Laura sent me a Facebook comment saying she was still "ka-fused."  The punning went on, garnering input from her daughter and my husband, until we all had to STOP the insane word-ka-listhenics.   Nonetheless, her comment (noticed how I restrained myself on that one), was another sign to me that I had to write a blog entry giving people a 9-D base-line.  So today's the day.

You may want to refer to the rather primitive chart below:  This was an adaptation I made from Barbara Hand Clow's 9D Vertical Axis, and it is at the heart of living our multi-dimensional potential.  This chart is really a picture of  each of us in 9D.  As you might remember from my post "Life as a Tuning Fork," I explained how the gravitational spin out from the density of 1D (1st dimension) which is in the core of the Earth, and the very high-frequency gravitational force of 9D (ninth dimension) which is the black hole in galactic center, located at the center of the Milky Way, activate each other to create all the dimensions which exist in between.  This is an interactive, electro-magnetic process:  1D informs 2D and on up the axis:  9D informs 8D and so on down the axis.  And all the dimensions inform each other as well 

The most important piece to keep in mind, is that we are capable of embodying all 9-dimensions in our 3D selves.  This means we can stay in human form and extend our consciousness all the way up to Galactic Center and Divine Mind, and all the way down to the intelligences of the elements and our Earth's core.  This allows us to operate as the conscious beings that we all can be.  As more and more of us are able to hold these energies or frequencies, the conscioiuness on the Earth shifts.  We are capable of ridding ourselves and our planet of war, pollution, hunger, injustice, cruelty, hatred and anything else that propagates suffering and destruction.

Thus the dimensions in the diagram below not only exist in time and space, they exist within us as well.  Sadly, we have been deeply conditioned to ignore this, and to leave these potent gifts to lie dormant.  There have been millenniums of cultural collective beliefs aimed at keeping us shut-down.  Now, we have the privilege of living in an age where we can break through and awaken to our highest potential.  There is an interesting astronomical correspondence.  Scientists are finding high intensity gamma rays which have been bombarding our planet since the 1990's, and which Hand Clow sees as helping us break through those old, inaccurate beliefs about ourselves.  This is allowing us, en masse, to open up our consciousness and this collective awakening includes activating our 9D potential.

Back to the chart:  (and don't be concerned if it all doesn't compute just yet... this is very complex material) -- The waves of intelligence that spin out of the 9th dimension go down one octave, to create very high frequency light in the 8th dimension.  This corresponds to what we would call Divine Mind or Divine Order.  We cannot really conceptualize the 8th dimension, we can only experience it.  Things like watching synchronicities and/or noticing when your prayers have been answered in your daily life, connect you up to 8D.  The light from 8D then spins down another octave into the 7th Dimension:  the dimension of sound.  "In the beginning there was the word..." 

Remember that each dimension holds a electro-magnetic frequency where it vibrates at a certain speed.  7D sound, when slowed down an octave, creates 6D geometric patterns of light.  (Those of you familiar with the water crystal study will have a better understanding of how this works.)  I've written a lot in this blog about 6D (see my 12/20 post:  "6D really is ideal, just ask Plato" ), as it both fascinates me and has really been speaking to me these days... I feel as if I really understand it.  6D is Plato's world of forms.  Everything that we know of or conceive of, all objects and all qualities, exist in geometric light forms in 6D.   The human ka originates in 6D.  Morphic fields created in 6D (energy fields which hold these geometric form) also contain mists made up of what we think of as human qualities -- remember my blog about love-mists and war-mists?  (12/29 post:  "The mists of 6D, where our thoughts really go.")

Everything in 6D gets directly replicated in 3D.  (3 octaves lower.) But the two dimensions in between 6D and 3D are keys in terms of what quality of reality we create in 3D.  If we are not open to the love that is coming through from 5D and we are unable to neutralize the duality of 4D, then 3D replicates a lot of what I'd call "ungodly" qualities:  the pain, cruelty, suffering and destruction we are witnessing on our planet.

Hand Clow says "5D is the realm of light that centers in the human heart and is resonant with Earth's biological creatures and plants... the light's vibrational frequency is called samadhi -- the realizable human experience of communion
with the Divine."  One of the things that delighted and astounded me was finding out that the heart meditation that I thought I created and used in my workshops for the last 10 years or so was simultaneously being taught by numerous other teachers and was almost identical, even though we were all doing this intuitively.  All over the planet, people are learning to open their hearts in a way that simply was not done even a few decades ago.  This is 5D and we are embodying it!

4D is more complicated.  What happens is that when the light from the higher dimensions comes to the 4th dimension, it splits into positive and negative qualities.  The 4th dimension holds all of the archetypes that we have on the planet.  In my opinion, it corresponds to Carolyn Myss's 8th chakra.  So we have all the mythic Gods and Goddesses, devils and demons in the 4D field.  As humans, we have the capacity to integrate these qualities, because of course, they all exist within us... to essentially neutralize the light and dark energies so that they don't have to keep acting out their dramas in 3D.  The cultural beliefs I spoke of above, have kept us from bringing about a planetary shift, but I do believe now is the time. 

The second dimension exists below the Earth's crust, but also within us.  It is made up of all the elements (remember that chart from middle school science) and holds the intelligence from the rocks and crystals and metals.  Since our physical bodies are made up of these elements, we can see how 2D creates in 3D. 

The first dimension is simple.  It is the deep, dense, iron core of the planet that emits an energy to create gravity.  Without this gravity there would be nothing to activate the 9th dimensional spin that creates 2D-8D.  As we open our consciousness to the high frequency waves of Galactic Center, we better darn well be "grounded" by sending our roots into the crystal iron core of the Earth.  Otherwise, whoosh, we are likely to topple.  So it is 1D that creates our sense of stability.  (Did 9D create 1D?  Let me know if you figure that out.)

Okay, that's a whole lot to embody, but hey, it's calorie-free. 

Thursday, February 17, 2011

The KAs of Attraction

Y'all might be sick to death of my ka puns.  Okay I'm a little sick of my ka puns.  And just how much can I write about the ka body before we are all sick to death of it. (That old cranky judge who lives inside me was just up and running when I wrote that and likes to say that sort of stuff). Still I think that this is useful information.  It's Valentine's Day week after all, and so I will share my valentine's insights about the ka and relationships. 

While all physical attraction has its correspondence on a soul level, there are two distinct causes of this attraction:  relationships that are  driven by deep soul attraction, (ka love) and  relationships where the attraction is driven by complimentary wounding.  A relationship based on deep soul attraction holds the energy of emotional nourishment and joy.  A relationship based on complimentary wounding, will typically be draining and painful.

Both types of relationships have multi-dimensional components.  All relationships are soul contracts, after all.  If I am attracted to someone because of complimentary wounding, that person is not someone I am just randomly drawn to, but rather someone my soul has already experienced; someone I have a karmic connection with. 

Karma is simply an energetic configuration with its corresponding electro-magnetic pull.  We can always turn down painful contracts if we are committed to finding other ways (typically much easier ways) to learn our lessons.  The karma is released once the energy configuration is shifted.  So for example, if I was cruel to someone in another life, and we have made a pre-birth contract to heal that, there are many ways this can be done.  I could get into a long, painful and guilt-ridden relationship (my part of the complimentary wound) to validate this person's old sense of betrayal and anger, and at some point feel I had paid enough penance and therefore can forgive myself and resolve the karma, (which will likely include a break-up.)  OR I could hold this person and myself in deep love and compassion and chose simultaneously not to engage in the relationship drama.  (Which usually means not engaging in the relationship.)  Either way, the karma can shift, but one way bypasses the drama and therefore suffering of getting stuck in 4D.  Another even less appealing option, I can stay in the relationship and never shift anything which will not resolve the karma at all.

Relationships based on complimentary wounds are the classic co-dependent connections.  Noticing if you are drawn to such a connection, finding another way to release the karma AND making a commitment to work with your own emotional wounding will free you from major heartache. 

Relationships based on soul attraction are another experience entirely.  Here it is the energy of the ka bodies which draws people together.  One individual ka which holds the perfection of themselves, is now attracted to another person's ka which holds the perfection of them.   The attraction, while physical and sexual, will have an equally strong heart connection.  When there is a merging of kas in this way, the 6D potential expands, creating a relationship which fully supports the evolution of each partner.  These are the relationships where partners bring out the very best in each other, so the more you work with connecting to your ka body, the more likely these types of relationships will present themselves to you.

If you are in a loving relationship, you might want to try this out.  The next time you begin making love with your partner, do some deep breathing to connect more fully to your ka, and ask your partner to do the same.  Then take some time just to feel that ka connection.  Just luxuriate in it.  Just as we expand into our individual ka (see last week's "spontaneous ka-bustion" blog entry), we also can connect and expand into our relationship ka.  Then just follow the energy and enjoy...

No doubt you'll have a ka-tastic time.  (Okay maybe I should listen to that cranky old judge once in a while...)

Friday, February 11, 2011

Growing into our Ka Body and Spontaneous Ka-bustion

I think about my ka body a lot these days.  I have come to realize that the more fully my ka is able to permeate me at a cellular level, the better I feel, and the closer I move toward enlightenment, toward operating at my full multi-dimensional potential.  Enlightenment, in the way that I am using this term, is having full awareness that we are light beings;  allowing ourselves to fully embody light.  When we reach this point, our cells are able to vibrate at both the frequency and speed of light which gives us the power of dematerializing and re-materializing.  Of course as I sit here typing this, I can feel resistance in my body and realize, once again, how long a way I have to go. 

But that's not the issue.

Decades ago, I started to spontaneously embody my ka when I was doing therapy sessions.  It wasn't anything I was thinking about.  I didn't even know the word or the concept.  It was something that just happened.  It happened because I was fully present with my client and listening to them with my heart, instead of my intellect.  This wasn't a technique taught in graduate school, this was a state of presence that occurred simply because I deeply cared about my clients and their well-being, and had an innate gift for bi-passing my thoughts and ego agendas in order to be in sync with them.

In thinking about my experience with my ka, I have come to realize it is not unique.  Whenever we are involved in something that fully engages our Spirit, we naturally go into a state that allows our ka to permeate us at the cellular level.  Ponder something you truly love to do.  It can be as simple as sitting by the ocean or playing with your dog or singing a soulful song.  When anything has your full awareness, when your intellect takes a backseat, and you feel joyful and fulfilled, I believe your ka is engaged. 

There were two clear signs which let me know that I was strongly connected to my ka in therapy sessionsThe first was that linear time lost its relevance.  I kept track of when to stop a session, but for most of the session, I would have no sense of time passing:  To use Eckart Tolle's terms:  I was in the "Now."  The second sign was I began to pick up on my clients' feelings, kinesthetically.  I would feel their feelings in my physical body.  I could say "I'm picking up some anger coming up for you"  or "I'm feeling some sadness..."  And that would put my client's attention on what they were feeling, and from there, deep healing could occur.  I also had to train myself to not use that gift when I was out in public since I did not want to absorb others' pain.  It was only when I read about the ka and learned that it brings us the gift to both filter others' energy, and read others' energy, that I realized this had been happening to me for a long time.  I read energy kinesthetically, in other words through feelings, but for you it might happen through getting visual images or auditory messages.  Or just a vague sense.  Pay attention.

Since our ka body originates in the 6th Dimension we have to energetically allow it to join us in 3D.  We have been culturally programmed, and it has been suggested that the electro-magnetic field of the Earth has been manipulated, so that it is difficult for most of us to be joined with our ka body... but that doesn't mean it can't show up when we might least expect it.  And when you can, recognize when it is with you, then you can develop more powerful techniques to keep more connected.

To connect more strongly to mine, I spend at least a few minutes daily doing a visualization where I call my ka in.  What I have begun to notice is that I can feel where my ka can more freely hook up with my 3D body and I can feel where there is resistance.  Some of my cells refuse to merge with my ka's energy.  For me, this is in the area of the back heart chakra, a sign I am holding on to old wounding.  It is my ego that is doing the "holding on to..." and by paying attention, I am getting a clear message that I still have an attachment to this wounding, still feel an energetic need to "protect" myself by closing down a bit of my heart.  Now that I have that awareness, I can begin to work with this in a conscious way, which hopefully will result in that area healing, and more of my cells welcoming my 6D energy body.

While some teachers talk about the ka as being the same size as the physical body, I think that is an inaccurate image.  As we grow into our ka bodies, we have to expand, not on the physical level (no weight gain called for,) but in the energetic space we occupy.  I was talking about this the other day with my friend Linda Star Wolf.  She and Nicki Scully wrote about the ka in their book Shamanic Mysteries of Egypt.  Star Wolf had a wonderful image of the ka coming around us like a larger nesting doll of ourselves... and as we embody the ka, our energy becomes bigger -- we fill up the bigger field.

You might want to work with that image.  Invite your ka in and visualize and feel it surrounding you as a larger, more perfected version of yourself.  Notice the boundaries of your physical body before you expand into your ka.  Take a deep exhale, let those physical boundaries soften and feel yourself becoming spacious enough to fill that larger energetic space.  Stay with that experience for a few minutes.  Remember to feel gratitude for this magnificent part of yourself and imagine walking through your life in this state.

The more we pay attention, the more we work with our cells to open to this wonderful 6D energy, we just might ka-bust ourselves into a whole new reality.  Now that would be some light-show.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Faster than the Speed of Light

Happy New Moon in Aquarius to you all (or y'all as I'm learning to say down here in the NC mountains).  The energy of Aquarius is inventive, cutting-edge and thus filled with concepts and ideas that can shake up your old world.  So here's an idea for today.  Even though Einstein measured the speed of light as travelling at 186,000 miles per second, scientists are now hypothesizing that there are actually 3 speeds of light, depending on which dimension you are in.

When I was a young woman I read the Autobiography of a Yogi by Paramahansa Yoganada.  Yogananda explained the law of miracles by saying that once you could vibrate anything as fast or faster than the speed of light as defined by Einstein, it was no longer subject to the laws of the material world.  Fully realized beings can dematerialize and re-materialize anywhere on the planet by vibrating their cells at or faster than our 3D speed of light, and they are able to do the same thing with objects. 

"Masters [who] are able to materialize and dematerialize their bodies and other objects, ... move with the velocity of light, and utilize the creative light rays in bringing into instant visibility any physcial manifestation..." (Autobiography of a Yogi, p. 315) 

Yogananda equated being a awakened being with having complete awareness that we are literally made of light.  He saw that when we fully understood what that meant, not intellectually but through inner vision and experience, we were no longer subject to the physical laws of 3D.  Now according to Hand Clow, scientists are finding evidence that there at least 3 different speeds that light travels and its speed appears to depend on which dimensions you are operating in.   So when these enlightened beings shifted material reality, they were now connecting with light from higher dimensions.  Perhaps even speeding their frequency up to the frequency of 8D connecting directly with Divine Mind.

Hand Clow suggests that the dimensions and corresponding light speed work as follows:  1D-3D move at the slowest speed of light;  (186,000 miles per second), 4D-6D at a faster speed of light and 7D-9D with the fastest speed (that we know about so far.)  We thus can perceive 1D-3D easily -- that's  because our physical vision is based on the 3D speed of light.  To perceive higher dimensions our consciousness needs to expand, so that we are able to "see" or perceive beyond the capacity of our physical 3D eyes. 

Hmmmm.  That means that when you can raise your vibrational frequency to vibrate at or faster than the slowest speed of light, you become invisible to the human eye.  And from there, tele-transporting would be a breeze.  That brings in a new dimension (so to speak) to the concept of travel.

While no one seems to have unlocked the mystery of what might happen on Winter Solstice of 2012, consider that the biblical idea of the rapture might simply be a bunch of us (and I'd like this holiday party to include as many humans as possible), vibrating really really fast, say as fast as light in 8D. 

Now that would really be Divine.