Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Strolling the Multidimensional Path in 3D

It dawned on me when I was pondering what I wanted to blog about, that I rarely talk about the blessings and intelligence of 3D.  Ironic, since this is the dimension that hosts our bodies and where we spend most of our waking life.  3D according to Hand Clow, is the dimension where the physical and the non-physical meet.  That's pretty magical all by itself.

Every morning I wake up to the amazing magnificence of the blue ridged Smoky Mountains. Sometimes the smoke-like fog cloaks the peaks and the mountains become invisible, only to then reappear more glorious than ever a few hours later. Whether walking or driving in my part of the world, my 3D eyes consistently feast upon the most incredible beauty and I can feel this shifting something in my energy field.  It is like I can drink in the beauty of 3D and this beauty connects me to the vibrational frequencies of the higher dimensions.

3D is the realm of our physical senses.  This world is full of sensuality:  beautiful color, shapes, texture, sweet and savory tastes, fragrances, soothing touch, pleasurable touch, sexual touch, sounds from birds and animals, from water and the wind.  A world of light and dark.  All of this has the capacity to propel us into those higher realms, but 3D is typically our access point and deserves a place of honor for that.  The cycles of nature are always with us here:  seeds are planted, stems emerge from the earth, buds form and flower, and then we can watch as it all dies away, only to come back in different form. Isn't that a perfect prototype for the journey of our souls?

The challenges of the 3rd dimension are always upon us, as our egos develop to help us navigate physical survival, and our Spirits push us to release ego and develop spiritually. Another way to look at this is that our egos develop to help us navigate in the duality of 3D, while our Spirits keep pushing us toward Oneness.  The irony is that while this can be hard and bring us much suffering if we attach to the ego polarity, it is also a hugely fun game for those of us who have done our inner work, cleared our emotional field, and have accessed both self-love and Divine love while learning to not take the goings on of this dimension too seriously.  This allows us to enjoy the dance and laugh at our awkwardness, turn the music off or put on another tune.

I'm pretty disciplined in many ways, and the purpose of that discipline is to keep me connected to Spirit and the directives of my soul, but there are days when I just want to chuck it all and indulge in 3D.  I want to give in to the petty desires of my ego and sit by the wood stove, read a good novel and sip brandy.  I want to play Spider Solitaire rather than write.  I want to do crossword puzzles rather than do yoga or meditate.

But isn't that the fun of it after all?  If I were perfectly disciplined and always content in my discipline wouldn't that begin to turn me into a robot?  Or so I say to myself.  For those of you really paying attention, you'll notice this is no doubt the tricky voice of my ego creating excuses... or hmmm is it the tricky voice of my ego creating judgements, subtly chastising me for not doing better?  Has this now become the tricky voice of my 3D ego being a "buzz kill," a term that my oldest daughter will put out in the context of "mom, stop being a buzz kill."

Along that line, there's the guilt-inductions my 3D ego also loves to put on me. They go something like this "wow, I have such incredible blessings in my life, what about all the people who don't?"  (which is my ego's code for:  "hmmmm, you better not feel too good.") Now I'm not suggesting it isn't a good thing to appreciate one's blessings and wish the same for others (which I fully do), but to diminish one's joy does not serve the greater good. Yes, I do believe that in 3D terms, "no one is truly free until we are all free."  Yes, I do deeply honor that we are all One, and if you are suffering, you are a part of me and on some level, I must share in this for you.  BUT, by that same token I know that if I am joyful it helps us all, my joy adds to the joyfulness of the whole, and when my life works perfectly for me, it helps your life work equally perfectly for you. So please consider joining me in putting "Having all the joy possible" into our 2012 resolutions.

From a multidimensional point of view, everything in 3D exists in some form in 6D. Remember, we create those 6D mists which then replicate back into 3D.  So let's all join together this new year, and hold that frequency of gratitude, love and joy, and watch those 6D gratitude, love and joy mists grow bigger and bigger, fuller and fuller, showering us all with that energy.

And so my Sister and Brother Earthlings, as we say good-bye to 2011 and walk through the portal of the much-awaited year of 2012, remember to take time to grab some popcorn, put on your 6D glasses, sit on back and enjoy the Earth show.

Monday, December 19, 2011

Speaking Our 7th Dimensional Truth and other MultiD Ramblings

I have been revisiting and revising my second book Empowering the Spirit, because I'm planning to publish it on Kindle in the next few months.  As I was looking over what I had written on the 5th chakra, I realized how this chakra is connected with the 7th Dimension and began as well to realize that as we heal this chakra, we amplify our ability to hold 7D frequency.

The 5th chakra is our throat chakra.  To keep it functioning in a healthy way, we need to be able to both speak our truth and speak from our hearts.  I wrote about the developmental task of teenagers needing to talk back when something feels unfair or wrong.  As a society, we discourage this and therefore many of us reach adulthood repressing honest communication and therefore powerful self-expression.  There's something even deeper and more insidious that begins to occur when we are trained to not speak from our heart, to not speak our truth, to not challenge convention:  we begin to hold back speaking our inner wisdom which both disconnects us from our Spirit and creates obstacles to our collective evolution.

In 7D, higher dimensional light gets transduced into sound.  Chanting, bird song, conscious music and poetry hold this resonance for us and keep us connected to the energy of this dimension. If one were to imagine that they could tune their vocal chords to vibrate in harmony, if not in exact frequency of 7D (I suspect we do not at this point have the physical capacity for our vocal chords to vibrate at that frequency although chanting the word OM, at just the right resonance, gets us close,) we would hold this level of consciousness in all our communications.  Imagine spreading Divine resonance simply by speaking our truth and communicating our wisdom.

I always talk about the water crystals when I teach about 7D.  Masaru Emoto in The Hidden Messages in Water ran experiments to show how sound (and even the written word) created different crystalline formations in water:  some clearly beautiful and healing, and other's bleak and unappealing.  Consciously sending loving words into the water would create these vibrant, healing water crystals while consciously sending angry, hateful words to the water would create structures that actually looked quite ill.  Music did the same thing creating harmony or disharmony depending on the resonance (there are beautiful crystals from 1950's modern jazz, and some pretty ugly formations from some Heavy Metal music. Sounds from 7D (which are made up of higher vibrational light that has slowed down from 8D) create energetic crystalline structures in 6D pretty much the same way: this is sacred geometry.  And for those of you following this multidimensional theory, you'll remember that everything in 6D replicates in 3D.  You'll also remember that creation on the 9D vertical axis comes both from above and from below. There are gravitational waves in both 1D and 9D that create all that exists in between.  Therefore not only does 6D replicate in 3D, 3D thoughts create mists in 6D that give rise to geometric configurations as well, which then will replicate on Earth.  Given this, I would think that we send energy up to 7D, just as 7D sends energy down to us.  This is the dance of creation.  And sound plays a very important role.

As I wrote this, my mind immediately wandered over to the dark side of communication: Those infamous 4-letter words that personally I have found to hold some important wisdom on their own about the human experience.  Am I taking myself away from that higher frequency every time "oh shit" falls out of my mouth.  "Fuck yes!"  I answer wryly.  BUT, there is a cadence and humor, and even better, an overall passion, a teenage-style life force energy that is often encoded in these expletives.  So lest I start thumping a new paradigm bible, and try to impose old rules of conduct, let me be clear.  It is not the words, but the intent behind them, the energy behind them.  If I start cursing you out, I am taking a negative feeling within me and projecting it onto you, this will keep me stuck in dense energies.  I'll be creating "sick water crystals" so to speak.  On the other hand, if I use expletives to express a passionate feeling, I may be opening that archetypal stream to higher dimensional portals and maybe end up creating a whole new geometric crystal structure that might have its own type of beauty.  Remember we can use very proper words to spew bad energy, and not such proper ones to keep us in a good energy flow.  So I suppose one really important criteria for healthy 5th chakra expression is authenticity and an open heart.  From there all dramatic words have a positive purpose.  My point is, that words and sounds that can hook us up to the spiritual energy of 7D might not always be the most "holy" and therefore the most obvious.  It is not the word itself, but rather the feeling behind that word when it is uttered or written.  (Now that would be an interesting water crystal experiment.)

Because authentic speech has been discouraged, suppressed and repressed in our culture, even the most developed human is likely to have some communication issues.  I'd like to see a water crystal that develops when one uses words that avoid truth, that are indirect and full of innuendo.  It is a good practice to think about how we were taught to communicate.  Were we taught to hold back?  Were we taught to speak aggressively?  Were we taught to speak words we thought others would like us to say?  It is interesting that the word phony, has "phon" (as in phonic) in it.  Crystalline formations from inauthentic speech no matter how pretty the words, aren't going to create healing structures.  And clear, direct and truthful words spoken with love will heal our hearts, our relationships and no doubt, our dimension.

So speak out, brother and sister Earthlings, tell it like it is, tell it like you feel it, and tell it like you vision it.   Speak of love, and speak of pain.  Imagine the words that begin in your heart, that move up into your brain, and let them roll out of your mouth.  Sing your passion and sing us a new world... afterall, it's almost 2012.

Monday, December 5, 2011

My blog is a year old today. Just How Much Multidimensional Potential Am I Living?

I began this blog exactly a year ago.  I have been pretty faithful, and you, my readers, have been pretty faithful as well. Uncharacteristically, I only wrote one blog post in November. Lots of factors played into this, but the outcome was that I began to look more consciously at what this blog is really about, where it's been and where it might meander during its second year on the planet.

My intention in starting this blog was to give voice to the increasing awareness I was having about our multidimensional nature.  I saw this as an opportunity to share this information in a way that could both educate and activate an expanded view of who we really are, and why we are really here.  I imagined that we would all begin to experience ourselves as tuning forks, holding the frequencies of each of the 9 dimensions on the vertical axis, connecting with the full gamut of Divine intelligence implicit in this and creating a New Earth in the process.  I visualized myself vibrating this way in my daily practice through much of this year. I taught numerous workshops and classes where I took others through this experience.  I imagined we would all become super-beings, walking in our 3D bodies on planet Earth together, while operating simultaneously in all the other dimensions and that the ensuing magic would totally transform us and our world.  And that this would have happened by now, or at least that I would have seen visible progress.

I wrote a lot about time: its ending, its meaning, its mundane and esoteric functions -- how it swirls out of 9D in some inexplicable and mystical way to create long Earth cycles and then is no more.  I wrapped my mind around it.  I railed at how quickly it escaped my control and how much of it I found myself using just to put out these weekly words.  I turned 65 and wondered if I was running out of time or was, as I happily announced, only 1/2-way through adulthood and therefore still had plenty of time.  I spoke a lot about time and the Mayan calendar and Callemann's view of its meaning and its ending.  And I began to take a more serious look at the idea that we were all in the process of ascending from being 3rd dimensional beings to becoming 5th dimensional beings, stressing how important it is that we continue to open our hearts and release judgments.    

And then I woke up at 4 this morning, and I asked myself:  Just how much more of my multidimensional potential have I activated in this past year?  Have I made any progress at all?  I realized at that moment that I didn't have a clue, but it didn't seem like it was very much.  I also realized as my brain wandered and wondered about these things, that I was not feeling my ka body, or what I'm more recently beginning to think is my light body. (You know, when you get that wonderful sense of floating, being almost weightless, as if you barely have a physical body, but instead are this wonderful energy body that is in the midst of getting an etheric massage?).  I tried to call it in since I often feel it in the middle of the night, but to no avail.  Realizing I wasn't able to feel that light body made it all the more likely to me that perhaps I hadn't activated anything more at all;  that perhaps I would never be able to write another blog;  that perhaps I had jumped off the spiral path, and got caught on the hamster wheel, spinning aimlessly while under the illusion that something different was happening.  And then while I was in the midst of these rather dark and disturbing thoughts, my light body showed up.  It hadn't come to me when I tried to call it, although sometimes it will.  It popped in (or my awareness expanded to include it, for it must always be there) totally spontaneously, and even though I noticed that my thoughts continued - dense 4D thoughts - this energy body didn't care.  It stayed anyway.  I was having this amazingly pleasurable ongoing sensation while simultaneously watching myself still thinking these cumbersome thoughts. I found this fascinating and soon drifted back off to sleep.

When I got up this morning, I was feeling considerably more optimistic, but did not glean the significance of what occurred until I just wrote about it.  There I was holding several frequencies simultaneously and this happened with no effort on my part. The frequency I am vibrating at to experience that "light body" sensation is higher dimensional...(I'm not sure at this point just what dimension),and my thoughts were vibrating at a lower frequency and I was still in a 3D body lying in my bed, which was vibrating at still another frequency.  So there's my answer.  While I was having light body sensations before starting this blog last year, what has changed is that I can hold these multi-levels of consciousness in my awareness, and that is just happening on its own.

I find this pretty darn interesting.  First, as usual, I am shown that the Universe will always answer my call as long as I pay attention.  And then that I am being given a clear message something definitely has been changing within me, and it is about using more of my multidimensional potential and it has absolutely no intention of looking like what I might have anticipated.

Now that I'm able to take a more objective look at my growth than I was at 4 this morning, I see that of late I have been experiencing a power in my teachings that has not been there before.  I've always been a gifted teacher with great access to intuitive wisdom, as well as the ability to engage and flow with my audience, but this year, I can feel the Divine coming through me in a new way; a stronger and louder way and it has been primarily as I've taught multidimensionality.

Then there's the last, but in no way "least" change, and that has to do with my heart.  Last year at this time, my heart was generally pretty open.  Now, however, when I tune into my heart, I can feel my heart energy expand throughout my entire chest from one side of my body to the other.  This doesn't mean I don't have to deal with judgments that arise for myself and others, but the growth is palpable.

When I was standing in the middle of our Blue Star Medicine wheel the other day on my daily walk up  the mountain to our Spirit Temple, I asked for guidance about where this blog was supposed to go. What I got was assurance that it should continue and that it was going to veer slightly in a new direction.  What that will look like will have to evolve over time, but let me assure you, Brother and Sister Earthlings, I will continue sending these words out to you and will hold you in my ever expanding heart.  Together we can shift both ourselves and this dying world out of the 3rd dimensional crises it is stuck in and into something vibrant and miraculous.  We just need to release expectations and pay attention.