Monday, October 29, 2012

"Dress up" in your Light Body for Halloween

Today's blog is about our Light Body and how to keep it buzzing.  This is not to be confused with Buzz Lightyear, the superhero action figure from Toy Story, who my 3-year old grandson is dressing up as for Halloween.  As Bodhi clearly explains, Buzz Lightyear's mantra is "To Infinity and Beyond!"  (It's rather important to spread both arms out wide when stating this.)  Now that I think about it, that's pretty similar to the capability of our Light Bodies:  "To 5D and Beyond!"   Not quite as grand as Infinity perhaps, but more descriptive of our current journey.

When I first began to teach and write about our multidimensional potential, I would talk about our Ka body much the same as I now talk about the Light Body. They, of course, are connected;  one coming from our 6D self and the other moving us into the frequency of 5D (and beyond.)  The Ka body is our ideal energetic blue print.  It is our unique sacred geometric energy pattern that resides in the 6th dimension, and then replicates, (when we are open to it,) in 3D.  When I'm connected with my Ka, it feels similar to being in my light body:  I have a profound sense of peace and well-being.  My Ka body though seems more connected to feeling totally myself, aligned with my internal power, whereas my Light Body feels as if all my cells are getting massaged by healing light, and there is not much awareness of my more limited 3D body.  I'm most connected to my Light Body when I'm drifting off to sleep or waking up in the morning.  Perhaps my ka needs to be in for me to fully experience this... but I'm thinking one doesn't have to vibrate as quickly as the 6D frequency of the ka body to experience our Light Bodies... they are available to us as soon as we get to 5D frequency.

Hopefully it will not have you yawning when I say, yet again, that this evolutionary process we're in is all about speeding up the vibratory rate of our cells which syncs us with higher dimensional frequency.  As we speed up our cells, we become more light... it's just simple not-yet-fully accepted physics:   Enlightenment occurs as we speed up at the cellular level, which propels us into the higher dimensions.  We are no longer limited to the density that holds us hostage in the solidity of 3D.  We have the ability to be our own super-heros and heroines, and live in a reality without limitation. 

To operate out of our Light Bodies, one cannot skip the 4th dimension.  Those of you who have attended my workshops know that I emphasize techniques for navigating 4D, the most important of which is to recognize all your Shadow areas and learn to love yourself anyway.  Once you are able to do this, you can then integrate your shadow which allows you to hold the polarities of 4D without getting stuck at one pole or the other.   Not only does this help us all stay out of the unhealthy drama on an individual level, but it helps us heal the polarity consciousness that is currently so operative in 3D.

 As I was pondering what I wanted to write about our Light Bodies, I "randomly" (okay synchronistically) pulled up a Suzanne Lie meditation from You Tube on the Arcturian Divine Matrix, which turned out to be all about our Light Body.  It was a reminder to hold the awareness that we are Light.  To connect with our Light consciously so that we may, in turn connect with the Light of everyone.  BUT there was something more.  Since we are in the process of "downloading" these Light Bodies, Suzanne's guides remind us that like a computer that is downloading a new operating system, we often find that we cannot do much else for a while.  

You might find yourself unusually tired.  You might feel a need to retreat from your normal activities and give yourself the space to download this evolutionary energy in a way that will not crash your "computer".  Pay attention to your inner wisdom so that you know what you need during the intensity of the change we are all in.

Another synchronicity about our Light Bodies is that both my oldest daughter and my husband recently reread, The Celestine Prophesy.  James Redfield consistently shows us that we are Light and that we have the ability to just follow the "glow" to stay on our paths.  This book has sold millions of copies over the last 15 or so years.  This is not information provided to just a select few!

So Brother/Sister Earthlings, how is your life going these days as you are being nudged by the Universe to get off this 3D hamster wheel, integrate your shadow, and arrive at the frequency of the 5th dimension? Are you taking good care of yourself?  Have you stayed in the awareness that this is a MAJOR physical as well as emotional and spiritual shift?  Have you pondered what you need to do to keep your Light Body buzzing?

As we approach Halloween when the veils between the worlds naturally thin, practice putting on your Light Body.  It might feel like a costume at first, but before you know it, it will become your true physical being.

No trick here... just a real treat as we open our hearts, step out of the 3D masquarade, and become the beautiful beings we have always been meant to be.

Sending you love and blessings and from my Light Body to Yours.

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