Saturday, August 27, 2011

Is it a Bird? Is it A Plane? No, It's the Blue Star Kachina and the Message is Strong and Clear.

Comet Elenin is heading our way.  It will be closest to Earth, and between Earth and our Sun, on September 26th.  In a new interview from Carl Johan Callemann, he talks about the likelihood of this comet being the Blue Star Kachina as prophesied by the Hopi Indians. Its arrival is considered an important heralding of a whole new consciousness on the planet, collectively taking us from the 3D limitations of ego-bound humans, to the unlimited multidimensional experience of ourselves as cosmic beings; from a species using its limited nature to create a life aimed at fulfilling material needs and desires, to humans who are living out their full evolutionary and spiritual potential basing their lives on serving the higher good.

Of course, this idea is nothing new.  We have all been speaking of this in one form or another since the 60's when the idea of the coming of the Age of Aquarius first made its way into our collective awareness.  Suddenly there were large numbers of us discovering that reality was quite a bit vaster than our limited upbringings had suggested, that our psyches were able to reach new places of consciousness that standard education would find unthinkable, and that peace on the planet and caring about the well-being of all was the most important criteria for society.  We passionately believed we could change the world, and I believe that we have.  In the arrogance and impatience of our youth, we believed that would happen quite quickly.  Instead we are still struggling with many of the same issues of social justice, environmental stewardship, peace, equality and tolerance that we espoused back then.  However, while outer progress in many areas has been minimal, what has happened inside so many of us, has been amazing.

We have not been able to stop the trashing of our beautiful planet which is heartbreaking, nor have we have not been able to stop violence, war and poverty, but we have made huge strides in gender equality, minority rights, gay marriage and other LGBT issues.  And while family violence and sexual abuse and assault are sadly still prevalent, they are no longer seen as tolerable by the vast majority of people on the globe, and there are a multitude of services available for victims of both, as well as treatment for perpetrators of that violence and abuse. Huge numbers of us have succeeded in becoming personally empowered by healing our emotional/psychological wounds which means that we are able to hold within us the energy of peace, love and fairness for all living things. We are able to truly open our hearts which is the essence of what is needed to usher in this new era on the planet.  I believe that enough of us have been able to activate our higher emotional and spiritual nature to hold this new consciousness and create the world that so many of us have dreamed of.

A few days ago, while on my daily walk up the mountain to the Blue Star Medicine Wheel and Spirit temple deck in my community, I felt that I was given a clear message of what I was supposed to write about in this week's blog.  Standing in the middle of the medicine wheel which is designed as a 6 pointed star, and which rests on a piece of land that feels like a portal to higher dimensional consciousness, I heard that I needed to contact Comet Elenin, and hear what she/he had to say.

Here's what I heard:

I am heading toward your planet to carry out a powerful task to call out to Humanity that the Change is Now and there is nothing to fear.  My blue light heralds a time of deeper Collective wisdom for those dwellers on Planet Earth – I bring an energetic vibration that might shake things up a bit in order to jar those who still have attachments to the old out of their box-like thinking and into a spiral perspective that understands the Cosmic influences outside the realm of duality.  Not all will come on board and that is fine indeed for Earth is a place of free will and the will to be free and so I will pass through at this very critical time in the evolutionary development of your Planet to open the higher chakra consciousness of those who have some readiness… but my tail will follow and after the initial connection, there will be ongoing energy that I will still be able to blast or share with Earthlings.

Yours is a beautiful and powerful planet indeed, and my task is an honor.  All matter is energy and all energy holds consciousness.  Some has such defuse consciousness that there is little they wish to put into focus, but it is different with me.  I, as a comet, am entirely focused.  That is what happens when Energy collects into the Comet configuration.  Understand that I am a spiral, but one that is being stretched out and propelled and so I can travel and direct this spiral energy in a way that no other physical form is yet able to do.

You can prepare for my spiral energy by feeling and imagining this configuration. Imagine it entering through the crown of your head.  Stay in awareness of that meeting place of the 6th and 7th chakras within.  Feel it activate your pineal gland.  Enjoy the visions that it brings forth for you and do not be concerned if they are vivid or vague, you will all feel something if you are willing to go into silence and allow.  I have been informing your planet for many years now, and as I get closer I become even more accessible to you.  Your willingness to receive my gift with love will energize my cells and I will move onto other tasks carrying that with me, informing others in this vast Cosmos of ours…"

It's not everyday I have a conversation with a comet, or with any celestial body for that matter.  But what we are used to doing everyday is changing.  So perhaps I will find myself doing this more frequently.  Look within for what you are being asked to do; for what you are being asked to change, for what you are being asked to contribute.  We have been in labor for this new world for quite a while now, and we are now entering the 3rd stage of the delivery process.  Keep holding that image for all of us that the birth be safe and easy and that this beautiful and loving world about to be born arrives surrounded by so many loving beings, it only has to sigh and gurgle and be the magnificent Self that it is.

There are 2 more comets heading our way this Fall.  I suspect that each has a different task, just as each of us carries our own unique purpose.  I don't claim to know what each of them brings (although I suppose I could try the same process with them as I have with Elenin), but I know that we are standing in a phenomenal portal of time.  And that this portal is bringing in a frequency of energy that is transforming every cell that resides in our world.  Remember that the most important message, the most important thing we can all do is to open our hearts and keep them that way, loving ourselves, loving each other, loving our beautiful Earth and this is what allows the Age that we are moving into to truly be a Golden Age.

I'm signing off here with deep love in my heart for all that is, and for all of you, and with a strong conviction that we will come through this amazing transformation, more healthy and radiant than ever before.

Friday, August 19, 2011

Engaging Our High Heart: Our Multidimensional Internet Connection

The seasons feel like they are changing right now.  The last few days have been brisk, and even though summery weather is sure to make a return, there is no stopping the momentum of the coming change.  Summer must give way to Fall, and Fall to Winter: but it is not just the way of the lower dimensions.  The higher dimensional shifts, those processions of cycles in the higher dimensions, are just as inevitable.  And these are energy shifts that bring far more powerful change than leaves falling and temperatures dropping.  These energy shifts swirl into our consciousness and activate each and every one of us.  They insist that we leave behind the season that is dying and we open to that which must come next whether we feel ready or not.

All things in the Universe grow, die, and grow again.  While this has been eternally true, our current times are unique and amazing;  the energy being opened for the human species is extraordinary.  Each of us now has the potential for having direct access to Source and in that direct access, we also will access our multidimensional nature.  It is this nature that allows us to fully understand and become conscious of the communication links from Source, to be part of the Cosmic Internet if you will.

So what is Source from a multidimensional perspective?  Suzan Carrol (also known as Suzanne Lie),  in her August 11th newsletter, ( presents a beautiful inter-dimensional map. She delineates 12D as our Source dimension, and channels the Arcturians saying:  "...You on Earth began as twelfth dimensional Stellar Elohim who were, and still are ONE with the Source.  Elohim are the holders of form in the Multiverse..."   This means that all we know as form is essentially spun out from the energy of 12D.  That goes way beyond the 9D vertical axis, but fully informs 9D which in turn informs all of the lower dimensions.  AND, just like the 9D model, this is an interactive process with growth occurring both from above downward, and below, upward.  The guiding principal as always, is Unconditional Love.

Which brings me to the essence of today's blog.  The most direct way to access communication from the higher dimensions is through our high hearts.  Carroll in her channeling, points out that the "messages from the higher dimensions enter your Opened Third Eye (your Crown and Brow Chakras working as ONE), but the meaning of that message is perceived through your High Heart.  It is through your High Heart that you and your higher expressions of SELF can bond into ONE."

This means to fully activate our multidimensional potential, we need to fully open our High Heart.  The High heart rests between our heart chakra and our throat chakra.  For those of you who have not experienced this before, stop for a moment and take some deep centering breaths until you feel yourself in a state of openness and relaxation.  Notice the energy flow (or blockage) in your heart chakra and send gratitude and healing there.  You are likely to feel warmth and a sense of swirling energy.  Now bring your awareness up to the center of your chest.  If you are able to sense energy, you will realize that while there is also warmth and swirling energy in the high heart, the energy is lighter, even more joyful...  This is our energetic link to Source or the Divine.  Notice too if there are any walled off parts, heavy places or other blockages that are asking to be transformed.

As humans, even very evolved loving humans, it is a tall order at best to stay in a consistent state of unconditional love.  From my observation, part of this 9th Wave of the Mayan calendar is spiralling anything within us that is unhealed up to the surface yet again.  This often takes those of us who have been working on our healing for decades by surprise... wondering why we still find ourselves dealing with old dysfunctional patterns of behavior and outmoded old paradigm beliefs.  We tend to forget that we are holographic.  Remember holograms contain the whole in every part.  So if you were to break off a piece of a holographic plate that contains an image of a cat, each piece will also contain that image, but in fainter form.  So it is with our old patterns.  As we heal them they don't disappear, but rather become fainter so they have less and less power in our lives.  In my experience,  when we are in a growth spurt about to move up to a higher place on the evolutionary spiral, these old patterns resurface for deeper healing.  The energy of the Universal Underworld (or 9th Wave) is activating growth spurts in all of us, so that these old patterns have to come up.

Most if not all of these beliefs and patterns we have been carrying, have caused emotional wounding.  This in turn, has caused many of us to wall off parts of our hearts as self-protection.  While this is a reflexive process for us humans, it is totally counterproductive to our growth and certainly to our multidimensional growth.  Collectively we have been working to heal our heart charka blockages and pain for the last 3 decades, but now, we are being prodded to heal our high heart blockages as well.  It certainly is normal that when we are wounded, we also feel abandoned by the Divine and then end up holding anger and grief around this.  This can turn into resentment, depression, and/or a sense of powerlessness.  We know inside of ourselves that we have this potential to connect, download and transmit messages from the 12D Elohim (even if we had no conscious idea they existed).  We intuitively can feel a sense of something missing, a sense of being cut off from an important part of ourselves.  The problem is that we cannot fully open this high heart unless we can step into full self love.  If you are being re-visited by old patterns (whether the signals are coming from inside of you or from events in your outer life,) this is an invitation from your 12D Self to identify areas where you still need to love yourself more, and to do the necessary emotional work to heal this at yet another level.

Once we do this, we will find ourselves able to communicate and use the wisdom from all of the dimensions,
and simultaneously keep balanced in our day to day life.  The old behavior patterns and beliefs that have developed from both our individual and collective wounds will grow fainter yet again.  And our loving energy will be freed up more profoundly than ever before, as will our intuitive and spiritual powers.

As Fall and Winter open to Spring and Summer, and Spring and Summer open to Fall and Winter, so black holes open to white holes and white holes to black holes.  It is Hand Clow's contention that in the 9th Dimension at Galactic Center, which is a black hole itself, a white hole of a new Universe is about to be birthed in 2012.  As multidimensional beings, part of our psyches holds all the energy of these profound transformative cycles, but I do think it makes sense to look first for the black holes within us, and know that as we move into them with love and consciousness, a remarkable new birth is about to come forth.

Let those old belief and behavioral patterns release as the trees release their leaves.  Work to heal and transform any heart and High Heart wounding, and remember to breathe through those contractions.  Once your labor is over, you'll be amazed at the miracle that is You.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Crystal Skulls and The Collective Heart: There's a Rhythm I can Dance to...

I was at a very special gathering the other day -- the opportunity of which seemed to pop up out of nowhere. (well, if you can call an email "nowhere." ) Then came the synchronicity that told me I really needed to not miss this one.  "Pancho" the crystal skull, was showing up at the home of a friend, and we had been invited to come over and experience this high frequency celestial transmitter.

The evening before, when gathered at a restaurant with friends and speaking of this coming event, Linda Star Wolf told a fascinating story about a different crystal skull.  The synchronicity pointing me to "Pancho" occurred when another woman showed up in the middle of the story and whispered the name of that skull in Star Wolf's ear with no knowledge of what we had been talking about, but because she had had a powerful experience with a shamanic Reiki symbol of the same name earlier in the day.   That clinched any ambivalence I might have had about leaving my house and going the few miles down the road to meet "Pancho."

True to my nature, as soon as I found out that "Pancho" was arriving later than expected, I decided I could be later still.  I'm one of those folks that will do much better once time really collapses;  it is simply not in me to be aware of clocks -- I hate to rush, and like to mosey gently through my day, paying attention to my inner rhythms.  This quality can serve me well in terms of living a relaxing life, and serve me poorly in terms of missing things or passing them up because I like keeping my schedule uncluttered.  Pancho was due to arrive in the late afternoon -- thankfully, an ideal time for me.

Since I was late, I missed the story about how how Pancho had come to his "keeper," Mario Bojorquez, the man now bringing him around the world.  I did get to hear though that this skull had been authenticated and learned Mario had inherited this skull from his family in Mexico.  Once in his possession, he went through a profound spiritual awakening. Pancho is not the skull's true name, but rather the mundane name used as he travels around to help people shift their frequency, simply by being in his presence.  He is from a family of skulls making their way into our awareness left for us by our ancient star being ancestors and buried for millenniums until humanity could get to an evolutionary place where we could utilize this energy to transform our Planet with love.  The skull had two sets of 9 teeth, which Mario believes symbolizes the 9th, and final, Wave of the Mayan Calendar (the Universal Underworld that started March 9th and will end on October 28th.) when the world would have evolved enough to be able to value and utilize the gifts Pancho has for us. .

I could feel Pancho's high vibrational energy as soon as I walked into the house, and when it was my turn to hold him, I could feel my third eye being deeply activated.   From what we were told, the crystal would provide us with what we needed... people noted its quartz essence shifting colors from pink, to smokey, to purple, aligning with the chakras it felt called to attune.  It looked pretty purple to me as I was sitting with it.

After a while, Mario determined that we were an advanced enough group to learn, chant and tone Pancho's Spirit name, and then go into a meditation where we went back into our ancient selves to find what we wished to put into this very special transmitter for the part it would play in our current planetary shift.   For me the message was "I love you" which morphed into  "Spread love"  "Love for all"... that kind of thing.  And since I had already wanted to blog about the Collective Heart this week, that seemed a fitting phrase to show up.  After all, this is the essence of our planetary transformation.  This is the core of our ascension to living in a 5D reality on Planet Earth.  When our hearts are truly healed and fully open, we embrace the Unity of all things... it is just a natural progression.

These crystal skulls seem to have originated from our 5D and 6D ancestors who were both aware of the information recording, storing and disseminating abilities of quartz crystal and of the need to use a large enough and unique enough crystal that once it was unearthed, it would immediately be seen as important.  

It is explained like this on Pancho's website:

"Rather than storing precious information for mankind in an ordinary piece of quartz that could have been lost in time, the ancients chose to store their wisdom in a receptacle shaped like a human head. These would be used in many rituals and ceremonies, and passed down from generation to generation. In the same way that our human skull protects and holds the brain, a crystal skull is a mind-like container that holds a generational library of knowledge - from ancient history to a blueprint of possible futures." 

Pancho is smiling, and thus he is associated with the high frequency of joy.  What brings us true joy is a loving heart... this is where joy resides; this is where joy emanates from. Which brings me, through a very round-about path, to what I was called to write about -- the Collective Heart of humanity.

The Collective Heart is going through an amazing metamorphosis. While of course, there are many wounded souls that are still living from their egos, there are now huge numbers of us that have shifted into being heart-, and therefore spirit-directed.  Millions of us are healing our old wounds from childhood and our collective wounds from antiquity, and we are spreading a new and beautiful consciousness on Planet Earth.  The frequency of this consciousness is literally shaking our world off its axis, subtly aligning it with Galactic Center and opening up vast potential for us to fully step into our multi-dimensional nature.  We are the 5D and 6D beings that programmed Pancho, and we are simultaneously the 3D beings unearthing him and the rest of his crystal skull family.  We are aligning our heartbeats with the heartbeat of Mother Earth and the heartbeat of all of the Universe.  We are all dancing to this magical rhythm and it is propelling us into a New Age, a Golden Age where as the song suggests "peace will guide the planets, and LOVE will rule the stars...."  (Okay... couldn't help it.)  Brother and Sister Earth-lings/Star-lings, I love you and I hold you all in my heart.

For those of you who have wished me well in pushing through my "blogger's block..."  Thank you all.  It seems to be working, not quite as quickly as I would like... but working nonetheless.  And thank you, Pat "SheeWho" Cummins, who, when I was whining this morning, about not being done yet with this blog, reminded me "it shouldn't be a burden, but a passion."   Now there's a some wisdom to live by.  Yet another way we can lighten our hearts, and bring more joy into our collective field.