Sunday, September 16, 2012

In 5D Training: The Seats are Good and the View is Great

Last week I thought my next blog would be on time travel and the time travel experiments that are just coming to light.  I had begun to put some information together which didn't fit into the last entry, so I saved it.  But true to time in these times, last week was 100 years ago, and what is speaking to me today is quite different.

For those of you who didn't read my last blog, I spoke of the coming intersecting of 3D and 5D timelines.  Since we all have a choice of which timeline to travel, it seemed to me it was like riding two different trains whose estimated time of convergence is 12/21/12.  After they momentarily come together, they begin heading in very different directions.  This convergence will create a great opportunity for us Earthlings on the planet. It promises to give all of us a glimpse of 5D and therefore an opportunity to jump off the 3D train, which certainly looks to be heading for disaster, and to board the 5D one that brings us to higher consciousness and the New Earth. Much of my work and writing these days is focused on helping people understand and feel empowered to open their hearts which is where the 5D train ticket is found.

Of course, I'm paying attention to how this is showing up in my personal process as well.  This week I seem to be zooming on the 5D frequency and except for a few slips, to be there more consistently than usual. I offered a visualization on my Empowering the Spirit blog (
about how to hold our perfectly imperfect selves and others in our hearts, and I've been well-tested and well-rewarded as the week has gone on.  

When anything or anyone activates an unpleasant emotion in me, I really pay attention.  This is my signal that I have to go inward, find out what is getting triggered, decide if it calls for action or expression and then hold all parties involved, myself included of course, in love.  It is essentially the process of releasing and releasing and releasing our 3D egos which whether puffed up or deflated, never bring peace and well-being.  I was presented with many trigger areas this week, and found that with barely any effort at all, I was (mostly) able to hang onto my 5D seat. 

Simultaneously I was presented with numerous and many unexpected blessings, as well as wonderful synchronicities to support my travels.  It is not so much that I am learning new lessons, but rather old lessons seem to be happening at much more intense velocities and I'm dealing with them in the blink of an eye.  

In truth, I've been riding the 5D train frequently over the last decade or so, as I'm sure have many of you.  But again, the velocity is shifting. It feels as if what was a locomotive has transformed into high speed rail: suddenly I'm riding the hover train.

As I'm learning more about this ride, I'm learning more about my 5th-dimensional self.  When I'm a passenger on the 5D train, I am vibrating in unity, in harmony with this 5D part of myself.  When there have been bumps that have knocked me back to 3D, she has reached over to the 3D timeline and pulled me back into her enormous heart.  When this happens I see that I've actually stepped into her, I've become her. Do I look different than in my 3D version?  Not really, not at this point.  But I carry a different quality of being.  I stay relaxed and compassionate no matter what arises.  I see the humor and I see the grace.  There is no striving in my 5D world, simply allowing.  And as I roll along, I can enjoy the spectacular views.  5D perception is very beautiful indeed.

How has your ride been of late?  If your 5D self showed up at the door of your perception, how would you recognize him or her?  You might want to take some deep centering breaths and call that part of you in.  Feel your cells begin to quicken while your breathing slows.  Feel your heart opening and then opening some more.  Imagine you stretch your awareness up toward Galactic Center and at a certain point in that upward movement, you click into this part 5th dimensional part of yourself.  You might notice your smaller 3D self within you.  

If there are any challenges in your life right now, notice how they look from this angle, how they fit into a larger picture that is all about supporting your well-being and the well-being of us all.  You might have to get creative if those challenges feel too big, but know that everything you are experiencing, every stresser and every blessing is all part of aiding you in your development and supporting your ability to get on and stay on the 5D train.

So brother and sister Earthlings, for some of you, it might be boot camp. For others just a way to stretch muscles you haven't used before, but the training has begun.  Don't worry if you get derailed now and again, because you are (okay, can't resist), still on track.

Sending you love and blessings on your journey.


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