Sunday, July 31, 2011

More Mind (and Mind-less) Meanderings

I have blogger's block it seems.  nothing immediately comes through for what to write about this week.  I'm aware that we are finishing up a moon cycle today which began on July 1st with a new moon and powerful eclipse.  And within a day, all the plans I had for this lunar cycle shifted, and I've never quite been able to retrieve them.  Is this blogger's block connected?

And what does this have to do with my multidimensional being?  In listening to a Hand Clow interview last week, I heard Barbara say that we really had to keep expecting the unexpected:  to stay in fluidity and listen to our 8D Guidance and be willing to change plans at the last minute.  Always good advice of course. On an inner level this helps us let go of the rigid old paradigm beliefs we are all carrying.  I have a lot of Virgo in my astrological chart and I enjoy an orderly life.  So there's an illusion and old belief that is beginning to crumble.  I am being asked to learn how I can make my life work whether it is orderly or not.

The interviewer, Jim Self, another teacher and healer, spoke often of time collapsing as we near the end of the calendar.  He noted that all of our memories are being altered.  It is taking everyone longer to remember the past, even the immediate past like what we had for dinner last night.  (OK, my mind is very linear about food and I'm easily remembering the sauteed trout with brown basmati rice and vegetables from our garden.  But I do get his point.)  He feels that this is part of our old beliefs dissolving and of finding ourselves more and more in present moment.

To prove his point, each new moon I write out some intentions to complete during the cycle.  One of the intentions for this last cycle was to let go of self-defeating beliefs about my work.  Apparently I set about that one immediately after the July 1st new moon, since I just found a note card where I had written these limited beliefs down. Not only did I forget I had done this, but when I read over those beliefs, they seemed light years from how I was thinking about things now... yet they were written only 27 or so days ago.  Now it seems I have a whole different set of beliefs to work with.

The most important piece that I gleaned from this interview is that we are collectively shifting our relationship to 4D, which means that we are shifting our relationship to the Collective Mind since 4D holds the Collective Mind.  In the past, we have been controlled by these collective beliefs and the more of us who bought into these beliefs and the more frequently this occurred, the less we were using our own creative potential and the easier it was for the power elite to manipulate us.  Even when we knew these beliefs to be untrue, beliefs for instance like we are all sinners and therefore unworthy, we often found ourselves still operating as if they were and therefore never truly connected with our Selves.  In turn, we never empowered ourselves to step into full Co-Creation.

While many of us have worked with these self-defeating beliefs for decades and have transformed them reasonably well, the Collective Mind has not fully transformed.  This is what currently is in great flux:  there is a collective clearing of  "Who we are not" as a species.   You might want to start with phrase  "who I am not,"and journal on it.  This will move you more intensely into who you are.  When we really know who we are, we are no longer "controllable"  If you remember some blogs back, when I wrote about the old pyramidal structures collapsing, embracing who we really are, embracing our powerful multidimensional nature, is the driving force behind that collapse because it activates unlimited resourcefulness within us.

It gets a bit more complicated however.  The Oneness movement on this planet is huge right now.  It is part of our entry point into our collective Ascension.  What we understand from this concept of Oneness (or if you prefer, non-dualism) is that everything we are not, we also are.  (Is your left brain going crazy from this yet?) But using the other, even more important entry portal, that of our hearts, allows us to release attachment to this untrue-self, or cultural self, to integrate and therefore neutralize its energy.  Everything we are and everything we are not, is a manifestation of the Divine, since everything is energy.  But if we want to create a New Earth based on higher consciousness and love, we need to stop feeding "who we are not."  Instead, we need to breathe more life into our true expression.  As we do this, we bring in our ka bodies more fully and an unstoppable vibration rolls out from us and aligns us with whole new frequencies and thins the collective 4D muck, so more and more high vibrational light shines through.  This in turn allows us to connect with all 9 dimensions of ourselves... we become a very different species living on a very different planet.

Okay.  Can't say I feel the blogger's block fully gone, but the words are on the page, and a few days have passed.  We are now being activated by this Leo new moon.  Here's our opportunity to be imbued with courage, creativity and heart-centered awarenesses, and if that's not enough for you, today, July 31st, we begin Day 5 of the Universal Underworld on the Mayan Calendar.  Watch for what buds are developing within you because within weeks, these will begin to flower.  I'll probably write about it then, that is if I can remember.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

It's About Time and I think I'm "Getting" the 9th Dimension

In time.  On time.  Out of time.  Is it time?  What does it mean that time is ending?
What does it mean that 9D spins time waves out of Galactic Center and that the Mayan Calendar is based on these 9th-dimensional waves? And should I be taking the time to blog about this especially when I am feeling frustrated that I seem to have so little time to blog and write in general?  Am I wasting my time?  And since time is pretty much an illusion anyway, why don't I stretch time and then everything will fall neatly into place -- just in time. Ahhh... the contradictions and the predilections of the inquiring mind.

Last blog, I talked about how time is quite literally speeding up.  We've known this.  Way before I knew about how this connected to the Mayan calendar, I was having discussions with friends and students about this phenomenon.  Eckhart Tolle's The Power of Now, which I read too long ago to remember exactly how time was handled (and of course, I'm feeling I don't have enough time right now to check into it,) helped us experience the clarity/reality that if we just get in the Now, there is always plenty of time.

This is bringing up the model we used to use in the 70's to show the illusion of scarcity;  a story about how there was a belief that there were only so many "warm fuzzies" to go around.   We all learned even back then that the too-little-money-too-little-time-too-little-love-model was just part of the old paradigm, of The System, of Capitalism, of the Patriarchy. There is always abundant time, resources and love to go around if we stop feeding into this illusion.  Here we are, could it actually be 40 years later!!!!  We are still learning the same lesson.  It seems to be taking a long time ...and it is still feeling timely.

Okay... let me get a bit more focused, and stop rushing despite what time the clock is telling me it is.  I'm remembering the time in my life, in the mid 60's, when I was an English major studying Faulkner.  Faulkner had a strong awareness of the difference between Heart Time and Clock Time. For those of you who haven't read Faulkner, you might not know about this.  He wrote of the South.  The segregated/post-slavery South.  He understood that the "Negros," as African-Americans were called in his time, were connected to something that white people weren't, and it had to do with time.  He tuned into their wisdom about the natural rhythms and natural cycles of things and lamented being stuck in a culture that used clock time as a standard and demanded that its participants rule their lives by it.

Indigenous people have had this time thing figured out.  In Mutant Message Down Under, the Maori went into a sacred cave on their walk-about and checked in with some powerful time portal that their whole culture was based on.  It was above my head (which no doubt is why we tend to see 9D as Up) but I got a sense of it.  If only I could find my copy of that book, I bet I'd understand their quest in a much more profound way, which might in itself unlock the answers to questions that I'm posing.  But I gave several copies away a long time ago.

I was in Morocco for a few weeks in the early 70's and learned another interesting lesson about pre-industrial cultures and time.  When you made an agreement for someone to come to dinner or to meet at a particular "time," to the Moroccan at least in those days, that meant they could show up any time after that agreement was made... it could be days later.  I guess they would come whenever it felt right.  I was fascinated that a society could operate like that; this was such a foreign concept.

We are being challenged in a new way right now on Planet Earth.  How does one live in the Now which was easy for indigenous cultures, and one of the hardest lessons for industrial and  post-industrial cultures, and still maintain a connection to clocks and appointment books and deadlines (now there's a word for you)?  And do we still want to have clocks and appointment books and deadlines as we enter this ascension portal that is awaiting us between Oct. 28th of this year, and Dec. 21, 2012; this ascension portal at the end of this 16.4 billion year evolutionary cycle?

At this point in time, I believe that we will.  I see that we will still have our clocks and our calenders, and that we will still plan activities around them.  However, what will be different will be our relationship to them.  They become our tools rather than enslaving us.  We will find ourselves living in the larger evolutionary cycles of things, because isn't that what really spins out of 9D?  We will hold that 9D consciousness while we go about our daily lives and we will ultimately refuse time-tables that interfere with this.  We will no longer just have "biological" clocks, but we will have spiritual/emotional clocks that will ultimately be what makes us tick.  And all that we do will be Divinely timed.

Okay, I'm timed-out.  I'm in the future thinking of unopened and/or unanswered emails.  So let me take time for a few deep breaths which will usher me back into the Now and help me realize this blog will be posted, of course, right on time.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

It's Darkest Just before Dawn: And that just might go on for 3 Days

There could be a dramatic initiation coming just before the dawning of a planetary-wide transformation:  more dramatic than most of us could conjure in our wildest imaginations.  Three days of darkness has been prophesied from several sources, and Swedish scientist Carl Johan Calleman wrote an interesting article that makes the possibility of this actually happening, seem more plausible.  What's more, since this planetary transformation corresponds to the end of the Mayan Calendar,  we just might have to mark off a new date in our cosmic appointment books.  While popular thought has the Mayan Calendar ending on December 21, 2012, Calleman, a former toxicologist and cancer researcher who has devoted many years to studying the Mayan calendar, says it really ends on October 28, 2011.  Coming right up folks!

Calleman was drawn into Mayan culture in the late 70's because it connected him with deeper levels of meaning and activated his spiritual development.  He became so fascinated with it, he gave up Cancer research and made "Calendar research" his full time job. In studying the Mayan calendar, he uses a scientific approach to come up with significant dates, rather than channeling the information.  He understands that the calendar essentially charts the evolution of consciousness on our planet, and he makes compelling arguments for it ending on October 28 of this year.  ( 

Using the visual representation of a Mayan Pyramid, he shows how the Mayans calibrated the pyramid to symbolically represent this ascension process.