Saturday, August 6, 2011

Crystal Skulls and The Collective Heart: There's a Rhythm I can Dance to...

I was at a very special gathering the other day -- the opportunity of which seemed to pop up out of nowhere. (well, if you can call an email "nowhere." ) Then came the synchronicity that told me I really needed to not miss this one.  "Pancho" the crystal skull, was showing up at the home of a friend, and we had been invited to come over and experience this high frequency celestial transmitter.

The evening before, when gathered at a restaurant with friends and speaking of this coming event, Linda Star Wolf told a fascinating story about a different crystal skull.  The synchronicity pointing me to "Pancho" occurred when another woman showed up in the middle of the story and whispered the name of that skull in Star Wolf's ear with no knowledge of what we had been talking about, but because she had had a powerful experience with a shamanic Reiki symbol of the same name earlier in the day.   That clinched any ambivalence I might have had about leaving my house and going the few miles down the road to meet "Pancho."

True to my nature, as soon as I found out that "Pancho" was arriving later than expected, I decided I could be later still.  I'm one of those folks that will do much better once time really collapses;  it is simply not in me to be aware of clocks -- I hate to rush, and like to mosey gently through my day, paying attention to my inner rhythms.  This quality can serve me well in terms of living a relaxing life, and serve me poorly in terms of missing things or passing them up because I like keeping my schedule uncluttered.  Pancho was due to arrive in the late afternoon -- thankfully, an ideal time for me.

Since I was late, I missed the story about how how Pancho had come to his "keeper," Mario Bojorquez, the man now bringing him around the world.  I did get to hear though that this skull had been authenticated and learned Mario had inherited this skull from his family in Mexico.  Once in his possession, he went through a profound spiritual awakening. Pancho is not the skull's true name, but rather the mundane name used as he travels around to help people shift their frequency, simply by being in his presence.  He is from a family of skulls making their way into our awareness left for us by our ancient star being ancestors and buried for millenniums until humanity could get to an evolutionary place where we could utilize this energy to transform our Planet with love.  The skull had two sets of 9 teeth, which Mario believes symbolizes the 9th, and final, Wave of the Mayan Calendar (the Universal Underworld that started March 9th and will end on October 28th.) when the world would have evolved enough to be able to value and utilize the gifts Pancho has for us. .

I could feel Pancho's high vibrational energy as soon as I walked into the house, and when it was my turn to hold him, I could feel my third eye being deeply activated.   From what we were told, the crystal would provide us with what we needed... people noted its quartz essence shifting colors from pink, to smokey, to purple, aligning with the chakras it felt called to attune.  It looked pretty purple to me as I was sitting with it.

After a while, Mario determined that we were an advanced enough group to learn, chant and tone Pancho's Spirit name, and then go into a meditation where we went back into our ancient selves to find what we wished to put into this very special transmitter for the part it would play in our current planetary shift.   For me the message was "I love you" which morphed into  "Spread love"  "Love for all"... that kind of thing.  And since I had already wanted to blog about the Collective Heart this week, that seemed a fitting phrase to show up.  After all, this is the essence of our planetary transformation.  This is the core of our ascension to living in a 5D reality on Planet Earth.  When our hearts are truly healed and fully open, we embrace the Unity of all things... it is just a natural progression.

These crystal skulls seem to have originated from our 5D and 6D ancestors who were both aware of the information recording, storing and disseminating abilities of quartz crystal and of the need to use a large enough and unique enough crystal that once it was unearthed, it would immediately be seen as important.  

It is explained like this on Pancho's website:

"Rather than storing precious information for mankind in an ordinary piece of quartz that could have been lost in time, the ancients chose to store their wisdom in a receptacle shaped like a human head. These would be used in many rituals and ceremonies, and passed down from generation to generation. In the same way that our human skull protects and holds the brain, a crystal skull is a mind-like container that holds a generational library of knowledge - from ancient history to a blueprint of possible futures." 

Pancho is smiling, and thus he is associated with the high frequency of joy.  What brings us true joy is a loving heart... this is where joy resides; this is where joy emanates from. Which brings me, through a very round-about path, to what I was called to write about -- the Collective Heart of humanity.

The Collective Heart is going through an amazing metamorphosis. While of course, there are many wounded souls that are still living from their egos, there are now huge numbers of us that have shifted into being heart-, and therefore spirit-directed.  Millions of us are healing our old wounds from childhood and our collective wounds from antiquity, and we are spreading a new and beautiful consciousness on Planet Earth.  The frequency of this consciousness is literally shaking our world off its axis, subtly aligning it with Galactic Center and opening up vast potential for us to fully step into our multi-dimensional nature.  We are the 5D and 6D beings that programmed Pancho, and we are simultaneously the 3D beings unearthing him and the rest of his crystal skull family.  We are aligning our heartbeats with the heartbeat of Mother Earth and the heartbeat of all of the Universe.  We are all dancing to this magical rhythm and it is propelling us into a New Age, a Golden Age where as the song suggests "peace will guide the planets, and LOVE will rule the stars...."  (Okay... couldn't help it.)  Brother and Sister Earth-lings/Star-lings, I love you and I hold you all in my heart.

For those of you who have wished me well in pushing through my "blogger's block..."  Thank you all.  It seems to be working, not quite as quickly as I would like... but working nonetheless.  And thank you, Pat "SheeWho" Cummins, who, when I was whining this morning, about not being done yet with this blog, reminded me "it shouldn't be a burden, but a passion."   Now there's a some wisdom to live by.  Yet another way we can lighten our hearts, and bring more joy into our collective field.

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  1. Wonderful blog entry Judith. Thanks for sharing this especially since I couldn't be there. We are receiving so many gifts from the higher dimensions just now including crop circles and medicine dreams.
    You're good at this blog thing!